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Q.6 Evaluation


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Jack Dunne

Published in: Education
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Q.6 Evaluation

  1. 1. { Q.6 Evaluation- What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product? Jack Dunne
  2. 2.  From this whole editing process I have learned about many new features and add-onns which have enabled me to enhance my work and creative ability. The most essential programme I used for this whole task was serif. Firstly I began with photo plus which let me crop around my pictures and change background colours on the image. Secondly page plus is where I developed design techniques like using the snipping tool and using cut-out studio which let me get a suitable background on my designs. The reason serif was so useful and productive was because it allowed me to use a range of tools and software that the standard Microsoft word and publisher couldn’t. It had more than just the basic presenting functions like the text box and word art.
  3. 3.  For my planning and design process I used some DTP/desktop publishing. Examples of this are Microsoft office programmes like word and publisher which enabled me to explore a range of different skills during my planning stage before I used serif. This technology allowed me to extend my creative control because the word art functions and the page layout software allowed me to piece together a draft of my templates. The quality of the text and typography meant that I could change the way the text looked at various stages of my design adding colour if necessary. Furthermore the printing process on the software programme meant I could have a hand copy to take with me, this resulted in getting some feedback from teachers and peers alike on how I could improve my work.
  4. 4.  During the creative process of my magazines, I decided to use a wider scope to help present my work in a more attractive way. The technologies online such as Padlet/Prezi were key factors in the creative process because its were I stored some images and research with codes and conventions. However when it came to the design process some DTP was limiting. For example the Paint default software on my computer didn’t have the necessary functions to be able to complete any of my three designs due to it being to basic which obstructed my work