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Getting Started in the Nonprofit Cloud


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Lately, it seems that talk of "the cloud" is everywhere you turn. But what does "the cloud" mean and how can it help your nonprofit function more efficiently? We will help you get a better understanding of what it means, the advantages/disadvantages of using it, and the future of the cloud, so you can fully research and evaluate if moving more items to the cloud is right for your organization. Presented by Richard Dietz of Nonprofit R+D

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Getting Started in the Nonprofit Cloud

  1. 1. Getting Started in theNonprofit Cloud#NPcloudRichard DietzNonprofit
  2. 2. Nonprofit Cloudwww.NonprofitRD.com2Our SpeakerRich DietzFounder of Nonprofit R+D -Technology Training for Nonprofit ProfessionalsRich has over 20 years experience working in andwith a wide variety of nonprofit, political, andgovernment organizations and holds a Masters inSocial Welfare (MSW) from UC Berkeley.You can find Rich on his websitehttp://www.nonprofitrd.comor tweeting @nonprofitrd.
  3. 3. Nonprofit Cloudwww.NonprofitRD.com3Who is this session for?1) You want to learn the basics of what the Cloud is,advantages and disadvantages, and how it relates tononprofits.OR2) You are looking for material to talk to folks at yourorganization that may not understand the Cloud
  4. 4. Nonprofit Cloudwww.NonprofitRD.com4Agenda1. Soap Box2. What does ‘the Cloud’ really mean?3. Advantages & Disadvantages/Concerns4. Future of the Cloud5. Where to Start
  5. 5. Nonprofit Cloudwww.NonprofitRD.com5Text Heavy Slides… oh no!I promise I do not just read the slides• Boring!Why text heavy slides•You don’t have to take notes – the info is there for you later•You can focus on the “ah-ha” moments•They will still make sense 6 months from nowLet me know what you think
  6. 6. Nonprofit Cloudwww.NonprofitRD.com6Our Goals Today• Gain a better understanding of ‘the Cloud’ and how it relatesto nonprofits• Generate ideas to get you started researching and evaluatinghow the cloud can impact your organization• Encourage you to take action and test out new ideas
  7. 7. Nonprofit Cloudwww.NonprofitRD.com7Don’t PanicThere is help out thereGoogle and NTEN areyour friends
  8. 8. Nonprofit Cloudwww.NonprofitRD.com8What you talkin’ about Willis?SaaS, Paas, Iaas,CRM, CMSROI, API,wysiwygOpen-SourceBlah, Blah, Blah
  9. 9. Nonprofit Cloudwww.NonprofitRD.com9Who is currently using the Cloud?
  10. 10. Nonprofit Cloudwww.NonprofitRD.com10What Does ‘the Cloud’Really Mean?(and why should you care)
  11. 11. Nonprofit Cloudwww.NonprofitRD.com11What is ‘the Cloud’Other definitions:• An architecture that provides scalable, Internet-accessible services.• Managed software or services that reside on the internet.• Scalable services you access through the internet.Wikipedia says:“The use of computing resources(hardware and software) that aredelivered as a service over a network(typically the Internet).”
  12. 12. Nonprofit Cloudwww.NonprofitRD.com12Examples of the CloudMicrosoft Word vs. Google Docs“Sneaker Net” vs. Dropbox
  13. 13. Nonprofit Cloudwww.NonprofitRD.com13Examples of the CloudFR50 (Installed) vs. Sage Nonprofit OnlineMailChimp
  14. 14. Nonprofit Cloudwww.NonprofitRD.com14Now…Who believes they are usingthe Cloud?
  15. 15. Nonprofit Cloudwww.NonprofitRD.com15Most NPO’s are already using itOver 90% of nonprofits are using the cloud• However, many did not realize itMost common Cloud solutions• Email – 69%• Broadcast email – 57%• Office software – 44%• Data backup – 41%• Constituent databases – 40%(NTEN State of the Nonprofit Cloud – March 2012)
  16. 16. Nonprofit Cloudwww.NonprofitRD.com16Buy vs. RentInstalled software - Buy• Exchange Server – server, software, space, staff time, maintenance, upgrades, etc.Cloud - Rent• Google Apps – free for nonprofits with less than 3,000 users.• However, still need training, support, etc.As a homeowner, renting is starting to look pretty good to me!Which is better? That depends!• Need to evaluate on individual basis.• With software donation programs it may be more cost effective to buy.• BUT… need to account for staff time, maintenance, downtime, etc.
  17. 17. Nonprofit Cloudwww.NonprofitRD.com17Why should your nonprofit care?The Cloud can save• Time• Money• Frustration• The environmentThe Cloud is great for• Sharing• Collaborating• Remote working• Scalability* All Discussed in the following section
  18. 18. Nonprofit Cloudwww.NonprofitRD.com18What criteria are important toyour organization in evaluatingthe Cloud?
  19. 19. Nonprofit Cloudwww.NonprofitRD.com19Advantages&Disadvantages/Concerns(Many times they are two sides of the same coin)
  20. 20. Nonprofit Cloudwww.NonprofitRD.com20Advantages
  21. 21. Nonprofit Cloudwww.NonprofitRD.com21Advantages of the CloudCost• Save money on equipment, staff, officespace, electricity, ongoing maintenance, etc.• Reduced need for infrastructure - economies of scale• Lower cost of entry (upfront costs) as well as replacement costs• Can use less powerful and lower cost clients – netbook, lowend computer (internet speed is the key)• Transfer capital expenses to operating expenses• Easier to budget – known monthly cost, pay for what you use
  22. 22. Nonprofit Cloudwww.NonprofitRD.com22Advantages of the CloudAvailability• Always on, accessible from anywhere• Great for remote/telework – no more VPN’s (Virtual PrivateNetwork) – eg. Chicago tripElastic• Quickly and easily scaled up or down as needed• Only pay for resources you use• Server sitting idle vs. Cloud resource expanding as needed• Rapid deploymentSharing and Collaboration• A hallmark of the Cloud – it’s built in
