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Bxc Logos Portfolio


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BXC Logos, Logos and more Logos! Call me for a FREE hard copy or better yet have us create an Identity for your company or brand.

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Bxc Logos Portfolio

  2. 2. TYPOGRAPHIC METAPHORS Creating a logo is like making a suit. They have functional challenges as well as personal and professional aspirations. It will need to stand out as well as fit in. It will hold the weight of a copyright and may stand the test of time. And great design and solid brand DNA are the threads that help hold it together. MAKE YOUR MARK Every logo we create is a custom portrait of your brand’s personality but it starts with a plan and not just on a whim. How will you make your mark in this world? CALL US FOR A BETTER IDEA + 1.949.677.7324
  3. 3. Get a free hard copy of this book! Or put us to work now, either one. Just call Drew Dougherty at 949.677.7324 BXC Inc. Laugna Niguel, California All trademarks, service marks and artwork are property of their respective owners. © 2007