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Akamai 如何幫您的客戶用網站賺錢 how to monetize your site


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9/12 Akamai NetAlliance Partner Training by Nick Chen

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Akamai 如何幫您的客戶用網站賺錢 how to monetize your site

  1. 1. 如何幫您的客戶用網站賺錢 How to Monetize Your Website Nick Chen / Sr. Field Channel ManagerConfidential FASTER FORWARDTM © 2012 Akamai
  2. 2. 今天的網站長這樣… Mobile Usability Flash and AJAX Personalization Blogs Social Networking User Generated Content Analytics Podcasting Video Advertising Widgets Affiliation Audio RSS Recommendation HD VideoConfidential FASTER FORWARDTM © 2012 Akamai
  3. 3. 網頁的複雜度直接影響了反應時間 85 WEB PAGE Sophisticated Web Sites LOAD TIME 679kb 10 8 2011 6 2011 4 2 2005 21 2005 150kb 1998 50kb 1998 10 SECONDS Page Size No. Objects Source: http://www.websiteoptimization.comConfidential FASTER FORWARDTM © 2012 Akamai
  4. 4. 40%的人瀏覽網頁只願意等待三秒鐘 CONSUMER WEB PAGE PATIENCE LOAD TIME Site Abandonment Threshold 10 Seconds 10 10 Nielsen, 1996 8 8 8 Seconds 6 Zona Research, 1998 6 4 4 Seconds Jupiter Research, 2006 4 2 3 Seconds Forrester Research, 2009 2 SECONDS 0 2 4 6 8 10 SECONDS Response TimeConfidential FASTER FORWARDTM © 2012 Akamai
  5. 5. 然而…留不住客戶=失去商機Confidential FASTER FORWARDTM © 2012 Akamai
  6. 6. 現今網站所遭遇的問題…1. 效能Performance • 網頁反應時間太長 • 為了牽就效能,只能簡化網頁設計2. 規模Scalability • 如何快速擴張網站覆蓋率,全球化? • 如何因應突如其來的網站流量?3. 安全Security • 網站資料的保護 • 網站的防護4. 可用性Availability • 確保網站持續運作,服務不中斷Confidential FASTER FORWARDTM © 2012 Akamai
  7. 7. 直覺上,如何解決這些問題…1. 增加IDC投資 • 增加軟硬體,頻寬投資 (Performance) • 增建下一座IDC (Performance, Scalability)2. 在全球ISP租IDC (Performance, Scalability)3. 投資資安設備 (Security)4. 建立異地備援中心 (Availability)Confidential FASTER FORWARDTM © 2012 Akamai
  8. 8. 但事實上,Akamai可以提供最後一塊拼圖~ Service & Support from Internet Experts Unprecedented visibility, control and collaborationOptimize and mobilize Gain business agility Web security so you Engage your audience Monetize your network to grow revenues by leveraging cloud can innovate fearlessly globally and at scale and control costs Site Performance Application Performance Web Security Broadcast Video Operator CDN Mobile Performance Cloud Performance Software Distribution Custom Networks Advertising Decisions Akamai Intelligent PlatformTMConfidential FASTER FORWARDTM © 2012 Akamai
  9. 9. Akamai Intelligent Platform Scale & Breadth Web Traffic (daily) • 101,884 servers • 26.5M requests per second • 1,069 networks • 100+ million streams per day • 750+ cities • 1.3B requests delivered • 1,928 locations • >6Tbps average daily usage • 83 countries • ~9Tbps peak daily usage rate • 130,000+ active • ~20–30 % of all Web traffic domains The leading Internet Cloud platform for enabling secure, high-performing user experiences on any device, anywhere.Confidential FASTER FORWARDTM © 2012 Akamai
  10. 10. Grow revenue opportunities with fast, personalized web experiences and manage complexity from peak demand, mobile devices and data collection.Confidential FASTER FORWARDTM © 2012 Akamai
  11. 11. DSA (Dynamic Site Accelerator) It All Starts in the Cloud – at the Edge High Performance Global Overlay Network Akamai Edge Server Edge Region Users Customer Origin closest to Origin Server close to End User Web Server Akamai “SureRoute” protocol optimizes routes Security embedded into and reduces round trips Akamai Edge ServersConfidential FASTER FORWARDTM © 2012 Akamai
  12. 12. DSA如何解決網站所面臨的問題?Confidential FASTER FORWARDTM © 2012 Akamai
  13. 13. Dynamic Page CachingApplication Origin 10ms 100ms 200ms 125msDynamic Page Caching 15ms• Advanced caching rules at the edge• Cache for dynamic, reusable content• Greatly improves page loading performance• Offloads expensive application/database tier cache key is based on – URL, file name, cookie values, query strings• Cache key control thru portal Confidential FASTER FORWARDTM © 2012 Akamai
