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Pt8 power point
Pt8 power point
Pt8 power point
Pt8 power point
Pt8 power point
Pt8 power point
Pt8 power point
Pt8 power point
Pt8 power point
Pt8 power point
Pt8 power point
Pt8 power point
Pt8 power point
Pt8 power point
Pt8 power point
Pt8 power point
Pt8 power point
Pt8 power point
Pt8 power point
Pt8 power point
Pt8 power point
Pt8 power point
Pt8 power point
Pt8 power point
Pt8 power point
Pt8 power point
Pt8 power point
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Pt8 power point


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Published in: Technology, Business
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  • BU eLearning:
  • Transcript

    • 1. IT1710
      IT Innovations Shaping Our World
      Project-based Tutorial 8 Presentation Tool MS PowerPoint 2010
    • 2. Try out MS PowerPoint 2010 to create a draft presentation for your project
      Share your ppt on
      Today’s tasks
    • 3. Start a newPowerPoint file
      Put down the project topic, name and student ID in slide 1
      Add a date to the first slide (in the subtitle area)
      Click the Date & Time buttonunder the Insert tab
      Choose Update automatically in the pop up window
      Add a date
    • 4. Use the New Slide button under the Home tab to create new slides
      You can also use the
      Layout button to change
      the layout of the slide
      Create a new slide
    • 5. Use SmartArtto create a flow chart to introduce the content of the presentation
      Click the SmartArtbutton
      under the Insert tab
      Use the Continuous Block Process layout in the Process group
    • 6. Fill in the appropriate content text into the SmartArt box as follow
      You can press Enter to add more bullets
    • 7. You may copy the sample PowerPoint slides from PT8_source_ppt.pptxand paste them to your PowerPoint file
      Sample contents
    • 8. Change the Slide Design and Color Scheme under the Design tab
      Slide Design
      Select a design
      Change the color scheme
    • 9. Changes in the Slide Master will affect ALL slides in the file
      If we want to add an image to all pages, we can add it in the Slide Master
      Choose the View tab
      Then click the Slide Master button in the Master Views group
      Slide Master
    • 10. Insert a picture
      Choose the Insert tab
      Click the Picture button
      Choose a picture
      Move the picture to where you want
      You may dim the picture by right-clicking on the picture and choose Format Picture.
      Select Picture Color group, and choose Washout effect under Recolor
      You may also adjust the brightness and contrast if you want.
      Close the Master View under the Slide Master group
    • 11. Add another SmartArt object to slide 6
      Use the layout Horizontal Bullet List under List group
      The data can be found from the file PT8_source_table.docx
      Complete the sample slides contents
    • 12. Copy the tables from the file PT8_source_table.docx and paste them to slides 7 and 8
      You can change the Table Styles under the Design tab
      Complete the sample slides contents
      Change the Table Styles
    • 13. Choose the Insert tab
      Click the Object button
      Choose Create from file
      Browse for the Excel file that contains the chart
      You may find some sample charts in sample-PT6.xlsx
      Do not check Link option
      If the desired chart is not shown,
      double click on the chart
      and choose for another worksheet
      that contains the desired chart
      Insert Chart from Excel
    • 14. Embed a YouTubeVideo Clip
      Open the video link
      Click the Sharebutton
      Then click the Embed button
      Check the boxes for
      Enable privacy-enhanced mode and
      Use old embed code
      Copy the code
      Then, go to the slide
      Choose the Insert tab
      Click the Video button and choose Video from Web Site
      Paste the code into the box of the pop-up window and then click Insert
    • 15. Click the Filetab
      Click Options
      Select Customize Ribbon
      In the list of Main Tabs, select Developer
      Click OK
      Show the Developer Tab on the Ribbon
    • 16. Insert the movie we made from the Video Editing Lab
      On the Developer tab, in the Controls group, click the More Controls button
      Scroll down to select Windows Media Player
      Draw a box as big as you want on the slide
      Right-click on the box and select Properties
      Input the file name in the URL field
      Sample video: RFID_sample.wmv
      Note that the video file must be in the same
      folder with the PowerPoint file
      Close the Properties window
      Insert a movie
    • 17. Apply transition effect to all slides under the Transitions tab
      Transition Effects
      Change the speed
      Select a transition effect
      Apply the effect to all slides
    • 18. Select any objects which you want to add
      Click the Add Animation button under the Animationstab, and choose the effect from the list, you can preview the effect as well
      Click the Animation Pane button in the AdvancedAnimations group
      The Animationpane will be shown
      Adjust the timing, direction and speed by
      right-clicking the object on the pane
      Add Animation
    • 19. We would like to create an automatic slide show that the PowerPoint slides can be run automatically
      You can also insert sound tracks to every slides for the automatic slide show
      Choose the Insert tab
      Click the Audio button and choose Audio from File
      Go to slide 1
      Select the sound file
      Sample file: s1.mp3
      Repeat the steps to insert audio track for other slides by choosing corresponding mp3 files
      Insert audio tracks to the slide
    • 20. Move the sound icon to the bottom right corner
      Click the icon and click the Playback tabunder Audio Tools
      Check the Hide During Show box to hide the icon when the slide show runs
      Choose Play across slides in the Start option
      Move the sound object to the top in the
      Animation Pane
      Insert audio tracks to the slide
    • 21. Click the Slide Show tab, and click Rehearse Timings
      The slide show will start and you click on the slide to set the timing for each slide
      Right-click and choose End Show when you finish rehearsal
      Automatic Slide Show
    • 22. Click the File tab
      Choose Save As and
      Save your file as xxxxxxxx-PT8.pptx
      Save your file
    • 23.
      • We may use website http://www.slideshare.netto share our PowerPoint slides
      Click the Upload button
      Then click Create one to register for a free account
      Click the Upload button again
      And choose UPLOAD publicly
      Upload the .pptxfile
      Share the slides
    • 24. After finishing upload and conversion, your slides will be published
      You can share it on Facebook, by email or embed it to your webpage
      However, the sound and video embedded in the PowerPoint cannot be played as these functions are not supported
      Share the slides & Submission
      Right-click on this link, choose Copy Link Location
      and paste the link to BU eLearning
    • 25. To show the YouTube video:
      Choose My Uploads at the top right corner
      Choose the file you uploaded
      Click Edit / Delete
      You can insert YouTube videos
      in the slide show
      Share the slides
    • 26. We can use PowerPoint to make a photo slide show easily
      Click the Insert tab
      Click the Photo Album button
      Click File/Disk… to select photos
      Select Theme for the photo album
      You can make some changes to the photos
      (e.g. Rotation, brightness, contrast)
      Supplementary - Photo Album
    • 27. Add a date
      Create a new slide
      Slide Design
      Slide Master
      Insert a picture
      Insert Chart from Excel
      Embed a YouTube video clip
      Insert a movie
      Transition Effects
      Custom Animation
      Insert sound tracks to the slide
      Automatic Slide Show
      Share the slides