Part 6


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Part 6

  1. 1. The rest of question 3 isembedded in my blog through the format of prezi
  2. 2. The use of media technologies is clear throughout my planning and evaluation, Iused a number of programs during the process of planning and recording mymusic video such as•Photoshop•Piknic•Paint•I movie•Garage band
  3. 3. Nikon D3100 with 18-55mm VR LensNikon D3100The Nikon D3100 is a 14.2 Megapixel DSLRcamera with high sensitivity CMOS sensor,Live View, Full HD Movies and helpfulGuide Mode.Used this for the shots of the band recorded,mainly for fish eye shots
  4. 4. Canon EOS 1100D in Black with 18-55mmDC LensSuperior 12-megapixel image qualityOn-screen Feature GuideCreative Auto and Basic+HD video captureISO 100-6400 sensitivityWide-area 9-point AF system63-zone iFCL exposure meteringUsed for full band shot and pans and zoomsas the stabilizer setting is great for hand helpmovement
  5. 5. I used I movie to add video and to crop and edit to get thelook I want,This proved an effective and useful tool to gain a professional look top thevideo
  6. 6. This area is the preview of theThis section is where the edited clip to give you an inciteedited footage goes to give you of where to crop and touch upclear idea of what it is going tolook like The raw footage, with my video this was over 2 hours of footage to use to edit
  7. 7. Importing into I movie is easy , this also is the same to import music but for any music editing I used garage band making it easier to dip the sound at the end of the videoChanging the compression of the videoenhanced the final product making theediting faster which is what I was tryingto achieve the sound as well wascompressed making it easier to controlthe natural sound at the beginning ofthe video
  8. 8. Using picnic is both easy and effective the bar on the sideof the picture is for added effects from focal softens totouch ups I use this to gain the same look in my ancillaries
  9. 9. I used the fish lens on both cameras forrecording to add the effect of the fans beingcloser to the band, the fish eye focuses on a focalpoint in the shot and make the picture moreprecise in the middle also using a wide anglelens as well lets the audience see more of thepicture