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  • The days of putting a sign on the front lawn and entering data into the multiple listing service to produce a sale are long gone. Today we need to strategically position properties in ways that set them apart from the sea of available homes on the market. I utilize a six-point approach to positioning my listings. I have found these resources to be most effective in attracting buyers and other real estate agents. Let’s take a look at them, one at a time.
  • The days of putting a sign on the front lawn and entering data into the multiple listing service to produce a sale are long gone. Today we need to strategically position properties in ways that set them apart from the sea of available homes on the market. I utilize a six-point approach to positioning my listings. I have found these resources to be most effective in attracting buyers and other real estate agents. Let’s take a look at them, one at a time.
  • Remember that buyers who are interested will also go through the process of examining the comparable properties and factoring in the market conditions when trying to determine what price to offer.We want your property to be competitive - the higher a property is priced above realistic market value, the more time it will take to sell and the less interest it will attract.
  • What do you think of when you hear or see the name Better Homes and Gardens? [Wait for their response] Yes, I hear that often. So many people are familiar with the Better Homes and Gardens brand name. Meredith began publishing the magazine nearly 90 years ago and has been a household name ever since. The magazine alone enjoys a readership of nearly 40 million people every single month.And one thing that my experience has taught me is that people want to do business with a name they know and trust.
  • And just as you have probably driven around the area you are considering moving to, so are the prospective buyers for your home! Did you know that over half of all buyers use yard signs in the home search? The most popular age group for those to actually find a home through yard sign is between 45 and 64. Not to mention that these beautiful yard signs are another way of leveraging the Better Homes and Gardens brand.
  • Are you familiar with BHG magazine’s website, This is the site 7 million visitors go each month to locate recipes, learn home decorating ideas and more. We again leverage our relationship with Better Homes and Gardens, for part of our national advertising campaign to build brand recognition.Another plus for you here is that the 7 million visitors each month have the ability to get to your listing in just two clicks when they visit this site. That’s a lot of opportunity, isn’t it?
  • Let’s start with the online consumer. And no doubt, you have already been online looking what is listed in this area – and also where you are thinking of moving to. So it is important that we give your home as much exposure as possible. I am just wondering, what sites have you already visited? NOTE TO SALES ASSOCIATE: Remember to include the sellers throughout. This keeps them engaged and creates opportunities for trial closes as well as helping to establish buy-in.
  • Note to Sales Associates: Listing distribution is typically managed by your broker – please check with your broker/manager to confirm your company’s listing distribution strategy as these sites might not be accurate for your companyOnline searchers tend to visit multiple websites so that’s why I’ll also ensure you property is displayed on many other highly visited home search sites. Zillow, Yahoo, Trulia, AOL Real Estate etc. These are all powerful sites to have in your corner. Mr. & Mrs. ____, are you beginning to see the value of the internet and the impact it has on buyers? We do too. And we do everything to leverage online promotion in our merchandising plan.
  • As important as the internet has become, according to the National Association of Realtors, 88% of the buyers use a real estate agent in the home buying process. When you home first hits the market, I will use an arsenal of materials to promote your property. I will create Just Listed marketing materials to reach my database of influencers and prospects. I will also use the latest digital tools to highlight and promote the important attributes of your home to generate buyer interest.NOTE TO SALES ASSOCIATE: If you are online, you can play a sample “Just Listed eCard” or Slideshow.
  • One of the most important skills I can provide to you is the power of third party negotiation in your behalf. There are dozens of terms and conditions relating to a successful sale and my job is to make sure that all of those meet your needs.
  • I promise I will keep you informed and give you more details all along the way. But right now we need to discuss the pricing strategy for your home!
  • NOTE TO SALES ASSOCIATE:Customize this page with personal information. Add or delete bullet points as needed. This is your opportunity to create personal value and convince the seller that you are the best person to market their property.
  • Fish team listing presentation

    2. 2. Important Questions? • Why are you moving? • How soon do you need to move? • Is price or timing more important? THIS INFORMATION WILL HELP ME DETERMINE THE BEST COURSE OF ACTION AS WE GO THROUGH THE PROCESS OF SELLING YOUR HOME. • What are you looking for from your agent? • Do you anticipate major challenges in selling your home? • What will you do if your home doesn’t sell?
