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Assignment creative teams


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Published in: Education
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Assignment creative teams

  1. 1. Assignment: CREATIVE TEAMS Team Enablers
  2. 2. Assignment details• What hat color is most comfortable for you? – I found Green colour Hat : Creative• What is the least comfortable for you? – I found Blue Hat Colour: Organised• In your next team interaction, try on several different "hats" and see how they feel. Briefly describe the experience.
  3. 3. Our experience• Topic to brain storm: How to address sleep issue because of stress.• We found people were very much comfortable with green colour.• People with black colour were very critical eg for every option they were challenging which was not required in brainstorming.
  4. 4. Our experience• When we ask team members to put on blue hat, then we were able to identify 2-3 ways to adapt for each member – eg. I pick up Supporting wife in kitchen, smiling on ourselves & Hang out with happy people as action points. – I found that blue colour hat should be used towards the end of brainstorming to ensure application of key learnings.
  5. 5. Our experience• When we ask them to wear yellow hat, than participants mainly looked at positive sides of the options.• Somewhere I felt that we need to keep a balance in black & yellow hat.• We could not do much with red hat, as participants were more in the reasoning mood & hence emotions were on back seat.
  6. 6. Conclusion• We found 6 hat principle works well in terms of generating ideas & making action plan.• The exercise was very fruitful & we were able to generate approx 125 ideas to address the issue of sleep problem due to stress.