Akamai 企業應用程式加速解決方案


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9/12 Akamai NetAlliance Partner Training by Apple Chang

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Akamai 企業應用程式加速解決方案

  1. 1. Terra Akamai 企業應用程式加速解決方案Apple ChangAkamai Taiwan
  2. 2. The Akamai Solution Portfolio Akamai Intelligent Portal & People Site Performance Application Performance Web Security Broadcast Video Operator CDN Mobile Performance Cloud Performance Software Distribution Custom Networks Advertising Decisions Akamai Intelligent PlatformTM © 2012 AKAMAI | FASTER FORWARDTM
  3. 3. Akamai Intelligent PlatformScale & Breadth Web Traffic (daily) 101,884 servers  26.5M requests per second 1,069 networks  100+ million streams per day 750+ cities  1.3B requests delivered 1,928 locations  >6Tbps average daily usage 83 countries  ~9Tbps peak daily usage rate 130,000+ active  ~20–30 % of all Web traffic domains The leading Internet Cloud platform for enabling secure, high-performing user experiences on any device, anywhere. © 2012 AKAMAI | FASTER FORWARDTM
  4. 4. Designed to meet all your online business needs today PROFESSIONAL SERVICES & CUSTOMER SUPPORT SOLUTIONS Web Enterprise Security Media Network Web App Hardened Front End Mobile Ent. HTTP Reporting Config. SERVICES Firewall DNS Opt. Opt. Accel. Video Business DDoS Site Third Origin End User HTTP Analytics Logic Protection Continuity Party Opt. Offload Client Downloads PLATFORM The Akamai Intelligent PlatformTM Network Intelligent Software Akamai Servers © 2012 AKAMAI | FASTER FORWARDTM
  5. 5. The Akamai Platform Enables the Enterprise to… Move business Maximize online to the Cloud channel revenue Minimize downtime Capitalize on the Reduce Increase Mobile Opportunity Costs Cut capital & operational expenses Revenue Reach emerging markets Defend against Foster business threats agility © 2012 AKAMAI | FASTER FORWARDTM
  6. 6. Why the Enterprise Chooses AkamaiReason #1 – Improve User Experience Improve revenue and customer satisfaction in the online channel Ensure successful mobile sites and applications Make cloud applications perform like they’re on the WANReason #2 – Reduce Costs Data center consolidation Server and bandwidth offload Adoption of a low cost channelReason #3 – Increase Availability Quickly roll out online services to new markets Provide 100% uptime for critical applications Scale to meet peak usageReason #4 – Protect the Customer DDoS protection Loss of data prevention © 2012 AKAMAI | FASTER FORWARDTM
  7. 7. Terra Enterprise: Application Performance Return to Akamai Platform >> Empower the business by Online Channel Conversion Rate leveraging cloud for application 60% 52.4% 54.3% adoption without borders while 50% eliminating costly networks and Conversion 40% specialized hardware 27.3% 30% Before Akamai 24.6% After Akamai 20% 12.9% 14.8% 10% 0% Quote Bind Total ConversionChallenge: Akamai Impact:• National auto insurer seeks and edge • Demonstrated 50% performance improvement in the US. to drive new business online • Improvement translates directly to a 15% improvement in conversion• Slow quote response to mid-west • Reduction in server load by 80% from east coast data center • Avoid costs of regional data center build out © 2012 AKAMAI | FASTER FORWARDTM
  8. 8. Terra Enterprise: Application Performance Return to Akamai Platform >> Empower the business by Datacenter Resource Offload to Akamai Intelligent Platform leveraging cloud for application adoption without borders while 300 Mbps eliminating costly networks and specialized hardware Before Akamai 80,000 80 Mbps Packets/Sec After Akamai 25,000 40% 10% Packets/Sec Bandwidth Utilization F5 CPU Utilization Router UtilizationChallenge: Akamai Impact:• Airline experiencing heavy loads on • Dramatic improvement in homepage load time, from 11 seconds to 2.5 booking site… expecting rapid growth seconds Worldwide; from 2.43 seconds to 0.58 seconds in North America• Performance for Asian and European • 69-75% reduction in infrastructure utilization allows business growth users unacceptable. Domestic without adding expense saving $millions performance not ideal © 2012 AKAMAI | FASTER FORWARDTM
  9. 9. Terra Enterprise: Application Performance Return to Akamai Platform >> Empower the business by Internet Performance to China leveraging cloud for application 35 adoption without borders while 30 30 eliminating costly networks and 25 Seconds specialized hardware 20 16 Origin 15 8 Akamai 10 6 5 0 Web-EDI CAD DownloadChallenge: Akamai Impact:• Leading Asian sourcing portal building • IPA improves performance for a multi-step Web-EDI transaction from 16 cloud platform for sourcing and EDI seconds to 8 seconds for users in China• Must provide manufacturers in China • Improved the download of design specs from 30 seconds to 6 seconds with Internet access comparable to • Provided scale to grow 3x following 2011 earthquake supply disruption MPLS © 2012 AKAMAI | FASTER FORWARDTM
