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Godwin - Information Literacy beyond Library 2.0


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Published in: Education
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Godwin - Information Literacy beyond Library 2.0

  1. 1. Information Literacy beyond Library 2.0 20 Peter Godwin University of Bedfordshire
  2. 2. /
  3. 3. “Library 2 0 was nothing new really and the concept got Library 2.0 confused with lists of trendy Web 2.0 tools.”“The Web generation was an over hyped idea ” The over-hyped idea.“Information literacy is always about academic librarians chasing after problems and creating a niche for themselves ” themselves.“Nobody knows the answers about social media : we don’t even know the questions yet ” yet...
  4. 4. Information Literacy beyond Library 2.0 What s What’s the story? What’s changed now? Where Wh are we h d d? headed?
  5. 5. What’s the story?
  6. 6. Methuen in the play "Monday Next", Theatre Royal, Hobart,ca. 1950-1952 / photographer unknown
  7. 7. So what was Library 2.0??
  8. 8.
  9. 9. Before the Web generation working inStatistics Machine Room, 1964Photograph taken during the making of a BBC documentary.
  10. 10. They text and share music
  11. 11. nerds are still the minority
  12. 12. flickr com/photos/mythoto/1234638761/sizes/m/
  13. 13. But they are reluctant to share
  14. 14. Have academics engaged with 2.0?
  15. 15. Or researchers?
  16. 16. Or Librarians?? O Lb
  17. 17. Did it help?Or complicate?What did it mean?
  18. 18. Success stories Flickr RSS Delicious D li i Wikipedia LibraryThing Screencasts Podcasts YouTube Referencing (Zotero) Visualisation (Wordle) Facebook
  19. 19. What’s changed now? ?Portrait of Cab Calloway, New York, N.Y.(?), ca. Jan.1947] ( ] (LOC))
  20. 20. Is there an elephant in the room? p
  21. 21. LSE 1964 cs Machine Room, 1964 Students working. Photograph taken during the making of a BBC documentary.
  22. 22.
  23. 23. It’s b Blackberry thumbI ’ about Bl kb h b or crackberry thumbs...... kb h b
  24. 24.
  25. 25. Mobile and social
  26. 26. Where are weheaded?
  27. 27. Is IL too academic?
  28. 28. What’shappened toInformation Literacy? Li ?
  29. 29.
  30. 30. What are the important new tunes?Portrait of Dardanelle, Washington, D.C., between 1938 and 1948] (LOC)
  31. 31. “Students struggled with processing results and finding the Students good, relevant stuff they need ... they may lack the skills for se ect g t e ost e eva t esu ts they ee o solving selecting the most relevant results t ey need for so v g information problems in their daily lives.” How college students use the Web to conduct everyday life research by Alison J. Head and Michael B. Eisenberg. First Monday, Volume 16, Number 4 - 4 April 2011
  32. 32. Less about search and more aboutsifting and evaluation
  33. 33. “The web provides little eb pro idesencouragement or opportunity forquieter, more attentive ways ofthinking, such as contemplation,reflection, introspection. Those ways ofthinking used to be considered theessence of the human intellect. Nowthey’re seen as dispensable.” Nicholas Carr: The Age of Perpetual Distraction Project Information Literacy, "Smart Talks," no. 6, April 4, 2011
  34. 34. We will still be guides!http
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  36. 36. Schools t High EducationS h l to Higher Ed ti 29514/sizes/m/
  37. 37. at night by Garry ostream/ moonbow=rainbow at night by Garry
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  39. 39. Information Literacybeyond Library 2.0 It s It’s social It’s increasingly mobile Technologies hift but T h l i shift b t people adapt uneqally The Ti f Lib i Th Time for Libraries can be NOW!
  40. 40. Mobiles –the ultimate portable computer the