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Mobile apps at work for non for profit accountants aicpa


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For accountants in the not for profit industry, or really anyone at work, learn how to use your phone as your personal productivity power tool!

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Mobile apps at work for non for profit accountants aicpa

  1. 1. #AICPANFPMobile Apps At Work forNot-For Profit AccountantsPresented by: Brooke Grimes, Sage Nonprofit Solutions@BrookeAGrimes
  2. 2. #AICPANFP
  3. 3. #AICPANFPAgendaThe FactsMy Favorite AppsSage 100 Fund Accounting Mobile
  4. 4. #AICPANFPNot For Profit Accounting Professionalswith Smart PhonesHow are they using them?98% Email77% Social Media20% ProductivityImage taken from:
  5. 5. #AICPANFP
  6. 6. #AICPANFPYour Phone Is Your Power ToolImage taken from:
  7. 7. #AICPANFP
  8. 8. #AICPANFP
  9. 9. #AICPANFPImage taken from:
  10. 10. #AICPANFP“Dropbox is a free service that lets you bring yourphotos, docs, and videos anywhere and sharethem easily.” –
  11. 11. #AICPANFPStore Documents, Videos, and PhotosYou get5.0GB of StorageFree!You get5.0GB of StorageFree!
  12. 12. #AICPANFPAccess From Any Device From AnywhereImage taken from:
  13. 13. #AICPANFPShare Files via Email, Social Media andMore
  14. 14. #AICPANFPHow Can This Work For Me?Collaborate with your boardEliminate crowding in your inboxDecrease “draft confusion”Share large files (ex: program videos)to funders or board membersBe prepared for important meetings or“drive-by” questions
  15. 15. #AICPANFPDropbox1.Store files of all types2.Access files across devices &around the world3.Share files to others
  16. 16. #AICPANFPImage taken from:
  17. 17. #AICPANFP“From saving thoughts and ideas to workingefficiently with others, Evernote makes it easy tostay organized and productive.” –
  18. 18. #AICPANFPCompile Notes From Work, Home, & PlayImage taken from:
  19. 19. #AICPANFPOrganize Notebooks For Easy Access
  20. 20. #AICPANFPReference Notes on Any DeviceImage taken from:
  21. 21. #AICPANFPHow Can This Work For Me?Reference notes from meetings,conferences, books, and publicationsKeep track of action items, decisionsmade, and meeting agendasCreate a “bright idea” or “wish list”Store “learning moments” along yourjourney
  22. 22. #AICPANFPEvernote1.Compile notes2.Organize your thoughts3.Reference information
  23. 23. #AICPANFPImage taken from:
  24. 24. #AICPANFP“Trello uses a paradigm for managing projects known askanban, a method that had originally been popularized byToyota in the 1980s for supply chain management.” –
  25. 25. #AICPANFPCreate a Board For Each ProjectImage taken from:
  26. 26. #AICPANFPAssign Task Ownership for Team ProjectsImage taken from:
  27. 27. #AICPANFPDrag & Drop Interface for Easy ManagementImage taken from:
  28. 28. #AICPANFPHow Can This Work For Me?Track “to dos” for yourself or a teamprojectRemember completed tasks ordecisions already madeComplete performance reviews foryour employees
  29. 29. #AICPANFPTrello1.Create boards for you or a team2.Assign due dates and ownership3.Drag & Drop with a single swipe
  30. 30. #AICPANFPImage taken from:
  31. 31. #AICPANFP“Twitter is a real-time information network that connectsyou to the latest stories, ideas, opinions and news aboutwhat you find interesting.” –
  32. 32. #AICPANFPCustomize Feed by Following Your Interests
  33. 33. #AICPANFPScroll Twitter When It Works For YouImage taken from:
  34. 34. #AICPANFPLearn From These Great TweetersYour OrganizationTop NP News: @Philanthropy - The Chronicle ofPhilanthropyBusiness & Leadership: @HarvardBiz - HarvardBusiness ReviewAccounting News & Thought Leadership: @AICPA –AICPA
  35. 35. #AICPANFPHow Can This Work For Me?Keep track of the message yourorganization sending to the publicGrow your online presence in theindustryRetweet content from others if you arenot ready to Tweet on your own yetGather articles and thoughts fromothers in the industry
  36. 36. #AICPANFPTwitter1.Customize your feed2.Scroll through your feed3.Learn key news and trends
  37. 37. #AICPANFPImage taken from:
  38. 38. #AICPANFP“We answer calls when you cant. Because youre busy.Because your time is valuable. Because you just dont wantto talk. Our Visual Voicemail Plus apps provide voicemailthat people actually rave about. Imagine that.” –
  39. 39. #AICPANFPCheck Your Voicemail Without ListeningImage taken from;
  40. 40. #AICPANFPView Voicemails in Any SituationImage taken from: voice messagesin text formatView voice messagesin text format
  41. 41. #AICPANFPReply to Messages from the AppImage taken from:
  42. 42. #AICPANFPYouMail1.Check voicemail in any situation2.View the message3.Reply to messages
  43. 43. #AICPANFPOther “Power Tool” AppsAttending AICPA NFP Conference – AICPA NFPTracking Car Mileage – Trip CubbyLearning Something New – TEDCredit Card Processing – Square (Fees $.15 plus 2.75 percent for a swiped card and $.15 plus3.5 percent for typed-in account information.)
  44. 44. #AICPANFPImage taken from:
  45. 45. #AICPANFPIntroducing Sage 100Fund Accounting Mobile!
  46. 46. #AICPANFPAvailable for Download Here
  47. 47. #AICPANFPSign On & Home ScreensResponsive design allows theapp to fit the app to yourscreen no matter whatphone or tablet you use
  48. 48. #AICPANFPAccount BalancesView account balances andcurrent activity from anysegment in Sage 100 FundAccounting
  49. 49. #AICPANFPBudget balancesCreate a PDF to send toyourself or others
  50. 50. #AICPANFPRequisitionsApprove or denyrequisitions to communicatewith others directly fromyour mobile device
  51. 51. #AICPANFPView Key reportsDrill down into detailavailable for keyreports
  52. 52. #AICPANFPRemember: Your Phone Is Your…Image taken from:
  53. 53. #AICPANFPImage taken from: