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Algebra 1


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Algebra 1

  1. 1. Formulas & Properties/Algebra 1 Slope Formula m=y2-y1 x2-x1 *Slope is always Rise on a graph. Run Distance Formula √(x2-x1)2+(y2-y1)2 Midpoint Formula x1+x2 , y1+y2 2 2 Commutative Property-Says that you can add or multiply numbers in any order. Addition: 5a+4=4+5a Multiplication: 5•a=a•5 Associative Property-Says that you can group numbers in a sum or product in any way and still get the same answer. Addition: (9+2)+5=9+(2+5) Multiplication: Same as Addition Distributive Property-It tells you that if a term is multiplied by terms in parenthesis, we need to distribute the multiplication over all the terms inside. Ex: 6(9a+2)=54a+12 Identity Property of Addition-It tells you that zero added to any number is the number itself. Ex: 5+0=5 Identity Property of Multiplication-It tells you that the number 1 times any number gives the number itself. Ex: 5x1=5