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Cas ibri

  1. 1. Sultan Qaboos University<br />Educational College<br />ILT Department <br />Educational Technology in Oman<br />Ibri College of Applied Science<br />Roqaia Majid Al-Hashmi <br />(68697)<br />SQU<br />Ibri College of Applied Science<br /><br />38195251826895CAS-Ibri is a public college that offers degree in science and education. It has many programs like communication, design, information technology and other programs. In this report I will evaluate the Website of Ibri College from different aspects which are Writing Process, Web Page (HTML) Creation Skills, Web Page Layout, Navigation, and Marketing Your School. <br />First of all the words of the menus are clear and there are no spelling or grammars mistakes. However, the pages are very crowded of the text. The font is also, small and difficult to read. <br />114300545465 The webpage (HTML) of CAS-Ibri involves subjects that are divided to paragraphs. It has hyperlinks and worth of lists. It also has headings with its consistent text. In other hands, the pages contain the same font format and color for the headings and text. In addition, the website is lacks of tables and most of the pages lack images related to the content. Moreover, the pages contain different height and some has scroll bar and some not. What is more is that there are no sitemap and background image. <br />442912548260 The page layout is well organized and divided in parts and menus. Some pages have many paragraphs while others written in signal crowded text. The text is also, a little hard to read because of the small size, same color, same style and crowded. In addition, the title color is not clear and not consistent with the image background of the banner. <br /> <br />3200400444500 In the navigation aspect, the website contains many pages with menus and links that are clear and facilitate the process of sailing and moving through the pages. On other hand there is a defect at the beginning access to the website because the first page is contain only the title of the website and link that go to the basic home page of the website as show in this screen shot. <br />-219075441325<br />This website present the events, photos, activates, news and information about alumina of the college. <br />All in all, I think as formal website for Higher Education College it needs to be more professional. It needs some fixation like the banner design, font size and space between sentences. In addition the first page should be the home page not welcome page because some people heat to wait until access the home page. However, it provides enough information about college, staff, faculty, and alumina.<br />