Trefoil Group Agency Overview


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An overview about Trefoil Group, a strategic marketing communications firm located in Milwaukee, WI. Work portfolio includes websites, public relations, branding, email marketing, digital marketing, social media, etc.

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  • of experience serving business-to-business firms with a strong focus on mid-market and professional services companieshelp companies like yours bring complex issues into sharp focusCommitted to helping our clients see clearly through decisive actions and crucial results
  • Trefoil Group Agency Overview

    1. 1. Agency Overview
    2. 2. About Trefoil Group• Providing integrated, strategic marketing communications for over 20 years• Understand complexities inherent to business-to-business communications• Full range of capabilities – branding, advertising, public relations, websites, digital/content marketing, direct marketing, social media and more
    3. 3. About Trefoil Group• A partner to business leaders – Align communications with vision, objectives and strategies – Focused on results, answering the question, “for the sake of what?” – Ability to quickly understand unique challenges and opportunities – Provide a forum for bringing communications strategies to the table
    4. 4. How We Produce Value• Insights/expertise to help clients own the leadership position in chosen niches• Branding that changes the conversation in meaningful, tangible ways• Communicating to develop/nurture relationships with multiple audiences• Producing short-term ROI that lays the groundwork for longer-term increases in value• Demonstrated and evolving competencies in traditional, new and emerging media
    5. 5. Work Portfolio
    6. 6. Where We Begin: A Client’s Former Website
    7. 7. Branding/Websites: Positioning for SuccessGallagher is committed to evolving its business alongside its customers, continuouslyexpanding engineering technologies and manufacturing capabilities to meet thedemands of a dynamic marketplace – today and tomorrow.
    8. 8. Branding/Websites: Positioning for SuccessExternal research validated that Haumiller’s customers relied on their equipment inmission critical situations to transform inherently risky endeavors into predictablysuccessful outcomes.
    9. 9. Branding/Websites: Positioning for SuccessFor a professional service company to cut through the clutter and connect with anover-marketed audience, it must dig to the core of what truly sets it apart.
    10. 10. Branding/Websites: Positioning for Success
    11. 11. Campaign Microsites: Extending the Experience
    12. 12. Landing Pages: Reaching a Targeted Industry
    13. 13. Talent Acquisition Marketing:Becoming an Employer of Choice
    14. 14. Talent Acquisition Marketing:Becoming an Employer of Choice
    15. 15. Talent Acquisition Marketing:Becoming an Employer of Choice
    16. 16. Public Relations: Establishing Local Leadership Presence
    17. 17. Public Relations: Building Credibility in Your Industry
    18. 18. Online Newsroom: Leveraging PR and Enhancing SEO
    19. 19. Customer Communication: Solidifying Relationships
    20. 20. Direct Marketing (Print): Targeted Messaging
    21. 21. Marketing Materials: Equipping Sales
    22. 22. Advertising: Accelerating Sales
    23. 23. Advertising: Accelerating Sales
    24. 24. Tradeshow Support : Creating a Presence
    25. 25. Tradeshow Support : Extending the Impact