Media part 2


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Media part 2

  1. 1. Cut shots usedI used some cut shot , this showed all mycamera angles and shot types, these wherealso to fit with the song lyrics as the theme isabout friends. Close up the star is ¾ of the shot addressing the audience by breaking the Fish eye lenses used in a wide angle shot to make forth wall in the studio to let fans in audience feel closer to the band behind the scenes Over the shoulder shot, showing Elliot mixing the song at the studio, this shot is key to let fans know the processes of making the song
  2. 2. Direct address, this makes the audience feel like they are inthe crowd and that the singer is addressing them, this couldalso be classed as breaking the fourth wall, this challenges theaverage convention of the band being out of touch with theaudience and engages them to watch the video.
  3. 3. singer guitarist drummerThe normal convention for a band video is that in the performance part ofthe video the singer is usually closer to the camera or in close up, this canalso be seen from the use of levels as you can see in this screen shot, Ichallenged this by giving all band members equal time in the video, youcan see this using the rule of thirds as the singers eyes are towards thecamera and on the line.
  4. 4. Close ups of instruments shows arealism of the piece, shows the bandcan play their instruments , thiscontrasts with pop bands and chartbands separating this video from therest, this also shows the ability I used totake the shot out of context to sync theshots with the music to provide aneffective, also the beginning shot hasdietetic sound recorded and pasted inthere when filming to make the feel ofnature, this fades when the band startsplaying
  5. 5. UniformThe band are all wearing band t-shirts similar to there genre, all are All wearing black skinny jeansblack or white with a colourful logo this suggests a genre, as rockon them to grab the attention of the music is linked with black andaudience dark colours
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