b.sc optometry optometry ocular microbiology microbiology nutritional science nutrition and eye nutrition health microbes biochemistry alsalama college of optometry nutriton and helathy eye food virus ocular biochemistry diseases viruses treatment vitamin a and eye vitamins vaccination nutrition and ocular ageing oncoviruses virology bacteria eye collagen structure amino acids michaelis menten hypothesis properties of enzymes factors effecting enzymatic reaction coenzymes classification of enzymes lock and key model competitive inhibitors mode of action of enzymes enzymes how aqueous is formed? secreation diffusion ultra filtration aqueous humour why cornea is transparent? corneal stroma cornea anterior lens epithelium lens fibres lens capsule biology crystalline lens diet vitamin k vitamin e vitamin d vitamin a fat soluble vitamins thiamin pantothenic acid beta carotene folic acid riboflavin niacin biotin water soluble vitamins lipid layer mucin layer goblet cells meibomian glands lacrimal glands tear film polio picornavirus benjamin jesty edward jenner vaccinia virus smallpox poxviruses ocular manifestation of leptospira spirochete leptospira leptospirosis ocular manifestation of hiv hiv aids arun geetha viswanathan treponema treponema pallidum syphilis epiglottitis haemophilus moraxella pseudomonas venereal diseases clap diplococci std gram negative cocci gonococci neisseria gonorrhoeae gonorrhea meningococcal disease sepsis meningococci meningitis dtp vaccine corynebacterium diphtheriae diptheria ageing vitamin e and eye vitamin c and eye calculation of rda nutrion rda for indians recommended dietary allowances xerophthalmia kwashiokor and eye proteins and eye bmi nutritional status nutritional assessment mineral nutrition and eye minerals and eye zinc and eye zinc selenium dha lipids and eye food groups digestion general nutrition carbohydrate and eye toxoplasma gondii toxoplasmosis paracites chlamydia mycology filamentous dimorphic yeast fungi epstein barr virus ebv hepatitis b virus hbv adenovirus hpv human papilloma virus rubella virus rubella baltimore classification classification of virus tuberculosis mycobacterium tuerculae mycobacterium leprae leprocy actinomyces propioniacterium nocardia streptococcus staphylococcus control of microbial growth antimicrobial methods beta sheet alpha helix hemoglobin barathiyar university albumin glutathione protein structure protein barathiyar university syllabus slideshare basics of amino acid metabolism transdeamination transamination urea cycle metabolism cardiac impulses chumotrypsin enzymology zymogens thrombin trypsinogen proteolytic activation quinolones antibiotics mechanism of quinolone action human glucocorticoid receptor hgr alpha signaling biological effects of glucocorticoids hgr alpha glucocorticoids clotting epithelium heart disease blood flow atherosclerosis mechanotransduction cancer vaccines cancer modern treatment combined therapy prostvac dentritic cell vaccines sipulucel-t cytokine therapy cancer treatment antibody therapy t cell therapy cancer immunotherapy immunotherapy cancer interphase chromosome histones chromasome territories genome organisation genome 30nm fibre nucleosome regulation of gluconeogenesis substrates of gluconeogenesis transcriptional regulation gluconeogenesis types of ipr vandana shiva indian constitution and ipr supplementary protection certificates for pharma trademarks ipr laws in india india's changing ipr policy patents trade secrets registered design industrial design rights copyright database rights plant breeders' rights or plant variety rights circuit design rights domain names cirrhosis alcoholic liver disease fibrosis
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