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  1. 1. selected projects 1999- 2007 michal przymusinski TVP HBO BBC MNI Netia Radio Zet
  2. 2. main skills & market knowledge new media long term planning and strategy development interactive programming for TV / IPTV mobile technologies in TV programming DVB-T, DVB-S, DVB-H interactivity digital TV production teletext technologies and business aspects commercial aspects of new media internet and multimedia technologies IT corporate management teleco market knowledge (fixed and mobile) team management bottom line: task oriented team player
  3. 3. TVP new media 2002 - 2006 from 0.2 mln. of users to 1.5 mln. in 3 years author of new media strategy for TVP responsible for interactive programming, web, mobile, teletext and complete new media ePresence management coauthor of “TVP strategy for digital millenium” worked with EBU Digital Strategy Group member of Digital Transformation of TVP Group creator and responsible for digital photo archive and corporate intranet
  4. 4. TVP website 2002- 2006 120 new media projects per year ranked #5 polish news site in 2005 polish top20 of the web outstanding growth rate of user base (100% per year) for 3 years interactive programming for TV cross-media programming development and staff training TV interactivity during Olympics in Athens in cooperation with IOC and Euro in cooperation with FIFA New Media hundreds of projects - news, interactive, promotional, commercial TVP selected webpages .PL TVP user base 2002-2005 .PL
  5. 5. TVP teletext 2002- 2006 ranked #1 in Poland in the terms of quality and user reach most popular TV schedule for TVP channels biggest in Poland teletext ads sales about 3 mln. USD per year programming for people with hearing disabilities (closed captioning) TVP teletext TVP new media profitability
  6. 6. TVP mobile media 2004- 2006 an IBM, Polkomtel and U-Turn cooperation first application for Symbian phones in Poland supporting video streaming and paid content delivery cooperation with IBM, Polkomtel GSM and U-Turn (Czech Republic) mobile news portal plus entertainment and commercial content voting features for interactive programming TVP Serwis mobilny TVP Serwis mobilny information architecture
  7. 7. TVP iPSB 2005 - 2006 patronage by Lech Kaczynski President of Poland and with support from KRRiTV and the Ministry of Science and Informatics multimedia educational project similar to BBC open archive video, audio and text content from public archives cooperation: Polish Radio, Polish Academy of Science, IBM newly created digital photo archive now with 200.000 photos iPSB project main page
  8. 8. TVP scrolling news 2004- 2005 daily news coverage news services for channels TVP1, TVP2, TVP Polonia live feed for breakfast television live feed for breaking news full editorial management TVP1 live news feed (scroll) Simultaneous teletext news feed mirroring
  9. 9. TVP corporate intranet 2004- 2006 3.000 users used company-wide high-level security remote access from 15 regional branches of TVP full-time support and help desk company-wide original training program with certification process TVP press center also accessible from the web TVP intranet
  10. 10. HBO Poland 1999 - 2002 a new media from the very beginning complex strategy and ePresence development website and multimedia production content management with Flash integration HBO.PL website 2002 HBO.PL website 2000
  11. 11. Movies promotion 2000 - 2002 complex new media promotion feature and content rich websites and multimedia presentations produced in tight cooperation with movie distributors and producers Pearl Harbor Przedwiosnie
  12. 12. MNI S.A. 2006- 2007 one of the biggest mobile content companies in Poland multimedia telecom group complex strategy and ePresence development for MNI group including iTV (interactive television channel) web and mobile activity planning, website development corporate web services and website development iTV portal with news, blog, forum and other community / Web 2.0 services MNI S.A. corporate website
  13. 13. BBC Poland / Netia S.A. 2001- 2002 BBC News on-line as part of portal owned by Netia Telecom S.A. new website, information architecture project current news management advertising sales management BBC news on-line
  14. 14. Radio Zet sp. z o.o. 1999- 2000 Head of technical operations strategy coauthor portal development: information architecture, graphics design content management, back-bone systems development Radio Zet website* * unfortunately no screenshot from 2000 is available. Shown current website picture with changed layout, much more ads on sides but surprisingly with the same information architecture as in 2000.
  15. 15. @. M. +48 605 333 553 T. +48 22 3821 499 F. +48 22 3988 831 Wolność 2a apt. 21 01-018 Warsaw Poland