What every paid search marketer needs to know about Google +1


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e-storm's paid search manager @MathewGuiver walks you through the future affect of Google +1 on paid search advertising. Mathew presented this deck at SMX East 2011 in New York City.

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What every paid search marketer needs to know about Google +1

  1. "Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future." -John F. Kennedy1 ® 2011 e-storm international
  2. Staying one step ahead The future affect of Google +1 on paid search advertising2 ® 2011 e-storm international
  3. About Mathew Guiver and e-storm international •  Mathew, with one T •  10+ years in online marketing e-storm international •  Strategy-driven, international digital marketing agency specializing in display, mobile, SEM, SEO, and multichannel attribution •  Clients include: IKEA, Bank of America, National University, Microsoft, Verizon, Sam’s Club, ABC Family, and more! Images via e-storm international3 ® 2011 e-storm international
  4. The future affect of +1 on paid search advertising •  Millions of Google+ users, but the project is still in its infancy (Especially when compared to the 800 million users Facebook has) •  As the community grows, we can expect the use of +1s to increase! Image via SearchEngineLand.com4 ® 2011 e-storm international
  5. The future affect of +1 on paid search advertising •  As the Google+ grows, use of +1 will increase •  Who cares? “Google + on a trajectory to •  Google+ and Google +1 are intertwined surpass Twitter, LinkedIn, and MySpace!” Image via IconFinder.com5 ® 2011 e-storm international
  6. PREDICTION 1: +1s to have more impact on average position than quality score Not logged into a Google account6 ® 2011 e-storm international
  7. PREDICTION 1: +1s to have more impact on average position than quality score Better position, coincidence? I doubt it7 ® 2011 e-storm international
  8. PREDICTION 2: The value of a +1 •  If a +1 decreases your CPA, then it also increase your ROI •  When money talks, the big bosses listen! Image via Google8 ® 2011 e-storm international
  9. PREDICTION 3: The end of the PPC landing page as we know it •  +1s are shared between organic and sponsored listings...9 ® 2011 e-storm international
  10. PREDICTION 3: The end of the PPC landing page as we know it sponsored organic Traditional PPC landing pages won’t benefit from this crossover lift!10 ® 2011 e-storm international
  11. PREDICTION 4: Bridging the gap between PPC and social Landing Pages that Encourage User Interaction11 ® 2011 e-storm international
  12. PREDICTION 5: Promoted +1s?12 ® 2011 e-storm international
  13. PREDICTION 5: Promoted +1s? •  Google to monetize Google+ and +1’s? •  Google’s real time search used to incorporate promoted messages from Twitter •  Even confirmed splitting revenue with Twitter Images via SearchEngineLand.com and BostInnovation.com13 ® 2011 e-storm international
  14. PREDICTION 5: Promoted +1s? •  Google+ to remain advertisement free? Google to look for “outside the box” ways •  Promoted +1’s, promoted accounts to generate revenue14 ® 2011 e-storm international
  15. PREDICTION 6: Demographic bidding for sponsored search ads In the future: Google+ already collects some demographic and geographic •  race information… •  sexual orientation •  religion •  interests •  income level •  activity profiles based on comments, who you block, etc. Highly Targeted Demographic Bidding15 ® 2011 e-storm international
  16. PREDICTION 7: Prediction targeting •  “Google Related” toolbar launched in August •  Toolbar suggests sites to visit, based on page you are currently viewing Imagine if Google used this approach to paid advertising, based on social activity… Image via Google16 ® 2011 e-storm international
  17. PREDICTION 7: Prediction targeting Prediction Ads Based on User Activity17 ® 2011 e-storm international
  18. PREDICTION 7: Prediction targeting18 ® 2011 e-storm international
  19. Be part of the future, not the past19 ® 2011 e-storm international
  20. Thank you! I would love to hear your thoughts on the future of Google+ and +1 Mathew Guiver mathew@e-storm.com Visit our website: www.e-storm.com Come Follow us: Twitter Facebook Google+ LInkedIn20 ® 2011 e-storm international