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Tv And Mobile Technology


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Tv And Mobile Technology

  1. 1. CATEGORY FEATURE Mobile learning Descraotion Television DESCRIPTION it is dependet-time,show in real time(using disscution ,chatting Synchronous 1 and call to other) 1 you can watch you lesson on live TIME OF INTERACTION It is also indepenent time ,can be replay(the student can record Asynchronous 1 what they hear 0 you can watch you lesson when they repate it on spesific day facilitate two-way interaction among the learners,they can share students can't interact whith each other and they can't discuse the lesson Student-student 1 the resourses 0 on time it facilitate two-way interaction between the tutor Student-teacher 1 and learners,the student can send their assiment to teacher and 0 students can't interact directly with the teacher recievr feedback TYPES OF INTERACTION it allow interaction between student interact with the TV. They can change the channal, raise or Student-machine 1 the learner and the machine or technology that 0 reduce the volume delivers instruction . They can change the setting it provide iteraction between the students can't interact with the content prodcasting on the TV. They Student-content 1 learner and the learning materials can upload and download the 0 can't add their comments or do any activity materials. allowing individual and group work ,it enhance collaborative Group-based 1 learning 1 is encourge group-based learning and collaborative learning LEARNING STYLE allowing individual learning,each student is self learner and have Self-based learning 1 their own time to learn 1 the student can learn alone if they use miniTV access to the teaching material can take place at any time and students can not watch the lesson anytime the programe have specific Anytime 1 from many locations 0 time to deliver because it small size the learner can carry these technology to any FLEXBILITY Anyplace 1 where to learn 0 it not portable-so the distance learner can't use it any place Ease of access/use 1 it is easy to use for all ages,and easy to deal with it 1 it is easy to use and deal with it Development 1 it iseasy and quickly can develop, 0 it is diffecult to develop some programe interact with the student and student can receive SPEED Feedback 1 the students can get feed back immeditly from the teacher. 1 feedback Delivery 1 in quickly and easy to deliver the material by mobile 1 the deliver of content is fast and and deliver the content quickly Is not a stand-alone medium and should be used with other media Stand-alone medium 0 and provide information in many formate(video-audio-text- 0 it does not work with alone medium but it need suppported meia INSTRUCTION animation) it provide many formate(audio-video-text) and it need such as remote Multimedia support 1 sometimes it needs another media as support 1 control and reciver and sometime speaker it is not expensive but it will coas much money if using internet cost cost effectiveness 1 0 it is expensive connection Total 17 16 very effective technology 7 not more effective technology % total/ 94% very effective technology 41% not more effective technology Mobile Learning Technology TV