  10. 10. Terra Enterprise: Cloud Performance Return to Akamai Platform >> Empower the business by leveraging cloud for application Download of 12MB File from SharePoint on Office 365 (Dublin to Bangalore) adoption without borders while 38 2500 Minutes eliminating costly networks and 2.0MB/Sec specialized hardware 2000 1500 Origin 1000 Akamai 10 500 Seconds 9.9 KB/Sec 0 Speed (Seconds) Throughput (KB/Sec)Challenge: Akamai Impact:• Migrate to SaaS to lower costs • Riverbed Steelhead Cloud Accelerator• SaaS platforms aren’t close to users • Trial data shows downloads improve up to 2000%• Backhaul through corporate Internet (and upload results are even better) access points adds latency • Opens the floodgates to movement to the cloud• Can’t deploy WOCs at SaaS providers © 2012 AKAMAI | FASTER FORWARDTM
  11. 11. Situation• Required consistent brand experience for customer service, temporary event sites, product info• Need to recruit, train and retain worldwide talent thru HR relations• Upgrade after L3 take-awayImpact• Reached employees and recruited talent in more than 120 countries• No data-center build-out• Consistent luxury brand experience worldwide• Ability to support temporary/event sites with “instant configuration” and self-management © 2012 AKAMAI | FASTER FORWARDTM
  12. 12. Akamai Cloud Strategy KEY PARTNERS Apps you own, in the enterprise• Securely deliver any app or site, anywhere, to anyone• Accelerate application and cloud adoption• Extend enterprise infrastructure and reach across the public Internet Apps you own, in the cloud Extend your enterprise to the cloud © 2012 AKAMAI | FASTER FORWARDTM
  13. 13. Enterprise & Cloud Ready © 2012 AKAMAI | FASTER FORWARDTM
  14. 14. Terra Alta – Extending The 4th Tier Complete Optimization 4th Internet 3rd 2nd IAAS/PAAS 1st Origin SAAS © 2012 AKAMAI | FASTER FORWARDTM
  15. 15. – or apps Wherever you run your access - your appsInstantly Accelerate from Manage load with global and Private or Public Cloud user-based load balancing With InstantConfig included for two datacenters Traditional and Private Remote user Cloud Datacenter Get remote users to the right Edge regions with DNS Mapping Origin Performance Reporting Enable Enterprise Cloud Agility © 2012 AKAMAI | FASTER FORWARDTM
  16. 16. Giant performance improvementsAddressing performance problems we couldn’t address beforeCollaboration/Powerpoint Redundant Long back end data on Improved think time “dynamic” Offload collaborative apps Enterprise Edge Akamai Instant Appliance and Web Dynamic Page Caching De-duplication © 2012 AKAMAI | FASTER FORWARDTM
  17. 17. Giant performance improvements WAA Dynamic Page Caching and EAP Up to 50% faster Akamai Instant Up to 100% faster Enterprise DNS Up to 100% faster Mapping Enterprise Edge Appliance Up to 400% faster and Web De-duplication © 2012 AKAMAI | FASTER FORWARDTM
  18. 18. Performance examples Web De-Duplication 400% CAD Large PPT Small PPT PDF DHTML 30% © 2012 AKAMAI | FASTER FORWARDTM
  19. 19. Accelerate Web Applications Across the EnterpriseEnterprise ContentManagement (ECM)Enterprise ResourcePlanning (ERP)EnterpriseCollaborationSupply ChainManagement (SCM)Product LifecycleManagement (PLM)elearning /CorporateLearning SuitesCustom HTTP(S) Customer Order Employee Mobile Custom Portal Supplier Portal Management Portal Applications ApplicationEnterprise SaaS © 2012 AKAMAI | FASTER FORWARDTM
  20. 20. Leading Enterprises Rely on Akamai Financial Services Manufacturing Automotive Life Sciences Business Services 7 of the top 10 global 6 of the top 10 global 9 of the top 10 global auto 9 of the top 10 global 4 of the top 5 global banks use Akamai manufacturers use Akamai makers use Akamai pharmaceutical companies accounting firms use use Akamai Akamai © 2012 AKAMAI | FASTER FORWARDTM
  21. 21. Akamai經銷模式說明 Lead registration o twbookings@akamai.com Booking 所需要資料 o 客戶名稱 o 預計銷售方案 Akamai/零壹業務驗證 Akamai/零壹技術人員驗證技術需求 o 經銷商技術人員參與,通過客戶商討 零壹/Akamai 提供報價單 © 2012 AKAMAI | FASTER FORWARDTM
  22. 22. Akamai Taiwan Go To Market Cloud Media Mobile Security Reduce costs, Reach multiple Performance & Protect Web Sites,increase agility devices, scale personalization Web Applications,& performance and monetize and Data In a hyperconnected world you must master the trends of Cloud, Media, Mobile and manage Security risks © 2012 AKAMAI | FASTER FORWARDTM
  23. 23. Target Market• 品牌廠商~AQUA/KONA/TERRA• 高科技製造業/CRM,ERP,PLM~TERRA• 金融 anti-DDOS/WAF~KONA• 線上遊戲下載~AQUA,ESD,KONA• 媒體,品牌廠商~SOLA(HD Network) © 2012 AKAMAI | FASTER FORWARDTM
  24. 24. 銷售團隊Akamai TaiwanApple Chang 0913589789 apple.chang@akamai.comNick Chen 0953266454 chchen@akamai.comZerone業務Fanny 0937185238 fanny.cheng@zerone.com.tw © 2012 AKAMAI | FASTER FORWARDTM
  25. 25. 100% Partner Akamai Needs You ! © 2012 AKAMAI | FASTER FORWARDTM
  26. 26. Q&A © 2012 AKAMAI | FASTER FORWARDTM