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ILF 2011 Preconference - Engaging Users through Emerging Tech


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The Future is Now:
Engage users anywhere, anytime, any place with emerging technologies

Chanitra Bishop & Courtney Greene | Indiana Library Federation 2011 Conference |
November 14, 2011

Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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ILF 2011 Preconference - Engaging Users through Emerging Tech

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  4. 4. TOOLBOX ‘O TIPS: SOCIAL MEDIA1. Make yourself recognizable. Use your organizations logo2. Take advantage of the medium. Ask questions, share pics, offer virtual programs, reply online3. Link your profiles. Connect Twitter, Facebook & YouTube4. Be a part of the community. Make your posts relevant, not all library content5. Remember posts should reflect face to face interactions. Maybe positive or negative More tips & such: Laura Solomon, Doing Social Media So It Matters, 2011.
  5. 5. A FEW MORE THINGS TO CONSIDER:SOCIAL MEDIA1. Do you have information to share? You should have unique interesting content2. Can you maintain your presence? You have to post to connect with others3. Is your audience there? Go where your users are
  6. 6. TOOLBOX ‘O TIPS: FOURSQUARE1. Monitor your library’s presence. Claim your venue, check in periodically2. Content is user generated. Any public location can added, users add tips3. Provide tips. How to use the library services, new library programs4. There are badges. It’s a game. Have a contest, market library services5. Be creative. Create a virtual tour, highlight a new area More tips & such: How to: Start Marketing on Foursquare
  7. 7. TOOLBOX ‘O TIPS: FACEBOOK1. Make your posts interesting! Include pics, descriptions, videos2. Be active! Respond to posts; comment oncomments3. Connect. “Like" & post on other Facebook pages4. Check-in Allow users to check-in to the library5. Get a Facebook URL. More tips & such: Laura Solomon, Doing Social Media So It Matters, 2011.
  8. 8. TOOLBOX ‘O TIPS: TWITTER1. Connect with your community. Follow your followers & others in your community2. Less is more. Keep it short, easy to read & retweet3. Apps are your friend. Manage your accounts with Hootsuite, Tweetdeck4. Retweet, Mention & Hashtag – Oh my! Use Twitter to start a conversation5. Customize your background. Make a background that reflects the libraries More tips & such: Laura Solomon, Doing Social Media So It Matters, 2011.
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  10. 10. TOOLBOX ‘O TIPS: IM/TEXT REFERENCE1. It’s not different. Librarians: our name, reference: our game.2. It’s totally different. Short bursts … curious abbreviations … anything but instant3. Know thyself. And thy colleagues. … The desk is not the optimum place to master the logistics.4. Confidence! Embrace your expertise! Be you!5. You don’t have to be everywhere – just right place, right time. Be consistent. Pair with other technologies to tailor to the need. More tips & such: M. Kathleen Kern, Virtual Reference Best Practices, 2009.
  11. 11. TOOLBOX ‘O TIPS: QR CODES1. Metrics are important. Use or another service to track your codes2. Size and background matters. Size and background can make code difficult to use3. Keep information in code to a minimum. More information makes the code harder to scan4. Provide instructions. Everyone doesn’t how to use them5.Check ‘em before you use ‘em Make sure your codes work
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  13. 13. TOOLBOX ‘O TIPS: BLOGGING1. Every message its format. It’s a blog, not a tweet. Also: it’s a blog, not a novel.2. Your blog should have a strict dress code. That’s right. Strictly business casual! Think professional, not stuffy.3. Model good behavior & share the love. Positive connections! Attribute, link, solicit guest4. Reduce, reuse, recycle. posts, praise.5. Above all, don’t be boring. Where can you repost & publicize content … without being a drag? It’s a blog, not a blah-g. More tips & such: Connie Crosby, Effective Blogging for Libraries, 2010.
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  15. 15. TOOLBOX ‘O TIPS: MOBILE1. Your site is already part of the mobile web. Score! Right? Right?!2. Are you part of the mobile web yourself? Recommended: a bold plunge. Or even a tiny plunge.3. Work smart, not hard. Make use of all the cash & talent others have poured in already.4. Start small.5. Think big …always room to expand – once you’ve begun. There’s yet pocket-sized.Good things, small packages: ask, dream, brainstorm, risk! More tips & such: [Er, this is awkward. But I actually co-authored a book.] Courtney Greene, Missy Roser & Beth Ruane. The Anywhere Library: A Primer for the Mobile Web, 2010.
  16. 16. STORIES + MATH = ♥ 1. Good news: the hard part is already done. Once you know the what/why, the how is much easier. 2. It’s (mostly) automagical! A little setup at the beginning & machines can do quite a lot . 3. Stats give you the heebie jeebies?Don’t sweat it. A few basic measures you can explain & you’re set. 4. Tell your story. People & real life examples illustrate & contextualize numbers. 5. Make it pretty. A tidy, professional report will benefit you & make pitching it easier.
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