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Ethical & Unethical Marketing


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Ethical & Unethical Marketing

  2. 2. Indivual Assignment About
  3. 3. Ethical & UnethicalMARKETING
  4. 4. Done By :Gamal Al-Kubati
  5. 5. Product Ethics
  6. 6.  Clarify any potential risks associated with the product by set forth on product packaging Clarify any potential risks that may affect the composition of the product by set forth on product packaging Detected and added features of the products compared to the additional value that the consumer pays
  7. 7.  Commitment to specific weights on product packaging Use phrases clarification on product packaging if it is new or a developer in the composition of the internal or external cover.
  8. 8. Pricing Ethics
  9. 9.  The company is pricing their products according to market conditions and economic variables, and undertakes to install the prices of their products permanently The company does not practice (dumping) pricing methods that may damage the others (brokers, corporate competition
  10. 10. Promotion Ethics
  11. 11.  The company must always be careful to avoid using misleading advertising to promote their products The company must be careful always to take into account the assets of Islamic law and traditions of communities when using women in advertising The company must be careful to avoid the use of sales promotion techniques that may lead to deceive and mislead the purchaser.
  12. 12. Distribution Ethics
  13. 13.  The company provides all its products in retail stores, according to the capabilities available The Company provides a wide range of products and multiple options to meet the needs and desires of consumers The Company is using methods satisfactory to all parties (the company, brokers) in the process of distribution of its products
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