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Tns Mobile Life 2013 - Strategie Mobile per la crescita del business


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Mobile Life analizza motivazioni e comportamenti di 38.000 individui in 43 Paesi nel mondo, per individuare priorità ed insight di crescita per la marche.

Mobile Life analizza motivazioni e comportamenti di 38.000 individui in 43 Paesi nel mondo, per individuare priorità ed insight di crescita per la marche.

Published in: Business, Technology
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  • 1. Mobile Life 2013 | An introduction to the study©TNS
  • 2. Contents1The Mobile Life Proposition 0322Market coverage 143Some insights from 2013 174Offer, Deliverables & Costs 29©TNS 2
  • 3. The Mobile Life Proposition1©TNS 3
  • 4. The mobile phone has permeated every aspect of our reality. It’s alwayswith us, always on. It’s become essential for our lives©TNS 4
  • 5. The mobile is a personal device. We make our phone our own and developour unique mobile circle of trust©TNS 5
  • 6. If a brand is invited into in this mobile circle of trust, huge benefitsare available©TNS 6
  • 7. The mobile is also impacting the path to purchase, giving consumers greaterpower and revolutionizing the in-store experience©TNS 7
  • 8. Many marketers are already beginning to realise the impact that mobile hasin delivering better communications with consumers“We have seen how you can use mobile mechanics to empower our above the line media...“Mobile: the enabler of our comms model”Mobile has helped turn brand advertisinginto brand experiences“We have seen how you can use mobile mechanics to empower our above the line media......and can actually be a true story-telling device and channel”©TNS 8Jay AltschulerUnilever’s director of global media innovationSpeaking at IAB Mobile Engage in London, May 2012In one year, Unilever has created 13 mobileiAds across 11 brands in six countries
  • 9. Mobile has become an integral part of consumers’ lives and a necessary tool for businesses’communication, media and advertising strategies. TNS recognizes these developments andstrives to provides valuable insights into the category at both a global and local level throughMobile LifeStudy PositioningMobile Life is a strategic tool to inform marketing and communication decisions, partnershipinvestments, and aid with product development – it assists in:- Understanding the role of Mobile in consumers’ lives – what Mobile functionalities and services aredemanded to meet the changing needs and behaviors of today- Examining the evolving device ecosystem – how are consumers using desktops, laptops,smartphone and tablets together; and what is the future of each of these categories- Providing consumer feedback on cutting-edge Mobile developments such as Mobile Payments,QR codes and location-based features to assist in product development and communication- Exploring the brand interplay present in the constantly changing Mobile category – allowing©TNS 9- Exploring the brand interplay present in the constantly changing Mobile category – allowingfor more informed partnership decisions- Understanding the potential of Mobile in marketing & communications strategies- Empowering businesses with the information necessary to develop an effective Mobile strategy
  • 10. What’s New in 2013?Share of time spent across five devices for digital activitiesIn-depth look at mobile path to purchase activities at a category level,as well as showrooming behaviourNew Conversion Model analysis for handset, network, OS and contentDevice ecosystemMobile path topurchaseBrand New Conversion Model analysis for handset, network, OS and contentbrandsDrill downs into location-based services, social networking, instantmessagingBrandrelationshipsInnovative mobileservicesMobile financeMobile data usageMobile attitudesContinued examination of mobile banking and mobile wallet usage, aswell as triggers and barriersInvestigation of WiFi vs. mobile network data usageA deeper look at user attitudes towards their mobile phones, datausage, and app usage©TNS 10Mobile attitudesMobile Behavelinkageusage, and app usageCombined data set linkage with Mobile Behave data in select marketsKick-off webinarTarget marketlinkageThe inclusion of category usage questions for 25 products – enablingbetter identification of the client’s target market
