Display advertising 2011


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Display, a quick overview.

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Display advertising 2011

  1. 1. Best of DisplayMake a good impression
  2. 2. “If I were starting life over again, I am inclined to think thatI would go into the advertising business in preference toalmost any other. The general raising of standards of moderncivilization among all groups of people during the past half-century would have been impossible without that spreadingof the knowledge of higher standards by means ofadvertising.” Franklin D. Roosevelt
  3. 3. Display basic formats Leaderboard MPU Skyscraper
  4. 4. Display Advertising - What’s it good for?• Entertaining experiences, best when interactive, timely & engaging• Far less investment than search but... ...people only search when they know something exists• Tests found 4 rules for what can grab attention for banners:• Integration into the editorial content• Rich Media• Annoying stuff• High relevance of message
  5. 5. Some Principles• Take the creative to the consumer• The richer the media the richer the experience• Always be contextual• Don’t simply advertise, interact• Utilise the features
  6. 6. Take the creative to the consumer• Rich media allows us to take any content to where they already are• Our websites aren’t necessarily the creative hub, our online media is often the key platform where we can communicate anything and everything• Where do we drive to?• If online media now becomes our conversation then we can drive to a platform where the person can continue the conversation-Facebook, YouTube, blogs, forums, Twitter etc.
  7. 7. The richer the media the richer the experience• Treat online media space like any other creative medium. The more canvas space there is to play with the richer content we can provide.• So we’re looking for high impact placements with:• High file size 100kb with 1-2.2mb video• Large banner formats - marquee placements, expanding banners & page take overs• Audio & video• Synchronised placements telling a story between banners
  8. 8. Be contextual Rich media should always be designed to communicate with contextual relevance to our audience, who they are and where they are.Online allows us to be extremelytargeted in who we are talking toand in what space we are talking tothem. From there we caneffectively shape what we wish tosay to them in that space.
  9. 9. Beware context
  10. 10. Beware context
  11. 11. Don’t simply advertise, interactWhat’s special to online isresponse.It’s the best advertising channel totalk to our audience and they cantalk right back. This conversationmay be through a game, a videorating, a competition entry, a musicdownload or video upload.The medium allows immediacy andthere are endless ways to utilise it.
  12. 12. Utilise the featuresOnline offers an amazing number of ways to control and measuremessaging and tracking.We can have multiple messages served in any order in any situation.We can further measure every interaction and then track the consumerpath.Data becomes extremely powerful for us to further optimise and becomeeven more relevant.
  13. 13. Synchronised banners (roadblocks)Synchronised placements allowsus to tell a story within a page.Within one placement we canengage using multiple rich assetsincluding gaming, video andcontent downloads.
  14. 14. Video in bannerBroadband allows more video TV spots, product demos & trailers.Allow instant feedback with commenting across YouTube and Facebook.
  15. 15. Webcams in banners
  16. 16. Games in banners
  17. 17. Better games
  18. 18. Video innovations
  19. 19. Widget bannersWithin media banners we can either aggregate content which is dynamicallyupdated. These could include video, product info, games or any user createdcontent. Due to size this interface could be pushed through any online admedium
  20. 20. Live data
  21. 21. Site SkinsPublishers often allow full page reskins and animations of their pages
  22. 22. Over the Page. Interruptive but effective when targeted
  23. 23. Data captureWe can take any format of creative to users. Competitions, online booking,registration or any other online functionality.Why drive people to a competition site when we can get the data where theyare?
  24. 24. Expanding AdsMost online creative placements are small (300x250 & 728x90 pixels).Expanding banners means we can double our canvas size.
  25. 25. Ads that stalk you
  26. 26. CookiesSmall text files stored in the browser which tell a Web site how many timesyou’ve been to a specific site and what sort of sites you visit.
  27. 27. “Click through rates are 400-600% higher than standardbanner ads.” Michael Steckler, Criteos UK Managing Director
  28. 28. Retargeting Ads
  29. 29. Office retargeting campaign• Office’s focus was purely on customer conversion• They wanted to do this in a smart, highly targeted and measurable way.• Ad serving priority was focused on those visitors that spent the most time browsing without buying on their site
  30. 30. Office results“The personalised retargeting service that allows us to target consumers basedon their behaviour on our site, has enabled us to be very smart and flexible withour online ad spend. Also, the fact that the CPC model is a low risk and high-impact ensures we only pay for very strong leads – those that click through toour site.” Corinne Poggi, eCommerce ManagerOver the last year Office’s revenue from redirected ads has increased by 185%and clicks are up 206%.
  31. 31. Welcome to the future...
  32. 32. Beware Cookies
  33. 33. Best in displayWhat to look for:• Immediate engagement or strong call to engage• Unique interactivity• Contextual relevance• A click is not required to be sold on the brand• Wow factor
  34. 34. Dynamic AdsWhat’s exciting is dynamic functionality. This allows us to changeinformation in an online ad in a manner of minutes.Tactically we can be extremely responsive in our online communicationand respond immediately to market and competitions changes.Contextually we can offer messaging that directly responds to currentaffairs as they’re happening.
  35. 35. and we haven’t even looked at Uniqlo or Facebook
  36. 36. It’s not always about the technology
  37. 37. Outdoor can be interactive too
  38. 38. But then that’s always been the way
  39. 39. Other banners to check out...Browser shake - Burger KingContextual Expander - Absolut KravitsMouse Tracking - MTV GroupieUser initiated roadblock with video - 300Video in banners - Miami VicePrint Voucher from banner - Burger King
  40. 40. Some things to look out for• Google display• Ad exchanges• Facebook ads• Real-time• Location based• Data data data
  41. 41. Display resources• http://www.bannerblog.com.au/• http://creativezone.mediamind.com/• http://www.flashtalking.net/• 12 media buys creatives will love• The IAB for formats• http://www.youronlinechoices.com
  42. 42. 10 horrific display placements