Past Tense in Spanish
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Past Tense in Spanish



Here is an easy way to remember past tense (preterite) in spanish. I hope that it is understandable.

Here is an easy way to remember past tense (preterite) in spanish. I hope that it is understandable.



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    Past Tense in Spanish Past Tense in Spanish Presentation Transcript

    • The Fuyji Presentation By: Dominique Turner
    • Zorro Endings Home Base e AR ER/IR iste é í aste iste o ó ió imos amos imos Ver- to see Dar- to give ieron aron ieron •This is the easy part, they are regular endings •Ver want to see, what dar had to give
    • Ver/Dar Ver Dar Vi Di Viste Diste Vio Dio Vimos Dimos Vieron Dieron •Ver wanted to see, what dar wanted to give •There are no accents
    • The F •Verbs are Ir and Ser •Unique Endings •REMEMBER: I Go to Be Unique •Say “FU” to the teacher • There are no accents Ser/Ir Fui F U !!! Fuiste Fue Fuimos Fueron
    • The U UV U Tener to have Tuv Saber to know Sup Andar to walk Anduv Poder to be able to Pud to Estar to be Estuv Poner to put Pus •Zorro Endings •TO REMEMBER UV: I have to walk to be skinny •TO REMEMBER U: You know you are able to put on clothes
    • The Y ★Home base endings ★Verbs: Creer, oir, caer, and leer ★REMEMBER THIS: Mr. Jones believed he could hear Mrs. Jones fall while reading a book. ★i goes to y in 3rd person EXAMPLE: Oió goes to oyó
    • The J Has Zorro Endings Verbs are Decir & Traer REMEMBER: I told Mrs. Wright to bring my grade up. •Starts as: Dij and Traj •ieron goes to eron in 3rd person plural Example: Trajieron to Trajeron
    • The I Zorro Endings Verbs: Venir, Querer, and Hacer REMEMBER: I went to the grape vine to get a quis (kiss), and got a hickey. Prefixes are: Vin, Quis, Hic Ex. Vine, Viniste, Vino... Hico goes to Hizo in third person singular.
    • Scoreboard 3rd Person 1st Person E-I O-U Zar-C Car-Qu Gar-Gu 1.Pedir-to 1.Morir- to 1.Empezar- 1.Buscar- to 1.Llegar-to ask for die to start look for arrive 2.Servir-to 2.dormir-to 2.Comenzar- 2.Tocar- to 2.Jugar-to sleep play (an serve to begin instrument) play (a sport) Ex: morieron Ex: pedió goes to Ex: empezé Ex: tocé goes Ex: jugé goes goes to pidió murieron goes to to toqué to jugué empecé ALL HAVE HOME BASE ENDINGS
    • How to Remember 3rd Person 3rd Person E-I O-U 1.Pedir-to ask for 1.Morir- to die 2.Servir-to serve 2.dormir-to sleep REMEMBER: A E I O U, but no A I asked for you to serve, but you died in your sleep Pedió goes to Pidió
    • How to Remember 1st Person 1st Person Zar-C Car-Qu Gar-Gu 1.Empezar- to 1.Buscar- to 1.Llegar-to start look for arrive 2.Comenzar- 2.Tocar- to 2.Jugar-to to begin play (an play (a sport) instrument) I started to begin looking for an instrument to play, but I arrived at the game playing football Example: Empezé to Empecé
    • The End