  • 11. MOBILE COMMUNICATION | Mobile ownership and usagePhone(s) owned, classification of business / personal userDEVICE INTERPLAY | Technology device ownership / usage & role of mobileTechnology devices owned & purchase intention, ecosystem modelling, and purchase driversStudy Content – What’s Included in 2013?Technology devices owned & purchase intention, ecosystem modelling, and purchase driversInterplay of mobile, smartphone, tablet, Smart TV, laptop/notebook & PC – activity-based device usageInvestigation into tablets – brand, purchase drivers, activity usage, usage occasionsMOBILE ENVIRONMENT | Handset share, replacement, brand and operating systemHandset brand & form-factor, smartphone / advanced feature phone ownershipPrice paid and intended for handset, replacement cycle of phone, change in mobile usage over timeCurrent network provider / carrier, payment plan & data package used;Commitment to brands – targeting of ‘open’ consumers, OS used & loyalty – intended OS & key driversMOBILE USAGE | How consumers use their mobile devicesCurrent usage and latent demand for a range of current and progressive features & services©TNS 11Current usage and latent demand for a range of current and progressive features & servicesUsage of WiFi services and the impact on mobile data usage, attitudes towards mobile data adoptionUsage of instant messaging brands, drivers for IM adoption, impact on SMS/text messagingSocial networking – activities carried out, types of LBS features used / reason for usingDrivers for application download, general attitudes towards applications
  • 12. M-COMMERCE | Role of mobile financeCurrent usage and interest in mobile finance activitiesDrivers & barriers to mobile walletDrivers & barriers to mobile bankingStudy Content – What’s Included in 2013?Drivers & barriers to mobile bankingMOBILE PATH TO PURCHASE | The role of the mobile in online research & shoppingCurrent usage of mobile based product research/purchase activities for four key consumer categoriesOverall interest in research activitiesOverall usage of mobile based research/purchasing for key consumer categoriesInterest in innovative mobile retail solutionsDetailed usage of mobile for automotive researchUse of the mobile phone for ‘showrooming’ (viewing the product in-store but then purchasing elsewhere)PROFILING | Demographic informationGeneral product category purchasing©TNS 12General product category purchasingHousehold income, level of education, marital status, household compositionAge, gender, location / region within country, employment status & job level, local market social class questions (in certainmarkets)
  • 13. - Mobile Behave | A 360 Degree Perspective on ConsumersMobile Behave uses smartphones to open a window into peoples’ daily life, using passive on-deviceConnection with Mobile BehaveMobile Behave uses smartphones to open a window into peoples’ daily life, using passive on-devicemeasurement and on-the-spot interaction to interpret consumer behaviour and mobileconsumption 24/7- Mobile Behave data from some countries are included in Mobile Life reporting, where complementaryThis will allow:- Deeper understanding of consumers’ usage of phone features and applications- Insight into consumer ‘actual’ behaviour, and how this relates to ‘reported’ behaviour- Although Mobile Behave will be integrated where relevant in Mobile Life reporting and presentations,©TNS 13- Although Mobile Behave will be integrated where relevant in Mobile Life reporting and presentations,access to the full Mobile Behave database will only be available to paying subscribers of thestudy.
  • 14. Market Coverage2©TNS 14
  • 15. North AmericaCanadaUSALatin AmericaEuropeCzech RepublicFinlandFranceGermanyAsia and Middle-EastChinaHong KongIndiaIndonesiaMobile Life is based on conversations in 43 countries, designed to capturethe entire population of mobile users in each marketLatin AmericaArgentinaBrazilMexicoAfricaCameroonEgyptGhanaKenyaNigeriaSenegalSouth AfricaAustralasiaGermanyItalyNetherlandsNorwayPolandPortugalRussiaSlovakiaSpainSwedenUKIndonesiaJapanMalaysiaPhilippinesSaudi ArabiaSingaporeSouth KoreaTaiwanThailandTurkeyUAEVietnam©TNS 15AustralasiaAustraliaNew Zealand
