Social Media Marketing: Tips and Tricks


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Become "socially savvy" to take your campaigns to the next level during this valuable webinar. Attendees will gain insight into social media marketing, learn how to grow and nurture an online community and review best practices for social campaigns. Having a social media marketing strategy is critical to every brand's success in the digital age.

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Social Media Marketing: Tips and Tricks

  1. Social Media Marketing Best Practices<br />July 21, 2010<br />Kailei Richardson<br /> <br />Cyndi Zaino<br /> <br />
  2. Agenda<br />Who We Are<br />Social Media Marketing<br />Community Best Practices<br />Ripple6 Social Hub<br />
  3. About Ripple6<br />Founded 2006<br />A wholly-owned, independently operated subsidiary of Gannett Co., Inc. <br />A division of PointRoll<br />Provider of Social Media technologies and services.<br />Notable Partners and Clients:<br />Procter & Gamble, Kraft, Unilever and Target<br />
  4. Social Media Marketing<br />
  5. What is Social Media Marketing?<br />Overwhelming!<br />Complicated <br />Facebook and Twitter<br />Advertising on Social Networks<br />
  6. What is Social Media Marketing<br />A way to use social networks and tools for marketing purposes<br />Enables companies to:<br />Connect with customers/consumers<br />Launch and execute campaigns<br />
  7. Types of Social Media Marketing<br />Facebook/Twitter/YouTube<br />
  8. Types of Social Media Marketing<br />Embedded Communities<br />
  9. Types of Social Media Marketing<br />Branded Communities<br />
  10. Community Best Practices<br />
  11. Community Best Practices<br />Overview<br />Community Stages<br />Managing Teams<br />Setting Expectations<br />Engagement & Campaigns<br />
  12. You’ve already done this before <br />Think about: <br />How you currently interact with your customers and “end-users”<br /><ul><li>What are your current best practices when communicating with them? </li></li></ul><li>Technology makes it better<br />In the past few decades technology has advanced, making communication faster and more efficient. Conversations are more visible.<br />You can reach individual customers by <br />Email<br />Mobile<br />Websites<br />Social networking <br />
  13. Intro to Community Stages<br />Seeding & Beta<br />Launch<br />Building & Growing<br />Sustaining<br />
  14. Managing Teams<br />
  15. Team Roles<br />
  16. Staffing your team<br />What if I don’t have enough staff? Is it OK to take volunteers?<br />Some tips<br />Recruit trustworthy, diverse and altruistic members<br />Have easy avenues of communication and coordination<br />Give incentives, recognition and legitimacy<br />
  17. Managing your team<br />Individuality plus coordination <br />Communication opportunities<br />Tools and resources<br />Routine check-points<br />
  18. Setting Expectations<br />
  19. Social Campaigns vs. Community<br />What’s the difference?<br />One supports the other<br />Community is a long-term investment communication channel<br />How should I evaluate my community?<br />Differently than a campaign<br />Health and performance are key<br />Numerically<br />Anecdotally<br />
  20. Engagement & Campaigns<br />
  21. Engagement & Campaigns<br />Contests, Challenges, Competitions<br />Journaling or Real-world vs. virtual-world activities<br />Badging, Gaming, and Points Systems<br />Editorial Campaigns<br />Community-building<br />Scavenger Hunts<br />
  22. Tips & Tricks<br />Monitor mix of branded versus non-branded messaging/activities<br />Use combinations of activities<br />Use trackable links<br />Leverage your power users<br />Try different activities – see what sticks!<br />
  23. Community Stages<br />Seeding & Beta<br />Preparing, adjusting, learning<br />Launch<br />Promotion, awareness<br />Building & Growing<br />Retention, engagement, identity<br />Sustaining<br />Member-driven, continue to support<br />
  24. Ripple6 Social Hub<br />
  25. The Social Hub<br />
  26. The Social Hub<br />
  27. The Social Hub<br />
  28. Example: Ripple6’s Social Hub<br />
  29. Example: Ripple6’s Social Hub<br />
  30. Example: Ripple6’s Social Hub<br />
  31. Example: Ripple6’s Social Hub<br />
  32. Example: Ripple6’s Social Hub<br />
  33. Example: Ripple6’s Social Hub<br />
  34. Example: Ripple6’s Social Hub<br />
  35. Social Hub: LaunchPad<br />Our experienced Social Media Engagement Services team will help you plan, seed and launch your community<br />Total of a three month engagement<br />Three components:<br />
  36. Wrap-Up<br />Social Media Marketing – another component in your marketing mix<br />Several trends in social media marketing:<br />Embedded Communities<br />Facebook/Twitter/YouTube<br />Branded Communities<br />Community Best Practices<br />Ripple6 Social Hub<br />
  37. Questions?<br />
  38. Thank You!<br /><br />Cyndi Zaino<br /><br />Kailei Richardson<br /><br />