WEB TV as a key component                                   Information Technology Solutionscampaign                      ...
Re-inventing televisionOUR PROJECTS                                       The WEB TV channel is an unbeatable communicatio...
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Web TV channel - contact your voters worldwide


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Web promotion for a successful election campaign

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Web TV channel - contact your voters worldwide

  1. 1. WEB TV as a key component Information Technology Solutionscampaign in a successful election OUR PROJECTS Re-inventing televisiononline. LatsiaTV www.latsiatv.com Spanish Party PSOE Uses WEB TV Platform to Help Win A WEB portal with informative, National Elections entertainment, cultural and commercial programs covering The PSOE is one of the first political parties in Europe to launch a life in Latsia Municipality TV channel on the internet and allegedly the only party in power with a WEB TV channel of this kind. In response to criticism from the opposing party and adversity from certain sectors of the media, the PSOE launched IPSOE TV (www.psoetv.es) in an AgiaNapaTV effort to provide an uncensored, direct communication link with www.agianapa.tv the Spanish public. A WEB TV channel specialized for Ayia Napa, Cyprus Europroperties.TV www.europroperties.tv A WEB TV channel specialized for the Real Estate market on Balkans Media Productions A Huge number of TV productions, commercial and corporate videos, company websites and designs
  2. 2. Re-inventing televisionOUR PROJECTS The WEB TV channel is an unbeatable communication tool for any political party.LatsiaTVwww.latsiatv.com Having a TV channel on the web enables adequately to explainA WEB portal with informative, any message and political programme on a global scale.entertainment, cultural andcommercial programs covering Internet offers interactivity, multidirectional communication and alife in Latsia Municipality global distribution of information like it has never been before. The internet channel allows the party to reach remote communities that would not have otherwise had access to the programs and underscored one of the party’s values: to bring theAgiaNapaTV party and its information closer to the people and allow thewww.agianapa.tv audience to access them wherever they might be.A WEB TV channel specializedfor Ayia Napa, Cyprus UnitrustMedia offers you the full service in launching and administrating your successful WEB TV channel.Europroperties.TVwww.europroperties.tvA WEB TV channel specializedfor the Real Estate market onBalkans CYPRUS: 4, Agiasmaton Str. Latsia Nicosia Mob: +357 99891189 pr@unitrustmedia.comMedia Productions SERVICES AVAILABLE BULGARIA:A Huge number of TV 2 8 , J a w a h a r l a l N e ru B l v d . Setup your Internet TV channelproductions, commercial and S I L V E R B U S I N E S S C E N TE R TV Productionscorporate videos, company Graphic Design Sofiawebsites and designs Streaming Video Mob: +359 886 088 780 pr@unitrustmedia.com Web Development Public Relations