De constructing band photos


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De constructing band photos

  1. 1. De-constructing band photos Tom Butterworth
  2. 2. What uniform do they have? The band standing in front of a white wall to show the contrast and to outline and make the blood clearer. All have side parting in hair to show a similarity between the band members. They are all wearing matching t-shirts that are blood stained Tattoos all on show, front man wearing different shirt to band and showing more tattoos, shows power and status within the band.Rock b-NI
  3. 3. What makes them stand out and what can we tell from the picture? Black shirts indicate heavy The game they are playing you can metal music, all wearing black tell the music is easy going as the shirts apart from the focus of band are. the shot, the lead singer. The tattoos also are a stereotype of rock music. The game can signify wealth, the setting looks like an illegal card game, this is contrasted with the child game they are playing.Metal
  4. 4. Other genres of music and what is their uniform The tear drop tattoos show he has been in prison, Again prison style tattoos showing he is tough and possibly been in trouble and had a bad upbringing The picture makes us want to know how he has become wealthy Huge diamond ring and neck less showing through signifies extreme wealth Dreadlocks show that he doesnt want to be part of a Hair and facial hair arent stereotype that people have. perfect shows the fact heRap doesnt care.
  5. 5. All of them have different All wearing dark eye makeup allhair colours, middle perfectly airbrushed shows anpartings, all hair is perfect expensive shootshows they have spent alot of time on it.Differentcoloureddresses various levels Short skirts, shows youth, expensive clothes and shoes.
  6. 6. Deconstructing art work
  7. 7. Different genres portrayed by artworkThe album cover is all in black, hat pulled down, close up ofstar in the centre, very strong pose from star in centre, showpeople know who the album is by with out reading the words.You cant see his eyes but the parts shown to be lighter arecharacteristics Jay Z has, this is a very strong album artworkdue to how impact that this has, the pose on the front tells useverything we need to know about Jay Z and the album itsself, we know it will be a dark album, heavy lyrics, this couldalso be based after one of the most successful albums of alltime, Metallica: the black album, showing Jay Z could have
  8. 8. Deftones: White PonyDeftones, white pony is probably the simplest album cover from thisgenre, shows the outline of a horse and a white background, thisshows that fans of the band will know what and who the album is by, also grabs people if it was on a shelf, leaves people wonderingwhat it is. The white pony is exactly the picture on the case showingsimplicity and to open your mind, something the album requires andneeds.
  9. 9. Underoath: They’re ChasingSaftey Underoath (they’re chasing safety) is just a direct look into the camera, the breathing apparatus used is part of the idea of a concept album, about breathing, the bands logo or name of the album isnt on the cover or even on the back hiding the information on the inside of the album, the album is fit for genre as the intense cover stares right at people, the breathing mask not only resembles the idea of the concept behind it also seems abit to graphic to be considered as a pop album, the colours and shading is also darker, the expression is also a more serious one, the music is serious, on the other hand pop
  10. 10. Dan Mumford: artists that are hired to do the artwork for genresDan Mumford is an artist based in America who does original designs for bandsmerch, posters and album artwork he specialises in the metal and death corebands, the same style of artwork is used throughout, people know if they see thissort of artwork then the band will be a metal or heavy rock band.