  • 16. Representative across 16-60 yr olds; both mobile phone owners andnon-owners; boosted sample in key marketsCountry Sample MethodologyArgentina 479 Web CLTAustralia 996 OnlineBrazil 1000 Web CLTCameroon 642 F2F CAPICanada 983 OnlineCountry Sample MethodologyNew Zealand 497 OnlineNigeria 1596 F2F PAPINorway 625 OnlinePhilippines 491 F2F PAPIPoland 977 F2F CAPICanada 983 OnlineChina 3159 F2F PAPICzech Republic 992 OnlineEgypt 1020 F2F CAPIFinland 500 OnlineFrance 1001 OnlineGermany 997 OnlineGhana 545 F2F CAPIHong Kong 502 OnlineIndia 2980 F2F PAPIIndonesia 1500 F2F PAPIItaly 996 OnlineJapan 500 OnlineKenya 741 F2F CAPIPoland 977 F2F CAPIPortugal 500 F2F CAPIRussia 1003 Web CLTSaudi Arabia 513 F2F CAPISenegal 507 F2F PAPISingapore 501 OnlineSlovakia 505 OnlineSouth Africa 1002 F2F PAPISpain 498 OnlineSweden 593 OnlineTaiwan 502 OnlineThailand 1000 F2F PAPITurkey 776 F2F CAPIUAE 512 F2F CAPI©TNS 16Korea 1026 OnlineMalaysia 500 OnlineMexico 753 Web CLTNetherlands 796 OnlineIncreased sample in 2013!UAE 512 F2F CAPIUK 497 OnlineUSA 1497 OnlineVietnam 500 F2F PAPI
  • 17. Some insights from 20133©TNS 17
  • 18. “My mobile is my most important piece of technology” – ItalyIn Italy, mobile’s importance as a tech device is lower than the Globalaverage; mobile plays an important part in younger people aged under 30years old and women54383227374338 3528 242335 38 423427 313742 46%©TNSAgree DisagreeGlobal Europe Italy Male Female 16-21 22-30 31-40 41-50 51-6018B20. Attitudes towards mobile phonesBase: Mobile users – Global 35286 | Europe 11095 | Italy 993 | Male 498 | Female 495 | 16-21 112 | 22-30 168 | 31-40 241 | 41-50 265 | 51-60 207Local Report 2013 - Italy
  • 19. As the price of smartphones has plunged below the price consumers arewilling to pay for phones in Italy, smartphone ownership will probablycontinue to expand700Price willing to pay vs. average smartphone price – Italy (USD $)Price of HTC DesirePrice of28801002003004005006002007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013Price oforiginaliPhonePrice ofBlackberryTorch80Price ofHuaweihandset©TNS 192007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013Price all mobile owners are willing to pay in 2013Price of a smartphone over time (global)C14. Price willing to payBase: Mobile owners – Italy 993Local Report 2013 - Italy
  • 20. The time spent on using the tablets will bring about a reduction in the usenot only of computers but also, albeit to a lesser degree, of smartphones.Potential usage share flows for tablets – ItalyTablet4.4%+7.0%+7.0%+4.0 -0.3Laptop+2.4 -0.2DesktopComputer2.2%+1.3 -0.2Smart-phone1.1%+0.2 -0.1Smart TV0.0%©TNS 20Tablet Other devices’ current market share Projected market shareLocal Report 2013 - ItalyLaptop3.7%
  • 21. Tablet usage in Italy hinges very much around the Internet functions,although the various entertainment functions (photo, video, music, gaming)are also important.Top 12 activities carried out on tablets6959Current5444 483441 41243221 19 21 17128821795940 37 36 3625 24 24 24 23 19ItalyGlobalAccessinternet viaWiFiEmailsTo browsetheinternetTo takephotosTo playgamesTo listen tomusicTo chat viaIMTo watchTV/videoFor socialgamingAssist inbusinesslifeTo helporganisemy lifeTo editdocumentsCurrentownership©TNS5421B1. Tablet ownership | B10. Tablet usageBase: Tablet owners – Global 5413 | Italy 216Local Report 2013 - Italy
  • 22. Consumers implement a high degree of selection of the large number ofapplications available: of the free apps, they only download the ones thatinterest them. If, after a few weeks, the apps are not found to be useful orentertaining, they are deleted.Attitudes towards applications – ItalyDisagree Agree5351435070I don’t like to download too many apps– they clutter up my phoneI often download apps that I stop usingafter a few weeksI find that apps are better than mobilewebsites for accessing the content thatI wantI am annoyed when apps don’t containall the features that I can access via awebsiteI only download free apps1518151410©TNS707222Local Report 2013 - ItalyI only download free appsI delete apps if I find that they are notuseful or entertaining1010Base: Application users 476D18. Attitudes towards applications
  • 23. Price perceptions on mobile data don’t decline as usage increases – some ofthe most negative perceptions occur in developed markets where mobileinternet has saturated the market80,090,0100,0% agreeing that mobile data is still too expensive0,010,020,030,040,050,060,070,0EgyptCameroonSenegalIndiaPortugalPolandThailandGhanaIndonesiaVietnamCzechRepublicTurkeyRussiaPhilippinesKenyaBrazilArgentinaGermanySlovakiaNigeriaMexicoNewZealandSouthAfricaNetherlandsCanadaTaiwanFranceItalyJapanFinlandUSAAustraliaChinaSpainUKUAEMalaysiaSwedenNorwaySaudiArabiaHongKongSingaporeSouthKorea©TNS 23EgyptCameroonSenegalIndiaPortugalPolandThailandGhanaIndonesiaVietnamCzechRepublicTurkeyRussiaPhilippinesKenyaBrazilArgentinaGermanySlovakiaNigeriaMexicoNewZealandSouthAfricaNetherlandsCanadaTaiwanFranceItalyJapanFinlandUSAAustraliaChinaSpainUKUAEMalaysiaSwedenNorwaySaudiArabiaHongKongSingaporeSouthKoreaMobile internet penetrationC29. Attitudes towards mobile dataBase: Mobile users10% 90%70%40%Kick-off webinar
