Genre research little mix


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Genre research little mix

  1. 1. Genre ResearchLittle Mix - Wings By Siobhan Fox
  2. 2. Opening shots There are a range of shots used in the first 10 seconds introducing the singers. The angle of all off these are shots are the same however there are a range of close ups and mid shots.The very first shots are establishing all foursingers, this seems popular for a girl group music video. The use of the split screen is very popular for POP music videos with each performer having their own background and personality
  3. 3. First 10 seconds.. The use of split screen is used again with only two performers, however with a mid shot. The positioning of the camera is still the same in these shots however the shot types have changed such as a close up and mid shot.
  4. 4. Shot types and angles Throughout the video there are many different types of shots varying from a close up, mid shot, long shot and establishing shot. However there are only two different camera angles, the main one is front on and the other is from the left side using a mirroring effect.At this point of thevideo there is a splitscreen of close up andmid shots The camera angle on these shots are straight on with the use of the split screen and different shots such as mid shot and close up.
  5. 5. This is the only other angle in LittleMix’s video, it is from the left angle andis effective. We could do this in ours.
  6. 6. All of these shots are from the sameangle which is straight on but havedifferent angles such as long shot, groupmid shot and extreme long shot.
  7. 7. CostumeThroughout the video there are four different costume changes for eachsinger, this mainly happens when there is a location change. All of their outfitsare stylish and brightly coloured which sometimes match the backgrounds. Withthe fast pace editing and dancing these costumes give an exciting feel. One costume which matches their background
  8. 8. A costume change whenthere is a change of location
  9. 9. Setting and lightingThe setting looks as if it is in a warehouse and in front of a green screen as thereare a lot of shots where there is a customised background, this works well withthe fast pace beat and editing and the bright costumes. Each singer have their own personal background which is used each time they are filmed on their own throughout the video.
  10. 10. The lighting is probably spot lights astheir will not be much natural lightin a factory.
  11. 11. PropsThe only prop used is a stall for all of the dancers andsingers, this is only used for them to dance on andaround which shows it is a very simple video.