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ALA Midwinter Meeting
MARS Virtual Reference Discussion Forum
Saturday January 21, 2012

Published in: Education, Technology
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  1. 1. UXuser experience FTW for the win ala midwinter | dallas tx | 21.1.12 virtual reference VR courtney greene indiana university libraries mars vr discussion forum
  2. 2. felix63
  3. 3. The Digital User Experience (DUX) department sets strategic priorities for the unifiedweb presence of the IU Bloomington Libraries and related online services. Weproactively seek opportunities to collaboratively deliver transformativeexperiences that facilitate discovery and strengthen scholarship at Indiana University.We strive to exceed expectations for internal and external constituencies as wedevelop, design, deliver, and support innovative services, systems, andtools. We embrace a user-centered approach, identifying and anticipating userneeds through data analysis, usability testing, and assessment. We subscribe to aphilosophy of continuous improvement achieved through an iterative designprocess to selectively implement existing and emerging technologies.In partnership with library and campus units, DUX works to enhance end-usersuccess and to fulfill our shared mission to support the teaching, learning andresearch of the University community. In conjunction with our mission, we will use these guiding principles to strategically prioritize projects: Dynamic (data, services) | Experimental (pioneering, innovative) Collaborative | Transparent (seamless, open) | Impact felix63
  4. 4. …in a nutshell leo reynolds fontplaydotcom
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  7. 7. futurefashion followtheseinstructions
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  10. 10. how can I help today?
  11. 11. Stories + math = ♥bitzi
  12. 12. … to infinity & beyond? admiral.ironbombs
  13. 13. the vergeum … any other questions?
  14. 14. thanks! it’s been… colinaut