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Hist4 assess sheets_unit7


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Hist4 assess sheets_unit7

  1. 1. PHOTOCOPIABLE RESOURCE / © Oxford University Press España, S.A. History ESO 4 TEST Assessment Name Surname(s) l Year and group Date Grade _ Define the following terms: a) Bismarckian system b) finance capitalism c) imperialism d) Disaster of ‘98 e) assembly line f) consumer society. Match the terms on the left to the terms on the right. Wilhelm II iron and steel producer Germany German emperor María Cristina Spanish regent Left-wing party British colonies Trade unions Regenerationism Joaquín Costa UGT and CNT Australia and India PSOE Edison the light bulb Write a short essay on imperialism, including its definition, causes and consequences. Complete the table. FINANCE CAPITALISM Innovations Consequences Look at the images below and answer the questions a) What artistic style can you see in each image? b) What characteristics of each style can you see in the images? The Sagrada Familia Church, designed by Gaudí Afternoon sun (Joaquin Sorolla, 1903) 1 2 3 4 5 7