Social Storytelling - The Magic (@Greenhouse Project @CreativeNiche)
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Social Storytelling - The Magic (@Greenhouse Project @CreativeNiche)



Containing: ...

- Storytelling: why we love it
- Numbers of growth of social networks and the new rules of engagement
- Case stories: Dell, Ford Fiesta, Pepsi Refresh Project, Levi's Go Forth, Akzo Nobel Let's Colour, Yellow Pages Hidden Pizza, Toms Shoes & Eyewear

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  • I like to talk to you about the power consumers are gaining through social media, and the magic of it
  • But who am I to talk to you about this?
  • Owner of Garage in ‘De Pijp’ Where small brand grow big, and big brand get social It’s now only a virtual garage, because I’m no longer located there, the need for a warmer location won it over the charm of it all. Most of the time I work at the office of my clients, or I ‘room’ with fellow intrapreneurs at the old ABN building in the city centre.
  • I am at my best if i can add some meaning to a brand by literally listening to or looking at it’s customer. Actually that’s nothing new, is it? This image i resently used for a trigger based marketing program for ABN AMRO
  • I really started doing that at 2009 at Tony’s Chocolonely. A chocolate brand that needed to capitalize on the fact that consumers wanted to express their love for them. We made sure they could share their brand stories via Facebook and Twitter. With a new website and clear brand story as a foundation.
  • Currently i’m involved at Duchenne Parent Project. This is a very small foundation that catalyzes big changes for young boys with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.They have a strong community, that is willing to do a lot, even dress up as superheroes for a day. I’m helping them to broaden their reach beyond their own community.
  • Furthermore i’m highly involved in the world of a 5 and 7 year old.
  • Storytelling? A buzz word? Or something we just do?
  • Why do we tell stories? The first reason? We want to be heard and seen!Omdat we gehoord willen worden!
  • In this new era, we long for a world and reality without suffering, denial and exploitation. We search of new ways to connect. Nieuwe tijd waarin we verlangen naar een werkelijkheid zonder lijden, ontkenning of uitbuiting
  • Stories give structure and support. They help you to make choicesBrothers Grimm – 1785Fairytales of Mother Goose – 1650
  • We love to feed ourselves with new stories, with different layers and dimensions. The impactfull victory speech from Obama referred to the 100 yrs history of America, referred to Gospel songs, to heroes like Marten Luther King, affects mutual norms and values because referring to “we as people”. Overwinningstoespraak ObamaReferentie naar GospelsongsVerwijst naar helden (ML King)Raakt gemeenschappelijke normen en waarden “we as people”Referentie naar de 100 jaar geschiedenis van Amerika‘Yes, we can’
  • So we understand the need for connecting through stories a little. We also know that media also change the rules of engagement.
  • From lean forward (computer) versus lean backward (tv) to ongoing interaction (mobile)Always and everywhere.
  • We are ‘always on’ through better wireless connection and (i)phones
  • FOAM 2011. Flickr in 24uur. Voor de tentoonstelling 'What's Next' in het Amsterdamse Foam, vult kunstenaar Erik Kessels op een wel heel bijzondere manier de expositieruimte. Hij dumpt er namelijk alle foto's die in 24 uur tijd op Flickr verschenenin 3 jaartijd van 0 naar beelden op Flickr
  • was created by AndreyTernovskiy, a 17 year old Russian student who, legally, would be considered a child himself in many countries. With that context in mind, I want to address Chatroulette in terms of search, ‘Sex!’, privacy, copyright and creativity.
  • Bought by Facebook for 1 billion dollars!
  • With over 10 million users, and 12 million visits a month!< 2 yrsmore referral traffic to retailers than LinkedIn, YouTube and Google+ alltogether. In NL the 34th best visited website, US 16th place
  • 800.000.000 gebruikers
  • antropomorfiseren
  • Antropomorfiseren
  • Source: Social Media Consumer Survey (January 2011), n=3,019
  • And realize that 80 to 90% of the real conversations are offline… and not online(bron: Conversation Manager) (blz 65)
  • Het vertrouwen in onzedigitalevrienden is groot. Datzijnimmersgelijkgestemden. En hunmening is snelgecheckt. Social software helpenonsdaarin steeds verder. Dit is Fashiolista.Eenselectie van fashion favourites, geselecteerd (gefavourited) door vrienden, of verrevrienden, wat het nogmakkelijkermaaktomtezienwat in is en watniet.
  • Dell weet dat 25% van klanten Dell kiest obv aanbeveling van andere Dell gebruiker, obv gem aankoopwaarde ve klant van 210 dollar, is waarde van elke aanbeveling 52 dollar. Als Dell erin slaagt om meer mensen t merk dell actief te promoten, dan stijgt return per aanbeveling! Blz 79
  • On FB alone, Dell 1,5 mln likes, 32.000 people talk about Dell
  • Ford Fiesta achieved the same level of brand recognition with social media, with 10% of the costs, as a TV ad
  • Pepsi Refresh project; waarom je Pepsi zou kiezen in plaats van Coca Cola Cola Happiness machine
  • see: views, op alleen twitter
  • In stead of telling people you are a great friend. It’s better to let them experience that through meaningfull interactions.
  • We zoeken naar nieuwe vormen van verbinden, om eigen behoeften te bevredigen en ruimte te laten voor genieten, vitaliteit en ontplooiing
  • 1.3 mln resultaten (blogs)
  • Dell 1,5 mln likes, 32.000 people talk about Dell, TOMS 1,5 mln and 55.000 people talk about the brand Coca cola 42 mln FB likes, 300.000 people talk about CC , Nike 9 mln,

