Advanced Integrated New Media Strategies: Building Great Brands in the Age of Digital and Mobile Media


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The social web is your brand's "mirror." How's your reflection?

The social web is a place of constant activity, with postings, uploads and a myriad of comments about your brand.

Today, consumers play a large role in your brand image, using Twitter and other microblogs, as well as Facebook, Foursquare, LinkedIn and other social networking sites to post opinions for the entire world to see.

Successful marketers should be at every touchpoint in order to connect with consumers. Companies must be a part of the consumer dialogue.

This advanced session will be led by social media expert Erica Campbell. Campbell is Senior Manager of New Media Marketing at For Rent Media Solutions, a division of Dominion Enterprises. Campbell has spoken about new media strategies across the country at various events and for numerous organizations.
Campbell will discuss marketing strategies and tactics in this upcoming dynamic session. Attendees will:

•Learn how top brands are using new media to gain insight and take actions.
•Gain ideas on developing, executing and measuring integrated strategies that build deeper connections with consumers, partners and prospects.
• Learn advanced social media marketing and new media marketing techniques that increase traffic and retention.
•Leave with tips on how to form credibility with consumers and establish their company as the definitive source in their industry.

Join the Hampton Roads American Marketing Association's next event to gain powerful insights into leveraging various medium such as print, Internet, mobile, social media, video and location-based advertising to create customer engagement that is critical to your brand's image and ultimately, its long-term success.

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  • Mobile media is quickly becoming essential to thetechnologically advanced marketing plan.• Smartphone users are driving growth in browser andapplicationsBrowser and app growth are up Social Networking: Fastest-growing category accessedvia browser-150 million users access Facebook thru their mobile phone
  • These 11 process steps will help you build a great brand. I hope to give you helpful tips and action items that will really help you
  • Old tried and true tactics that use new tools to create a strategy that creates strong brands Use new tactics and tools with old processes to create a strong brand Top process steps
  • Who is talking about you • What are they saying • Is it positive or negative • Where are the conversations taking place • What are your competitors doing • What’s the buzz about them • What content resonates with your audience • Where else is your audience talking • What social sites have the most conversations • Who are the thought leaders you should connect with • What are your opportunities and threats Who is talking about you?What are people saying?Are they positive or negative?Where are they happening?What site has the most conversations being said you?
  • Let me show you how big brands are using integrated new media techniques and tools that we just covered to build strong brands
  • Ran the Frappuccino Happy Hour promotion, a location-based multichannel campaign offering discounts to consumers who express brand loyalty on social networks.
  • Blog: “My Starbucks Idea” is the popular coffee brand’s consumer portal where customers can submit ideas and vote/comment on other’s thoughts about improving the product(s). In a company where the “experience” compensates for the high prices, it is in Starbucks’ best interest to receive feedback directly from the customers themselves. Twitter: Not only does the company’s Twitter stream serve as an engagement tool with customers who are talking about the brand on Twitter, but it is also used as a way to spread news from Starbucks. National Frappuccino Happy Hour promotion from 3-5 p.m
  • The combination of geolocation and social networks is also a huge avenue for Starbucks and the company was one of the first major brands to broker a deal with popular location-based social network Foursquare. Foursquare mayors of retail stores special ‘Barista’ badges that would come with discounts on drinks and food.
  • 560 photos submitted and 2,500+ votes300+ new Facebook Fans and 14,000+ pageviews and 2,700 photo views16,000+ photo views on Flickr
  • Let me show you how big brands are using integrated new media techniques and tools that we just covered to build strong brands
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