The Real Estate Channel Media Kit


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The Real Estate Channel Media Kit

  1. 1. 1 About Us 2 Overview 3 Audience Profile 4 Channels of Distribution 5 Examples 6 SPECS 7 Comparison 8 Success Stories/Testimonials CONTENTS
  2. 2. | ­ 1877-843-3218 about us The Real Estate Channel offers high impact and effective marketing solutions for corporate media. Whether the objective is to build brand awareness, gain market reach or target and influence real estate-centric audiences, our cost effective platform has the right reach for your next campaign. Founded in 2006, Pacific Real Estate Media Ltd. launched The Real Estate Channel on the Novus Cable television network in Vancouver, Canada. Today the Real Estate Channel is Canada’s largest and only dedicated Real Estate television network broadcasting in multiple markets across Canada. In conjunction with our web portals www., and the Real Estate Channel provides one of the largest marketing platforms for Real Estate professionals in North America About Us Our Mission • To be the Number One Multimedia portal for researching, buying or selling residential real estate in North America. • Provide powerful and cost effective exposure for the Real Estate community. • To change the way Real Estate is marketed now and for the future. a Leading edge Our company is committed to technological growth and innovation. Technology Utilizing cost effective technologies to provide an affordable alternative to traditional advertising. Low overhead Low cost infrastructure allows for rapid and easy expansion. Successful We have set the new standard for Real Estate research and marketing. Well positioned Our clients have taken advantage of our digital platforms and new media technologies. Our price cannot be beat by our competitors. a a a a a
  3. 3. | ­ 1877-843-3218 Overview The Real Estate Channel is a multimedia portal that successfully bridges the gap between conventional cable television and an online web experience rich with social media. With over 166,000 registered realtors, speculators and property investors plus 3.8 million dedicated television viewers; the Real Estate Channel delivers high value opportunities for organizations looking to leverage their assets within the real estate industry. The Real Estate Channel also includes specialty websites such as BeiMeiFangWu that offer classified listing services for Chinese audiences looking for North American real estate opportunities. The Real Estate Channel offers: Overview • Extensive television advertising solutions on our exclusive television networks. • Online advertising solutions on our dedicated Real Estate web portals. • Exclusive automated video conversion process for individual listings. • Comprehensive real estate information services. • Language and voice over translation services. • Social Media Networking and syndication. • Professional Photography services. • Real estate marketing services. • Video Production Services. Currently, and are home to over 700,000 home listings with 20,000 listings updated daily.
  4. 4. Your Listing | ­ 1877-843-3218 Audience Profile The Real Estate Channel makes multimedia advertising an affordable reality for Real Estate professionals. We provide a variety of solutions tailored to meet the needs of our clients. Our tools utilize a variety of low-cost solutions to offer the best possible value and return on investment. Our cost cannot be beat by our competitors. Our products help our clients maximize their exposure, sell faster, impress their clients and guarantee referrals. The backbone of the Real Estate Channel is a powerful video creation tool and syndication service for listings. For one low all-inclusive monthly cost real estate agents can have their listings automatically created into 30 or 60 second videos complete with voiceover, music and branded graphics. These listings are then (optionally) aired on our network of television channels, syndicated through our social media networks (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Craigslist, Real Estate Channel, BeiMeiFangWu, RSS, PING, Trulia, Zillow, Myspace, Wordpress, Blogger and BeiMeiFangWu) and are completely shareable and embeddable. Audience Profile As a powerful multimedia advertising platform attracting millions of potential real estate investors and buyers, we also offer full advertising solutions to Real Estate Professionals and associated industries for commercial and web based applications on our television networks and websites.
  5. 5. | ­ 1877-843-3218 Channels of distribution i. Canada and the United States [ and] The and provide comprehensive home listing services for prospective home buyers, speculators and investors. Both sites leverage an array of Web 2.0 capabilities including a powerful search tool, completely shareable and embeddable content and real time lead tracking data Each individual client is attached to a unique profile with dedicated log in access that is completely search engine optimized and can be independently moderated. In Canada the Real Estate Channel is the largest and only dedicated television network for Real Estate. We broadcast 24 hours a day 7 days a week to over 3.8 million homes in British Columbia, Saskatchewan, and Ontario. Channels of Distribution ii. International – China and Hong Kong [] represents our international online presence and bridges the gap between local and foreign property investors. Launched in 2009, mirrors the content of the Real Estate Channel and by syndicating classified listings automatically translated into Chinese text. Beimeifangwu allows domestic Real Estate agents to showcase their properties to an international and language specific market. British Columbia: NOVUS CABLE Saskatchewan: SASK TEL Ontario: ROGERS CABLE
  6. 6. | ­ 1877-843-3218 channgels of distribution iii. High-Definition Digital Signage To further maximize output The Real Estate Channel operates a network of HD LCD digital advertising monitors throughout Canada based on exclusive agreements with real estate brokerages. These LCD monitors offer customized digital signage solutions that provide dynamic exposure for a brokerage firm’s entire property inventory as well as realtor profiles and services. The Real Estate Channel utilizes strategic placements of LCD monitors throughout commercial and high traffic areas as well as events, shows and public display areas to maximize exposure. iv. IHN Media. Real Estate Channel in conjunction with IHN Media operates a successful network of LCD screens in over 50 residential condo towers. IHN Media’s Elevator Broadcasting System (EBS) allows many leading advertisers to capture and retain the attention of the most exclusive consumers on the way to and from their residences. Our EBS delivers a unique opportunity to repeatedly reach this highly desirable audience when and where it matters the most. • For Real Estate Agents: Listing Subscriptions, Television Commercials and air-time, Web Banner ads. • For Real Estate Professionals: Web ads, television commercials • We also provide: photography services, web and graphic design and video production Examples
  7. 7. | ­ 1877-843-3218 specs Vancouver Novus TV Ch 68 8,000 subs 25,000 viewers Winnipeg, MB MTS TV Ch 31 90,000 subs 250,000 viewers Saskatchewan SaskTel Ch 995 70,000 subs 200,000 viewers Los Angeles Charter Comm 750,000 subs 1.5 Million viewers Delta Delta Cable 50,000 subs 120,000 viewers Montreal/Quebec Videotron 1.7 M subs Over 3 million viewers Toronto/Ottawa Rogers 3.5 M subs Over 5 million viewers SPECS TV: Current Networks WEB: • 40,000 unique visitors per month (REC + RealtyShowcase + BeiMeiFangWu) • Over 700,000 properties for sale • 166,000 Registered Realtors
  8. 8. | ­ 1877-843-3218 Comparison Comparison The Real Estate Channel is Canada’s largest and only dedicated property television network. Many web-based platforms exist to provide marketing opportunities to Real Estate Professionals but no other platform successfully bridges the gap between television and web. • Multimedia Portal. • Successfully Bridging the gap between Television and Web. • Trackable Leads. • Google Friendly. • Client Listings only. • Selectable per-market to view localized information. • Complete inventory of current and past videos and companies. • Complete directory of all client agents. • Linked to television by common video codes. • Extensive automatic social networking tools utilizing YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, PING, NING and RSS to maximize exposure across a variety of networks. • Podcast and Mobile: With our podcast network, users can directly download or stream our multimedia content to their mobile devices. As well, any individual with the latest wireless technology can access and view any area of the Real Estate Channel website as well as connect to our RSS and Twitter feeds.
  9. 9. | ­ 1877-843-3218 success stories/testimonials Success Stories/Testimonials