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Social Media & Search (SEO) - Convergence of two marketing channels - why you should care
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Social Media & Search (SEO) - Convergence of two marketing channels - why you should care


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In this presentation, we provide information about one of the reasons why social media has exploded. Also, we provide information about the convergence of social media with SEO. …

In this presentation, we provide information about one of the reasons why social media has exploded. Also, we provide information about the convergence of social media with SEO.
Enjoy, if you want to add to this PPT, let us know and we can integrate your slides into it.

Published in: Business, Technology, Design
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  • 1. Convergence of Social Media & Search Bottom Line Results Viewers 2008
  • 2. Why has Social Media Taken Off? … ..Consumers/Professionals trust their friends/colleagues
  • 3. Why has Social Media Taken Off?
    • 85%
    • consumers find new products through search engines
    • Blogs/Wikis – Many pages about one subject – loved by search engines
    • Everyone
    • … is a publisher
    • ..a distributor of content
    • … . links to content
    • Search engines use links to “Rank” sites
        • Social media = content = links = organic search results = sales
  • 4. Why has Social Media Taken Off? … ..and read blogs and interact with social networking sites
  • 5. Social Media redefining SEO
    • Traditional SEO
        • Ensure Website is "Readable" to Search Engines
        • XML Feeds for Search Engines
        • RSS Feeds
        • Traditional Link Building
    • New Distribution Channels for Content
          • New SEO
            • Content creation – videos, whitepapers, images, PPTs
            • Link Building, including Link Baiting, Press Releases, Video Interviews etc
            • Viral Campaigns
            • UGC
            • Flickr streams
            • Blogger outreach
  • 6. Yahoo! Answers appears throughout the SERPs: on the organic and a separate listing Social Media redefining SEO: Yahoo! Answers
  • 7. Social Media redefining SEO: Google Co-Op Google is slowly integrating user generated guides, guides from partners and tags
  • 8. Social Media redefining SEO: Digg
    • Digg – UGC & News Aggregator
    • - Economist is “published” by Digg and others
    • Helps strengthen position on Yahoo and others
  • 9. Social Media redefining SEO: Video
    • Video of Blender with iPod, Golf Balls, etc.
    • Widely circulated - 4 Million sites
    • Videos got – 1M to 4M views
    • BlendTec Blender – 1 st page of Google
    • Sales for BlendTech – increased 5x
  • 10. Social Media redefining SEO: Social Bookmarking? Social Bookmarks Helping all search engines determine authority & rank sites If managed, can result in strong sales for corporations       Favorites       Google Bookmarks       Digg         Facebook       Furl         StumbleUpon       Yahoo MyWeb         Newsvine       Reddit         Technorati       Live Bookmarks         Yahoo Bookmarks       Twitter         Ask       myAOL         Slashdot       Fark         Simpy       Propeller         RawSugar       Blogmarks         Spurl       LinkaGoGo         Mister Wong       Wink         Backflip       Magnolia          
  • 11. How Else Can Social Media be Used for?
    • Sales Lead Acquisition
    • Product Requirements
    • Product Development
    • Support
    • Internal Knowledge
    • Market & Customer Feedback
    • Rapid Sharing
    • Executive Leadership & Visibility
    • Branding
    • … .remember this “Just when you’ve mastered the technologies, something new comes along” Charlene Li, Forrester Research
    • Invite:
      • influential bloggers to participate
      • their readers to provide feedback
      • Customers to understand their resistance
  • 12. Social Media Case Study
    • Since mid 2007, e-Storm and Crimson Consulting helping UGOBE with:
      • Community planning/development
      • Strategic and tactical social media marketing
      • Implementation of buzz metric tool
      • Identifying new audiences, new promotions with social media
      • Identifying negative and positive WOM
      • Training staff on WOM/Social Media
    • Results to date:
      • More than 4,000 sites have covered Pleo
      • More than 1M views of Pleo Videos on YouTube (40 videos)
      • Videos at Pleoworld – 6 th most consumed content
      • Internal forums – 7 th largest referrer to
      • 400 sites about Pleo bookmarked on Delicious
      • StumbleUpon – Top 20 referee
  • 13. Social Media Case Study
    • FareCast
      • Farecast employed targeted online social media push
        • Tech websites (e.g. Mike Arrington’s TechCrunch)
      • No PPC or aggressive SEO campaign
      • TechCrunch coverage caused a ripple effect
        • Generating over a 1,000 links in one week
        • Assisted New York Times, Wall Street Journal and NPR coverage
      • After launch, Farecast ranked between 15-20 for the competitive phrase “cheap airline tickets” and “cheap airline ticket” for the first few months
        • Beating Priceline, AOL, Kayak, Mobissimo, Expedia
  • 14.
    • Traffic Activities:
      • 195,844 visits after only 2 months (estimated from Hitwise, various)
      • 50% of “Launch” Traffic from Blogs
      • 200 Blog Posts in 3 Weeks
    Social Media Case Study
  • 15. e-Storm and Social Media
    • e-Storm is a member of WOMMA – Word of Mouth Marketing Association – abiding to a code of ethics enforced by association
    • Since 1998 - e-Storm has conducted many online community and WOM campaigns:
            • e-Storm participated as Plantronics in Real Estate specific communities – Tested specific offers and increased buzz prior to campaign launch
            • e-Storm participated as Wells Fargo into communities of Web developers – Found out customer resistance to product lines
            • e-Storm participated as Sutter Home and got honest feedback on wine clubs
            • Participated in 800 communities and added value to conversations – resulting in 12% of all new customers came from communities
            • Developed viral campaign to get 3 videos for “office” spoof and generated 1,500,000 views of videos
            • Developed online marketing plan for – Broadband division community/portal
  • 16. Anything New & Exciting for 2008?
    • “ Real” social media analytics is finally here!
      • BuzzLogic, Radian6, Kavaa, Umbria, BuzzMetrics, Cymphony
    • Social media advertising networks
      • BuzzLogic, FeedBurner Ads, Facebook, MySpace, etc.
    • Don’t forget your international audiences
      • “ Nearly 60% of European online consumers are involved in Social Computing” – Forrester
      • France and Sweden – largest blogging community outside US
      • 37% of all blog posts are in Japanese
    • Trend for 2008?
      • All corporations will concentrate on doing social media “right” by:
        • Understanding it is a two way street
        • You need to give to receive
        • You need to respond FAST
        • Legal should not drive marketing