Branding for Professional Service Firms


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This joint presentation by Trefoil Group and Lubar & Co., explores the importance of branding for professional services firms and shares examples of Trefoil's proprietary TrueCenter™ process and the outcomes of our work with Lubar & Co.

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Branding for Professional Service Firms

  1. 1. Branding for Professional Firms
  2. 2. 30 Years Working with Brands
  3. 3. Issues in Professional Firm Branding• Commoditization followed by the fear of differentiating• You have a brand… even if you don’t work at it• Branding done right is foundational – everything else springs from it• Who is your brand champion?
  4. 4. Issues in Professional Firm Branding• Your website, in most cases, is the initial conversation• The website is the heart and soul of your identity – it is who you are• Whether your message matches or not, it is broadcast 1000’s of times
  5. 5. Issues in Professional Firm BrandingWebsites are as much about being found, and knowingwho finds you, as they are about what you say once theyget there• How are you indexed?• Do you know who is looking?• What are they doing once they get there?
  6. 6. Issues in Professional Firm BrandingTwo ways to miss the mark:• The $5,000 job – “We got a college kid with some free time to do ours” - or -• The $35,000 job… without first understanding your brand
  7. 7. So...If the plane’s fold-down tray is dirty, what must engine maintenance be like?
  8. 8. Lubar & Co.’sBranding Initiative
  9. 9. Our Branding Initiative1. Hired Trefoil Group (formerly Scheibel Halaska)2. Four month brand positioning study3. Four month website / collateral design
  10. 10. Our Branding InitiativeEffective branding: • Crystalizes the firms value proposition • Creates a compelling, relevant story • Differentiates the company for a competitive advantage • Drives perceptions externally and the culture internally • Launches the right conversations
  11. 11. Brand StatementLubar & Co. understands that real, sustainable success – thekind that builds thriving companies and strong communities –doesn’t happen overnight.It comes from doing the right things, day-in and day-out, overtime.For over 40 years, Lubar & Co.’s unique blend of patient capital,collaborative vision and steadfast commitment to managementteams has enabled companies to reach their full potential whilepreserving hard-earned legacies.
  12. 12. What We Learned1. Who we are and what we stand for matched: • Our desired future brand image • Our internal brand image • Our external brand image2. Our office environment reflects our brand3. Lubar is all about the people and images of them are essential to conveying our brand
  13. 13. Extending the Brand in all Materials
  14. 14. Measuring Web Traffic is a Powerful Tool
  15. 15. Thank You. Q & A?