Mind Blowing Lessons from the Cannes Lions 2012


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This presentation summarizes the key lessons from the Cannes Lions Seminars 2012.

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Mind Blowing Lessons from the Cannes Lions 2012

  1. Are you ready!!Mind-Blowing Lessonsfrom the Cannes Lions 2012
  2. 2012 was aCOLOSSAL year for the Cannes Lions!
  3. The question used to be "Whos at Cannes and Why?" The question this year was"Whos not at Cannes and Why?"
  4. Agencies paid€14.8 million to submit their work
  5. 386 jury members were tasked with going through 34,000 entries!
  6. More #CannesLions Tweets per hourthis year than during the entire event last year Peaked @1000 tweets per hour!
  7. Cannes Lions Seminars were all about... ....big ideas ...big thinking!
  8. Thinking about...The Changing Consumer Fast-Evolving Technology Transforming Ad Biz
  9. Thinking that most likely you have notheard before...
  10. ...unless you were attending!
  11. So here goes...
  12. Earned Media has become bigger than Paid Media!
  13. rulesYes...social media will rule all media already!
  14. Why?
  15. Social media usage is deeply rooted into people’s life
  16. "Consumers today are smart,inventive & move faster than ever"as marketers we need to embrace that!
  17. 2.4 billion millennials!The biggest generational cohort the world has ever seen & theyre demanding awesomeness
  18. Millennials arent addicted tosocial media, they just use it to make their lives better
  19. When the show Glee starts, Twitter usage increases 1000%
  20. During the ENG vs. FRA match,there were 2.5 million tweets from 160 countries; 80% of the world!
  21. London Olympic games will be the mostSocial games ever! 30% of US will watch the games on 3 screens
  22. 48% of people 18-34 check their Facebook the minute they wake up.What device do you think they are using?
  23. It’s not just PEOPLE’S behavior that is evolving!Technology is fast-evolving TOO!
  24. 80% of todays technologydidnt exist five years ago!
  25. "Innovation is happening faster than a lot of people think."
  26. There will be 650 million smart phonesshipped this year.118% growth year on year
  27. PwC estimates 2.9 billion smartphones in 2016, 1 billion in China
  28. 1993 there were only 130 websites and 5 million internet users worldwide
  29. The internet is expected to double in size every 3-5 years !
  30. YouTube now has more content than ever broadcast on TV
  31. All these changes are hitting the world of advertising...HARD!
  32. The importance of Cyber Cannes Lions isntso much about the medium but the possibility and the threat it presents to the industry
  33. The word social will eventually go away,social ads will just be ads, social experience just an experience!
  34. Twitter is a front row seat to the worlds emotions!
  35. The old age of advertising was about selling
  36. The new age is about sharing
  37. Were moving from planningcampaigns for the future toadapting campaigns to the moment
  38. Planners should get away fromseeing the changes to come and move to creating the change themselves!
  39. Think outside the world of advertising,make it a part of the social fabric of life!
  40. Kraft Food is putting social at the center oftheir communication strategy. TV is now a TEASER for social media
  41. Therefore data is no longer a nice tohave but a need to have!
  42. Data enables us to create art & science,and gives us amazing ways to tell stories
  43. Choice of visualization has a huge role in success or failure of your project.
  44. In an era of information overload,right time is more important thanreal time, makes it relevant
  45. Dont look for the commonalities indata. Look for abnormality. Thats where the interesting nuggets lie.
  46. Data provides insights andopportunities for creatives targeting consumers
  47. Individual check-ins are not thatinteresting - aggregation of check-ins tells you the story of my life
  48. What is interesting about social is theaggregation. Aggregation tells you the story of your life
  49. The greatest thing about these socialplatforms is that we have focus groups every second of the day
  50. The digital world is perfect for us, because its always on!
  51. All the data and technology means nothing in isolation!
  52. Technology is no longer the marvel, its what we do with it
  53. Treat digital as an infrastructure & youwill come up with solutions you havenever seen before!
  54. The new creative process:creative directors work with technology directors
  55. Have a tech expert in room from day one!
  56. Move from “art & copy” to “art & code”
  57. Engagement >Consumption
  58. Creativity based on social engagement isnt additional,nor functional. Its fundamental
  59. Paul Adams principles for success#1: make social interaction part ofevery single project brief
  60. We are now living in a world where theconversation can become the campaign
  61. Close the loop with TV commercials byleveraging the power of second screen possibilities
  62. Think less about campaigns and more about platforms
  63. When the content is embedded in aconversation, it getsa lot more engaging!
  64. Experiences that are shared by a few canengage millions by creating talk value.
  65. There is no better way to engage with a consumer than relentlessly
  66. at the centre of the social graph is great content
  67. message to creatives: come talk to artists managers, theyre the content creators!
  68. big brands are looking fornew ways to make music and movies
  69. "The content has tobe authentic and havepass-through value...ithas to be rooted in the brand strategy"
  70. ‘content is king, distribution is queen’
  71. post and pray does not work with video content
  72. To sum up... Social media usage is deeply embedded in people’s life Technology is evolving faster than ever! Advertising business is being hit hard by these changes! Data is no longer a nice to have but a need to have! Move from “art & copy” to “art & code” Engagement > Consumption At the centre of the social graph is “great content”
  73. Forget about the 4 Ps and adopt the 3 Cs, Curiosity, Culture, Courage
  74. Cannes Lions Speakers quoted inthis presentation are: Lee Maicon - VP Insights & Planning - 360i René Rechtman - CEO - Goviral Joe Chen - Founder, Chairman, CEO - Renren Steve King - Chief Executive - Zenith Optimedia Amir Kassaei - Chief Creative Officer - DDB Worldwide Jim Stengel - CEO - Jim Stengel Co. - Former P&G Global Marketing Officer Linus Karlsson - Chairman and Chief Creative Officer - McCann NY and London Arianna Huffington - President, Editor-in-Chief - The Huffington Post Media Group Antonio Lucio - Global Chief Marketing, Strategy and CDC - Visa Dana Anderson - SVP, Marketing Strategy and Communications - Kraft Foods Joseph Tripod - EVP, Chief Marketing and Commercial Officer - The Coca-Cola Company
  75. Cannes Lions Speakers quoted inthis presentation are: Paul Adams - Global Head of Brand Design - Facebook Maria Luisa Francoli Plaza - Global CEO - MPG Dan Greenberg - CEO - Sharethrough Mark Tutssel - Cheif Creative Officer - Leo Burnett Marcel Fenez - Global Leader, Entertainment & Media Practice - PwC Dick Costolo - Chief Executive Officer - Twitter Selena Gomez - Actress and Singer Marc Pritchard - Global Marketing & Brand Building Officer - P&G Ross Levinsohn - Interim CEO, Executive Vice-President, Head of Global Media - Yahoo! Maurice Levy - Chairman, CEO, Chairman of the Management Board - Publicis Groupe Rei Inamoto - Chief Creative Officer - AKQA
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