Media part 5


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Media part 5

  1. 1. Using photo shop I used thefilters at the top of the page, Ifiltered through distort anddiffuse glow giving the picturea contrasting brightness to it
  2. 2. On half of my album sleeve, I decidedto use the normal text tool on photoshop to write the lyrics to the song,something I have found in themajority of album covers I havelooked at during the research stage ofthis.I placed the down the left hand side ofthe page and simply –placed this overthe top of the picture
  3. 3. By using these effect i9 can take a layer out of the work and work 0n it separatelyto the piece, using the artistic effects on Photoshop you can change the balance,stroke length and sharpness, I u8sed this to make the triangle see though to overlap on to the sleeve picture.
  4. 4. First draft of album Final draft cover coverThe album cover keeps with This cover engages thethe sea theme I wanted but target audience with ehalso is basic and did not vibrant colour and theshow of the skills I used to serenity of the picturecreate it, also this is quite used, the theme of unitydull and consist of two and triangles is carriedcolours, I didnt feel this through this, it challengeschallenged the average the average conventionsconventions of an album by being simplistic yetcover. effective
  5. 5. Final draft First draft
  6. 6. Using Photoshop Iimported the albumcover and compressed itto stop the image pixelting, then put it intopublisher top changethe brightness of thepicture to make it standout
  7. 7. The flyer shows sponsorship ,w e as aband are sponsored by this clothingcompany, make us strong clothing,Monroe line, I felt this would give aprofessional touch to it
  8. 8. research I had to find similar band to compare with mine to really give me an idea of the audience I was looking to target With all the album artworks I researched I decided to target 16+ male and female and decided that the consisting factor of all of them is a picture central to the cover I used and challenged this by flipping this idea of having the artwork plain with the logo of the band being central.
  9. 9. I decide3d for my video to target such a niche market that the videowould have to have a light side in parallel to the song, this was donewith soft touch to the shot to make the video have a warm vibe aboutit, this way the audience get the feeling of what it is like to be in theband, this makes them feel closer to the band.