Keep Calm & Carry On - practical tips for fun, informative presentations


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IUB Libraries In-House Institute
May 7, 2012

Published in: Education, Technology
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  • This (fun, informative) session on public speaking will present practical strategies for better presentations – whether those are small-scale, internal talks with your department, or whether you’re headlining a day-long event. We’ll talk about how to overcome jitters, stay on-point, and most importantly – stick to your time allotment! I’ll also give tips on putting together engaging slides or visuals. If time permits we’ll delve briefly into how to reverse-engineer these techniques and craft catchy proposals … I will (of course) strive to give a great presentation about great presentations and model the techniques, and I’ll pull together a tip sheet that attendees can take away with them.
  • don tknow if I agree with all these, but … good:
  • Good news: the hard part is already done. It’s (mostly) automagical!Stats give you the heebiejeebies?Tell your story.Once you know the what/why, the how is much easier.A little setup at the beginning & machines can do quite a lot.Don’t sweat it. A few basic measures you can explain & you’re set.Illustrate those numbers with real life people & examples.A tidy, professional report will benefit you & your superiors.Make it pretty.
  • Keep Calm & Carry On - practical tips for fun, informative presentations

    1. 1. Keep Calm & Carry On practical tips for fun, informative presentations IUB Libraries In-House Institute | May 7, 2012 | Courtney Greene Flickr: Matthew McVickar
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    5. 5. stick to your time flickr: Duke University Libraries
    6. 6. know yourself
    7. 7. tsch overcoming jitters
    8. 8. LOOKHEREmaking snappy slides
    9. 9. LOOK HERE making snappy slides…and now, a few of my personal favorites
    10. 10. always on jon mcgovern
    11. 11. stories + math = ♥bitzi
    12. 12. Why this is different robinn
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    17. 17. Execution Rusty Boxcars
    18. 18. I was going to mention this earlier.
    19. 19. thanks! it’s been… colinaut
    20. 20. Too late for the library catalog?? Courtney Greene Head, Digital User Experience Indiana University Bloomington Libraries flickr: rakka
    21. 21. prepare yourselves.we’re going to show some code. pink sherbet
    22. 22. finding great images to illustrate your points mike rohde
    23. 23. flickr: purplemattfishcrafting catchy proposals
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    25. 25. flickr: marcus_jb1973 thanks! slides & such: contact me: Courtney Greene Indiana University Libraries questions?