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Possibilities & Pitfalls: Reference in the age of discovery
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Possibilities & Pitfalls: Reference in the age of discovery


Published on

ILF Reference Division Conference …

ILF Reference Division Conference
August 7, 2012
Noblesville IN

Published in: Education
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  • What is ux anyway?
  • Transcript

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    • 4. the verge
    • 5. Project Information Literacy 87%: Plagiarism… NO MENTION …of librarians 6 in 10 handouts recommended going to the shelves 83% of handouts called for the 14% directed standard to online research paper. databasesFlickr: amypalko From Assigning Inquiry, 7/12/10
    • 6. Old Faithful “Almost all respondents relied on the same few information sources.”Flickr: origamidon From Project Information Literacy report, Lessons Learned, 12/1/09
    • 7.
    • 8. huffpost
    • 9. huffpost
    • 10. From Project Information Literacy report, Lessons Learned, 12/1/09 “When [other] ways fail, I’ll go bug a librarian. But otherwise it just seems like there are resources to be used, rather than taking up someone’s Flickr: pinksherbet
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    • 17. how can I help today?
    • 18. Look, she even asked anotherquestion later!
    • 19. glyphish
    • 20. whathowWH Y Flickr: bitzcelt
    • 21. this.Flickr: rohdesign
    • 22. Flickr: stevec77 On redefining the “R” in Virtual Reference…If we want people to accept and promote thelibrary’s role in their online information lives, we need to make the “R” also stand for “Relationships.” From Seeking Synchronicity, Connaway & Radford, 2011.
    • 23. …in a nutshell User experience design employs user research and user-centered design methods to holistically craft the structure, context, modes of interaction, leo reynolds and aesthetic & emotional aspects of an experience in order to facilitate satisfaction and ease of use. fontplaydotcom
    • 24. You’ve come a long way, babyFlickr: d.billy
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    • 26. thanks! Courtney Greene Indiana University Libraries stuff @ Dmitri Glaskov