Social Storytelling - The Magic (@Greenhouse Project @CreativeNiche) Social Storytelling - The Magic (@Greenhouse Project @CreativeNiche) Presentation Transcript

  • @tweedejansteen#greenhouse
  • So? What’s the magic?The impact of storytelling in aconnected world@tweedejansteen#greenhouse
  • me?
  • Yvette Pasman‘Garage’ owner
  • adding value
  • focus in 2009
  • @duchennepp
  • my own heroes
  • why do we tell and like stories?
  • We want to be heard and seen!
  • We search for new ways to connect
  • Feminine values grow stronger
  • Stories add purpose andmeaning to our lives
  • Stories help to give structure andsupport. They help you to make choices
  • We love to feed ourselves with new stories, with different layers and dimensions.Obama‟s victory speech referred to the 100 yrs history ofAmerica, referred to Gospel songs, to heroes like Marten LutherKing, affects mutual norms and values because referring to “we as
  • New media continuouslychange the way we tell andshare stories.
  • ongoinginteractionalways andeverywhere
  • We are „always on‟By KPN Hi – Commercial Vrienden staan nooituit
  • 3 yrs3.000.000.000 images on FlickrFlickr in 24hrs – all printed and dumped in FOAM. Exhibition WhatsNext„ by Erik Kessels (2011)
  • Every day more than 3 billion video‟sbeing watched on YouTube..
  • YouTube users alone upload more than 48hrs worth of video… EVERY MINUTE!
  • < 2 yrs / 30 mln users in formobile picture sharing
  • Pinterest!< 2 yrs< more referral trafficthan LinkedIn +YouTube + Google+< NL 34th best visitedwebsite
  • Facebook… a country asbig as EuropeBy Akexabder Higgens Puera del Sol
  • 21mln mobile phones, on 16mln Dutchies 
  • 35% uses apps beforethey even got out of bed(facebook, twitter, weeronline, teletext…)
  • Every 6,5 minutes wecheck if we missed acall, text, Whatsapp or FBmessage…
  • And... 30% from the worldpopulation is 30yrs –Social and mobile media areno „media‟ to them
  • And what‟s more… we antropomorph these machines…
  • Stories broadenthey are not just spoken words,written words.They areimages, videos, pictures, sketches, music, likes, pins, badges etc
  • So, if we want to makepeople talk (or take a pic, avideo, like etc) …
  • We need to know whatmakes people tick..
  • You need to know whichingredients make a great storyfor your consumers.. Source: Social Media Consumer Survey (January 2011), n=3,019
  • And what social status you canadd to!
  • And … in which way yourconsumer is connected.Sometimes a simplequestionnaire will do…
  • Realize that 80 to 90% of the real conversations are offline… and not online!bron: Conversation Manager
  • People trust people „likethem‟. Tap into that…
  • 37.000.000 conversationsare about brands
  • So it‟s quite important for a brand tosuggest the right stuff to talk about… By TOMS
  • Dell decisions based on „return per referral‟
  • Ford Fiesta achieved the same level of brand recognition with socialmedia, with 10% of the costs, as a TV ad
  • We love a little magic
  • Why i find the Levi‟s Go Forth campaign a wonderfull story, but a crapy campaign
  • And the Pepsi Refreshing Project is a muchbetter example
  • Volkswagen Fun Theory – Storytelling taken a step further with this initiative
  • KLM Acts of kindness. A great story – KLMmaking a real effort, stretching theircontact with their customers, and a greatfollow up in media
  • Yellow Pages – Hidden Pizza story A greatexample of tapping into the „being in theknow‟ status of connected people (“i knowthis great place…”)
  • In stead of telling people you are a great friend. It‟s better to let themexperience that through meaningfull interactions. Akzo Nobel Let‟s Colour– Adding direct value to peoples lives. Great use of social media(flickr, youtube). Growing the story from small to a bigger long termcampaign..
  • TOMS … The ONE FOR ONE movement.A great example of consumer generatedstories, “The proof of the pudding is inthe eating”
  • More importantly: let your„tribe‟ always in on youractivities.Let THEM create theirstories about your brand
  • And feed them with new perspective… new stories. Which theconsumers/fans/ambassadors create, with a little help of TOMS. Taking thestory further than just shoes. Building the brand story on new initiatives(and products, and stories)
  • And Lead the way! (asa brand)
  • So… what’s the magic mix tomake your story social?It’s not about you. It’s about your current consumers and potential consumers. Tap into theirthoughts and needs. Realize that your brand is not the logo. Your brand is what consumers make ofit. THEIR thoughts, gut feeling and emotions tell you what your brand is. Use their gut feeling, theirambitions, status needs, conversations. And give them something to talk about. Let them do themagic.Create (eye)candy. Storytelling is not only words, butimages, sounds, events, likes, listing, mapping, badging.Give, give, give. Define your promoters and make them superpromoters by giving them things toshare, something worthwhile, something that creates a stage for them. Add some value to oneslives, not only try to ‘get’ something out of it, and you will get something back.Don’t start the discussion about loyalty versus sales campaigns. Social storytelling is beyond thatdiscussion, it’s the glue that makes it all stick.Just do it. Be personal. Don’t think too much. Let the magic happen in the action.
  • Feedback? Yes please!