  23. 23. Nonprofit Cloudwww.NonprofitRD.com23Advantages of the CloudInnovation• Upgrades and new features included• MailChimp and Mobile• Cheaper and easier to keep up with latest trendsMore Green• Less infrastructure (servers) - less toxic materials used and dumped• Shared data centers more efficient, less power needed (greendatacenters)• Client computers don’t need as much power soyou can keep the older computers
  24. 24. Nonprofit Cloudwww.NonprofitRD.com24Advantages of the CloudDisaster Planning• Backup / Recovery• Availability• Hurricane SandySecurity• Usually the #1 concern.. but it’s an advantage, too• Cloud vendors usually have higher security• Physical security of hardware• Updates and patches• Better encryption• Multi-site backups and file sharing
  25. 25. Nonprofit Cloudwww.NonprofitRD.com25Disadvantages/Concerns
  26. 26. Nonprofit Cloudwww.NonprofitRD.com26Disadvantages / ConcernsCost• Cost is usually per user• At a certain point it may be more cost effective to buy• May end up paying for more than you need• Choose your plans wisely• Cost of converting and training on new system• Glorified phone book (• Need an internet connection… and a good one!• Relying on their data centers (example from Sandy)• However, good vendors can usually do better than on-premise
  27. 27. Nonprofit Cloudwww.NonprofitRD.com27Disadvantages / ConcernsLess control• Less input and control to customize and add features• Service Level Agreements (SLA’s)• Termination, copyright, ownership of data• They are in control• Make your own backups and store offlineTrust and viability of provider• Google Apps – ok. Joe’s Attic Apps.. not so much.• Have other used it, been around for awhile, understand nonprofits?Updates• Vendor updates automatically, can cause issues/errors
  28. 28. Nonprofit Cloudwww.NonprofitRD.com28Disadvantages / ConcernsSecurity• Download Donny Shimamoto’s work (Security and Risk)• Search “nten Donny Shimamoto cloud”• Control of data – confidentiality, privacy, loss of data• Weak link is often times security practices in the organizationRegulatory Compliance• HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act)• PCI-compliant (Payment Card Industry)• Check vendor certification / part of research phase
  29. 29. Nonprofit Cloudwww.NonprofitRD.com29Future of the Cloud
  30. 30. Nonprofit Cloudwww.NonprofitRD.com30Future of the CloudMore and more movement to the Cloud• Increased options and competition, lower prices over time• Greater complexity in choosing the right solutionsEasier remote and telework options• Great way for nonprofits to get great talent• A benefit of working at your org
  31. 31. Nonprofit Cloudwww.NonprofitRD.com31Future of the CloudNew generations don’t even notice Chief Scientist – JP RangaswamiAsked if Cloud computing is real:“Do my children know any different?” (The answer, by the way, is that they don’t.)“My children appear to have no interest in hugging physical things in order tomake them feel good.”“…we recognize the cloud todaymore by its absence.”
  32. 32. Nonprofit Cloudwww.NonprofitRD.com32Where to Start
  33. 33. Nonprofit Cloudwww.NonprofitRD.com33Where to startNot a Panacea• Still need to make sure it fits your needsStart where you are• The Cloud is not all or nothing• Test one area, then move on to others with experience• Many have a free version or free trial period for testing• New project? Look to the Cloud as a possible solutionTalk to accounting about the Cloud• Budgeting for the Cloud• Capital vs. Operating expenses - ramifications
  34. 34. Nonprofit Cloudwww.NonprofitRD.com34Where to startThink Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)• May be “cheaper” to do some things the old fashioned way• Software and hardware donations• But… make sure to account for staff time, maintenance, downtime, etc.Training is the key• Vendor resources a good start• Don’t spend the money if you are not going to fully utilize• Example – as glorified phonebook
  35. 35. Nonprofit Cloudwww.NonprofitRD.com35Where to start - ServicesEmail• May be great place to start• Big wins and cost effective• Google Apps, Office 365, Zoho, etc.Backups / File Sharing• Fairly easy setup• Vital area that most organization ignore.. until it’s too late• DropBox, JungleDisk,, JustCloudCRM – Donor Database• Constituent Relationship Management• Sage Nonprofit Online,, CiviCRM, etc.
  36. 36. Nonprofit Cloudwww.NonprofitRD.com36Researching Vendors / SoftwareOnline reviews / Ask colleagues and friends• People who are using a product are a good resourceDo features match YOUR needs?• No reason to pay for features you will not use• Which tasks are you planning to test?Be clear about what you want and expect• When you assume …..• Contract terms, support services, and trainingViability of vendor• Will they be here in 5 years?• Commitment to the nonprofit sector
  37. 37. Nonprofit Cloudwww.NonprofitRD.com37Good Sites for• Where the nonprofit technology community• A nonprofit, provides thoroughly researched, impartial, and accessible resources about softwareto help nonprofits make smart software• A nonprofit with a clear focus: providing other nonprofits and libraries with technology thatempowers them to fulfill their missions and serve their
  38. 38. Nonprofit Cloudwww.NonprofitRD.com38Sign Up OnlineOnline Fundraising 101Email SeriesUpdates about upcomingwebinars and
  39. 39. Q & ADownload the more about Sage Nonprofit up for updates:www.NonprofitRD.comRichard DietzNonprofit