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VLE GSA - How to use Journals


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VLE GSA - How to use Journals

  1. 1. Use Journals The VLE @ GSA How to…
  2. 2. Journals are one of the tools available in the VLE that allow students to contribute to and collaborate in a course. Journals can also be used as private, reflective spaces for students. Go to Control Panel > Course Tools > Journals.
  3. 3. Journals can be Private (for each student) or Group (shared between group members). Private Journals can be created here. Group Journals are created in Control Panel > Users and Groups > Groups. (See the How To guide on Using Groups). Click Create Journal.
  4. 4. Add a name, descriptive information (such as the purpose of the Journal) and choose whether to make it available.
  5. 5. Depending on the purpose of the Journal, it can be entirely private, or you can allow other students to view content. You can choose how entries will be grouped – weekly or monthly. The Journal can be assessed if appropriate. Click Submit. Set availability of the Journal.
  6. 6. Journal settings can be edited at any time by choosing clicking the arrow to the right of the Journal title and choosing Edit. Click on the Journal title to go to the Journal content.
  7. 7. Click on Create Journal Entry to add a post. You can navigate between all students’ Journals. Students may be able to view other students’ Journals if you have permitted this. There are also update icons, and alerts on new content will also appear in the Global Navigation Menu.
  8. 8. When creating a new Journal entry, add a name, text, links, images or embed video. You can also add attachments.
  9. 9. Journal entries are indexed by week or month, as specified. The Index highlights the time of entry, number of posts and new content.
  10. 10. Staff and students can comment on one another’s Journal, if permitted.
  11. 11. Journals are created in the Control Panel and made available in one of the content areas (e.g. Learning Materials). Click the Tools menu then choose Journals.
  12. 12. You can either link to the Journal page or directly to a specified Journal. You can also create a new Journal here.
  13. 13. Add a title, descriptive information and set availability.
  14. 14. A link to the Journal will appear in the content area, at the bottom of the list of resources. You can re- order its position by clicking and dragging. Students can now click on the Journal title to access it.