  14. 14. Akamai SureRoute Path Optimization Application Origin 10ms BGP 100ms 200ms 125msSure Route 15ms• Discovers a range of low latency paths.• The best two paths are chosen (along with the standard Internet BGP path).• Object request races pre-determine the optimal path. Confidential FASTER FORWARDTM © 2012 Akamai
  15. 15. Automated Path Failover Application Origin 10msFailover 15ms• If the first path fails, Akamai selects an alternate path to help ensure application availability. Confidential FASTER FORWARDTM © 2012 Akamai
  16. 16. TCP Optimization – With Akamai TCP Optimization – Without AkamaiApplication Origin 10ms 100ms 200ms 125msTCP Optimization• Increased Congestion Window size. 15ms• Faster TCP Slowstart ramping.• Faster retry after packet loss.• More packets per round trip.• Known good connections. Confidential FASTER FORWARDTM © 2012 Akamai
  17. 17. CompressionWeb SiteOrigin 10ms 100ms 200ms 125msEdge Caching• Intelligently compresses content. 15ms• Full browser and Javascript support.• Reduces round trips.• Improves page load performance. Confidential FASTER FORWARDTM © 2012 Akamai
  18. 18. Prefetching HTMLApplication OBJECT 1 Origin OBJECT 2 OBJECT 3 10ms OBJECT 4Prefetching• Intelligently compresses content. 15ms• Full browser and JavaScript support.• Reduces round trips.• Improves page load performance. Confidential FASTER FORWARDTM © 2012 Akamai
  19. 19. DSA Extends Web Site Security into the Cloud CloudDatacenter Akamai eDNS Akamai w/ DNSSEC Site Shield Akamai Web App Firewall End User Akamai Edge10000 Tokenization1000 100 10 1 Confidential FASTER FORWARDTM © 2012 Akamai
  20. 20. Akamai IPv6 Adaptation for Compliance Akamai EdgePlatform IPv4 IPv4 IPv4 Origin IPv4 IPv6 Akamai aims to provide customers in the hybrid world (IPv4 + IPv6) with the same levels of performance, reliability and availability as they currently enjoy with IPv4Confidential FASTER FORWARDTM © 2012 Akamai
  21. 21. DSA Case Example – Cathay Pacific Goals • High-Performing Site at All time • Boost Site Adoption Rate • Support Peak Traffic without Infrastructure Buildout Akamai Solution • Dynamic Site Accelerator Business Impact • 100% increase in online bookings • Estimated annual savings of up to $1,500,000 • 65% increase in traffic without additional infrastructure • 65% increase in global site performanceConfidential FASTER FORWARDTM © 2012 Akamai
  22. 22. Who is AKAMAIZED? Real World Results Estimated annual Reduced performance- savings of up to $1.5 Improved worldwide related help desk calls by million. 95%. Offloaded application portal performance by server traffic by nearly 205%. 66%, doubling A major US airline reported a 81% of transactions subscriber 75% reduction in completed in under capacity per server. Data center offload of infrastructure and was able 10 seconds, vs. 29% 94.6%, reducing to without Akamai. bandwidth and defer $2 million infrastructure Avoided the need to infrastructure upgrades requirements. replicate $1 Million while also improving page Two major insurance data center and load by 400%. providers reported improved page Infrastructure savings of conversion of visitors to downloads globally by Improved Web over $1 million annually, online quote applications over 48%.performance in North by delivering retail and are up from 10-15% America by 300%. commercial banking since installing Akamai, applications centrally to resulting in annual users worldwide. revenue increases of $4 to $15 million. Confidential FASTER FORWARDTM © 2012 Akamai
  23. 23. 現在,需要我們一起努力填滿這一頁…Confidential FASTER FORWARDTM © 2012 Akamai
  24. 24. Confidential FASTER FORWARDTM © 2012 Akamai