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VLE GSA - How to create a Turnitin submission
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VLE GSA - How to create a Turnitin submission


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Published in: Technology, Education

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  • 1. How to… Create a Turnitin Assignment The VLE @ GSA
  • 2. Turnitin Assignments • Creating a Turnitin Assignment allows students to upload a document and through a text-matching process, evaluate their critical synthesis skills. • An Originality Report is generated that allows students and staff to see the sources of supporting evidence and how it has been incorporated into writing. • Turnitin has particular strength in supporting formative feedback – students can be permitted to make multiple submissions to revise their writing. • Turnitin can also be used summatively as a way of submitting a final piece of work.
  • 3. Navigate to a content area (e.g. Learning Materials). Click on the Assessments menu and choose TurnitinUK Assignment.
  • 4. Create a Paper Assignment.
  • 5. Set a Start Date and Due Date. Add an Assignment title and a Point value (if appropriate). Click Optional Settings. Post date needs only be set if using GradeMark. (See How To guide on Using GradeMark).
  • 6. Enter any instructions students may require (due date, format, etc). Choose whether submissions will be accepted after due date (these will be marked as late). Choose whether an Originality Report will be generated and how many submissions are permitted (one, multiple).
  • 7. Decide whether students should have access to the Originality Report. Choose which resources the text will be matched against. Though it is possible to exclude small matches, bibliographic detail, etc. from the Originality Report, it is advisable not at this stage as a filter can be applied to toggle these on and off when viewing the report itself. Discussion surrounds submission to a repository. For formative assessments, no repository submission is recommended. For summative, submission is at the discretion of staff.
  • 8. The Assignment has been added to the specified content area.
  • 9. The Turnitin Assignment will appear at the bottom of the list of resources in the content area. This can be replaced by clicking and dragging. Students can identify the Turnitin Assignment by the grey and red icon.
  • 10. The Turnitin Assignment can be edited by clicking the arrow to the right of the assignment title and choosing edit.
  • 11. With Edit Mode off, you can preview what students will see. Click on the Turnitin Assignment link.
  • 12. You are able to upload assignments of students’ behalf. Choose from the list of enrolled students. When students log in, they will see only their own details.
  • 13. Add a submission title. Useful information on file formats, size limits, etc. is available here. As well as attaching a file from your local computer you can now browse Dropbox and Google Drive.
  • 14. To access the submissions student have made through the Turnitin Assignment, go to the Control Panel > Course Tools > TurnitinUK Assignments.
  • 15. Choose the link for the Turnitin Assignment you created.
  • 16. This will take you to the Assignment Inbox where you can view Originality Reports and leave feedback for students. (See How To guides on Using Originality Reports and Using GradeMark).