  • 24. Half of the consumers use WiFi systems for accessing the Internet on thego, although time-wise it is accessed primarily via the mobile network.Mobile% of mobile users in Italywho access data via…14 14 12 13 1116 12 14 12 918Mobile network data WiFi at home WiFi in public% data usage (in terms of share of time) in Italy via:815348MobilenetworkdataWiFi athomeWiFi inpublic areas5950 51 47553647 51 4865272736 3740344941 35 402655All©TNS 24Global Europe Italy Male Female 16-21 22-30 31-40 41-50 51-60AllWiFiusersLocal Report 2013 - ItalyC17a. Data package type | D1. Feature usage | D19. % split of mobile data usageBase: C17a & D1: Mobile users – Italy 993Base: D19: Mobile data or WiFi users - Global 21841| Europe 7274| Italy 883 | Male 456 | Female 427 | 16-21 106 | 22-30 155 | 31-40 218 | 41-50 231 | 51-60 173Base: D19: All WiFi users - 595
  • 25. 3422 26 28 2433 31 2922 20However, consumers generally do not see the mobile as a replacement forin-store sales assistants – the two will need to supplement each otherI would prefer toaccess productinformation andAttitudes towards mobile in the path to purchase – ItalyGlobal Europe Italy Male Female 16-20 21-30 31-40 41-50 51-603122 29 3324 30 30 3624 24365135 33 382536 32 36 4222 24 22 20AgreeDisagreeinformation andreviews on myphone than tospeak to a salesperson in a storeI trust theinformation that Ican access on my©TNS364531 273526 3325 313822 24 24 2425Local Report 2013 - ItalyF7. Attitudes towards mobile’s role in the path to purchasecan access on mymobile phonemore than a salesperson in a storeBase: Mobile users – Global 35286 | Europe 11095 | Italy 993 | Male 498 | Female 495 | 16-21 112 | 22-30 168 | 31-40 241 | 41-50 265 | 51-60 207
  • 26. Mobile’s usage in the path to purchase is not the same across categories,and is very much aligned to how shoppers behave in individual markets©TNS 26Kick-off webinar
  • 27. Research at homeCompare prices in storeRead reviews in storeMobile is starting to be used in the path to purchase, above all in store andfor personal electronics.754Activities in the mobile path to purchase by category – ItalyFood and beverage Personal hygiene Clothing and shoes Personal electronics20141114107966At homeIn storeRead reviews in storeCheck social media buzz about productScan barcode for more product infoScan QR code for more product infoRedeem a mobile couponReceive a deal by interacting with an adReceive updates from places of interest near meTake notes of product details in storeAccess product info by touching phone against asensorAccess a stored list of products previously browsedShare photo or video of product with friends4544536533431111775891288857755779966106663565665543Mobile©TNSScan barcode to pay for productScan QR code to pay for productPay for product by touching phone against a sensorPurchase product online via mobile273333F3a. Use of mobile in the path to purchaseBase: Mobile users – Italy 993Local Report 2013 - Italy566865473445Mobilepurchase
  • 28. Offer, Deliverables & Costs4©TNS 28
  • 29. Key deliverables TimingsGlobal package (report + excel data)Global report (approx 100 slides), global excel data set, global SPSS file, iClick onlinereporting tool, bespoke presentation created to your needs, 5 hrs analysis.April 2013Deliverables and timingsreporting tool, bespoke presentation created to your needs, 5 hrs analysis.Focus reports*Reports approximately 30 slides in length, investigating specific topics of interest withinthe mobile space. Drawing from not only Mobile Life 2013 data but also localknowledge and secondary information, the focus reports aim to give a deep insight intocurrent, key mobile topics.May 2013Local packages (report + excel data)Reports approximately 100 slides in length, investigating topic areas covered inquestionnaire.May 2013©TNS 29Info Explorer (online interactive reporting tool)**An online tool that allows filters and cuts of data to produce tables and basic chartsthat can then be included in reporting.May 2013* Focus Report refers to “Data and Devices”-“Mobile Finance”** Desktop Explorer or Pulsar or SPSS could be quoted on demand
  • 30. For further info, please contactGabriella BergaglioDigital Practice Lead – TNS©TNS 30