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Ltc turnitin

  1. 1. Introduction to Turnitin
  2. 2. Intended outcomes At the end of this session it is expected that participants will be familiar with • Navigating through the Turnitin settings via LEO • Viewing an originality report for a sample submission • Selecting Turnitin settings for marking
  3. 3. Turnitin: is a Text matching tool • Checks electronically submitted papers against the Turnitin database of academic publications, internet and other student papers. • Turnitin Assignment is available in LEO units • Turnitin licence includes: Originality Check, GradeMark • Turnitin Assignment is expected to be available in LEO on July 9th
  4. 4. Policy • Default settings are expected to become part of the revised Academic Honesty Policy Will lecturers be directed to use it or is it a choice? • Decisions are made at the faculty level. It is the responsibility of the lecturer to ask the relevant staff in their faculty about standard practice.
  5. 5. Process • Academic creates Turnitin assignment • Student submits assignment – Student may view originality report and resubmit until due date • Academic views submissions – Academic accesses Originality report • Academic grades submissions
  6. 6. Go toTurnitin Assignment 1. Create a Turnitin Assignment Turn editing on 3. Add Assignment name, enter assessment details in Summary field 2. Select the Turnitin Assignment from the Add an Activity (drop down menu) 4. Before you save and display check the general and advanced Turnitin settings
  7. 7. Turnitin: General Field Action Turnitin Assignment Name This is a mandatory field: enter the simple short name for your assignment Summary This is a mandatory field: enter the assessment description and details Submission Type Default: ANY SUBMISSION TYPE (file types includes docx, html, Wordperfect, txt, rtf, and pdf, it does not accept PPT) Number of Parts Default : 1 (max. 5) Maximum File Size Default: 20MB Overall Grade Default: 100 Student Originality Reports Default: YES
  8. 8. Turnitin: Advanced options Field Action Allow Late Submissions YES Report Generation Speed Default: GENERATE REPORT IMMEDIATELY, REPORTS CAN BE OVERWRITTEN UNTIL DUE DATE Store Student Papers Default: STANDARD REPOSITORY Check against stored student papers Default: YES Check against internet Default: YES Check against journal, periodicals and publications Default: YES Exclude Bibliography Default: NO Exclude Quoted Marks Default: NO Exclude Small matches Default: Blank (no more they 2% recommended) Enable e-rater No: ETS Handbook Advanced E-rater Dictionary: Both US and UK English Dictionaries E-rater Categories: spelling, Grammar, Usage, Mechanics, Style (all ticked)
  9. 9. Academics If using Turnitin Assignment in your LEO unit: • Inform student Originality reports can take up to 24 hours to generate especially if students are resubmitting • Inform students to allow enough time before the assignment due date for the originality report to be generated • Direct students to academic skills or the library for assistance interpreting originality reports • Please ensure students do not change official student email address
  10. 10. Summary A Turnitin Assignment automatically defaults to 1 week from the date the assignment was created. To change the start, due or post date click on the Turnitin assignment on your LEO unit 1. Click on the Turnitin Assignment link in your LEO unit 2. Click on SUMMARY TAB 3. Under the Assignment Part, click on the Pencil icon to edit 4. Click Submit to save changes
  11. 11. Submission Inbox To access student submissions and originality reports: 1. Click on Turnitin Assignment link in LEO unit 2. In the Assignment page, click on the Submission Inbox tab 3. Under a students name click on the plus sign (+) to open and view parts 4. Under the Similarity column, click on the % (colour scheme) to view originality report matching student submission against Turnitin database sources.
  12. 12. Turnitin OriginalityCheck Overall summary Full source: matching text is blocked Click on full source link to view matching text as shown in context Direct source summary
  13. 13. Turnitin GradeMark Add voice comments Insert comments Click and Drag comments
  14. 14. Interpreting Originality Reports • What percentages are safe? – There are no clear cut rules as all work will probably contain some words from other sources. However a high percentage would be anything over 25% (Yellow/Orange /Red) • • • • Quotation and referencing Paraphrasing Common words and phrases Students reusing work
  15. 15. Specific strategies to enhance academic integrity in a unit • Design curriculum to prevent plagiarism. • Model good practice (in unit resources). • Clarify what’s required of students in assessment work. • Clarify expectations and acceptable academic writing. • Using text matching tool “Turnitin Assignment” in LEO for marking written work.
  16. 16. Turnitin support resources • Libguides: LEO support for staff •