Al buraimi university college


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Al buraimi university college

  1. 1. Sultan Qaboos university<br />College of education<br />Technology department<br />Educational Technology in Oman<br />A critical review of an:Omani educational institution<br />1276350194945<br />(Al-Buraimi University College)<br />Submit by:<br />Muna Mohammed Ali al-Dhouri<br />ID: 82929<br />Submit to: <br />Dr Ali Al-Musawi<br />This is the rubric which I used to evaluate Al-Buraimi University College.<br />The Partnership for<br />Lifelong Learning<br />Web Olympics<br />Scoring Rubric<br />Standards Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Writing Process Difficult to understand, sentence fragments, bad structure, spelling, and other errors. Many errors but consistent line of thought Easy to understand; perfect spelling; one or two grammar, syntax, or semantic problems Same as level 3 but no errors Clear, concise, well-written online content Web Page (HTML) Creation Skills No HTML formatting tags; text is not broken into paragraphs Text is broken into paragraphs; headings are used; no other HTML Tags Headings;Title;Tags such as, preformatted text; styles;centering;horizontal lines.lists,etc. Same as level 3 plus images and hyperlinks to related material Same as level 4 plus at least two lists, images as hyperlinks; color or background image, Frames, tables, or image map Web Page Layout Layout has no structure or organization Text broken into paragraphs and sections Headings label sections and create hierarchy; some consistency Hierarchy closely follows meaning; headings and styles are consistent within pages; text, images, and links flow together Consistent format; extends the information page-to-page; easy to read; attention to different browsers and their quirks Navigation One Page One page with title bar added, heading, etc. Two pages (or one page with links within page or to other resources);navigation between pages; links work Three or more pages with clear order, labeling, and navigation between pages; all links work Title page with other pages branching off, and at least four pages total; navigation path is clear and logical; all links work Marketing Your School Basic school statistics Basic school statistics, photos of school, activities Shows school activities, calendar of events, curriculum, etc. Creates a positive image of the school; shows what is happening in the school; gives a sense of the total school community Level 4 plus makes one feel like they would want to attend this school; shows communication with the community; community partnerships; the school is welcoming,open;curricullum is challenging; shows student achievement,etc. <br /><ul><li>First the writing process: Level 4</li></ul>The writing process is easy to understand and there were no errors in grammar or spelling.<br />42862551435<br /><ul><li>Second the Web Page (HTML) Creation Skills: level 5</li></ul>323850785495The web page has Headings; Title; Tags such as, preformatted text; styles; centering; horizontal lines. Lists and images. There is color & background image, Frames, tables, or image map.<br /><ul><li>Third the Web Page Layout: level 3
  2. 2. The layout of the web page is good but it needs some improvement in the structure and the design. For example, the location of email is not clear for the users.
  3. 3. 428625124460
  4. 4.
  5. 5. Forth the navigation: Level 4
  6. 6. Three or more pages with clear order, labeling, and navigation between pages. Also, there are images which make the navigation process easy. But not all the links work.
  7. 7. 52387539370
  8. 8. Fifth the Marketing Your School: level 4</li></ul>This site shows what is happening in the collage; gives a sense of the total collage community but I don’t notice that it makes one feel like they would want to this collage.<br />219075-1270<br />The total mark for Al-Buraimi University College is: 20<br />