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Centres pilot activities Lithuania


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Centres pilot activities Lithuania

  1. 1. Kraków, 20. – 21. 2012Pilot project Proposal by Lietuvos Junior Achievement
  2. 2. S tudent entrepreneurship f orum isdesigned :• to help students learn more about business;• stimulate innovative ways of thinking;• motivate young people to be inventive and take risks;• develop management, leadership, business and interpersonal skills;• permit students to meet business people from creative industries;• create opportunity to collaboration, dialogue and debate;• offer a positive experience both socially and educationally.
  3. 3. Pilot activities will be evaluated using questionnaires forparticipants (students, teachers, business representatives).
  4. 4. Concentrated and focused activities (including businesssimulations, interactive programs , etc.) and possibilityin a very short period of time to show how idea canbecome a reality.