    3. 3. The Fish Team Experience! Licensed. 1981 starts RE/MAX Joins Realty Advantage Executives. Realty Group 1992 2003 Carolyn starts Maine Getaways 1983 Honored with Nat’l Leadership Award. 2003 Top Producer RE/MAX gains for 10 years. 4th in overall 2002 marketshare with 9 agents. 2004 The Fish Team is formed. 2014 Bangor Board of Realtors President & Realtor of the Year. 2008 RE/MAX merger. 2013 Carolyn and The Fish Team have SOLD over 500 properties in the State of Maine. Are you ready to be next?
    4. 4. Fact vs. Fiction When it comes to online marketing, many agents will try to convince you they have the “secret sauce.” The fact is, every agent’s listing is syndicated out by the MLS to hundreds, if not thousands, of web sites. The fact is, if a buyer is house shopping online and your home matches their criteria, it would be almost impossible for them not to find your home.
    5. 5. How is our team different? 40 years of combined real estate experience, ownership, management and leadership. This is our full-time career! Which means you are our #1 priority and your success is our common bond. We provide our clients with the most versatile combination of “old school” and “new school” tactics. Two Brokers, One Team! Available to you 24/7.
    6. 6. What Does Realtor® Mean? Only Real Estate Agents who are members of the National Association of Realtors® can use this term. Realtors subscribe to a higher code of ethics. Realtors are required to have additional education. I’m a member of the Local, State, and National Association. We are currently active on the board of directors and Carolyn was past president.
    7. 7. Strategies for Selling Your Home 1. The Power of Pricing! 2. Branding 3. Marketing 4. Networking 5. Negotiating & Closing A Team with a Plan!
    8. 8. 1. Pricing Your Home Reviewing the market Recent Sales Current Homes on Market To show what buyers have been willing to pay for a home like yours. This carries the most weight in pricing your home. To show what buyers will be viewing – your competition. This is important in how we position your home in the market.
    9. 9. The Pricing Factor Every property will sell and has the potential to sell quickly, and the price is the No. 1 factor controlling this outcome. The best marketing in the world will never sell an overpriced home!
    10. 10. How pricing is the key factor Local Market Facts: On average less than 25% of all listings get SOLD! After 60 days on the market the success rate drops to 17% Put your best price forward and the results will follow.
    11. 11. 2. The Power of Branding Nearly 40,000,000 monthly readers 1 in 6 adults 1 in 5 homeowners 1 in 4 women
    12. 12. The Power of Yard Signs The 3rd most commonly used information source
    13. 13. Driving More Traffic to Your Home 7 million visitors each month have the ability to get to your listing in just two clicks when they visit this site
    14. 14. 3. Marketing your listing! With 9 out of 10 homebuyers on the Internet it is important that we have an online strategy to promote your home. The Fish Team also uses social media sites to post listings and interact with potential buyers/sellers.
    15. 15. We Will Market Your Home Online
    16. 16. Our Marketing Plan
    17. 17. Updated seller activity reports. We track our visitors and each month provide our sellers with a detailed report so they know how well their listing is performing on all the major websites.
    18. 18. Helping You Get The Word Out Advertising Direct Mail Flyers Online
    19. 19. “What our clients say about us” “We bought our home through Carolyn Fish last year in the fall, Carolyn is a hard working agent and balances good practices with professional ethics in a masterful way. Our sale was not without challenges and became drawn out at no fault of our own, Carolyn worked long hours and stayed a step ahead of the process for us and became the driving force for both parties in the end to help us get into the home of our dreams for a reasonable price. Carolyn has a team of professionals that mirror her buisness practices and working with them is a seemless transition when she is helping other clients. I recommend Carolyn Fish to all of my collegues and friends when they need assistance with real estate transactions.” – Joe Wellman
    20. 20. “What our clients say about us” “As a corporate relo, we needed to buy a home which we could get out of quickly if necessary as my industry is dynamic, and volatile. Carolyn was instrumental in finding us a great home which we enjoyed. Low and behold, 11 months later, we needed to relo back to Atlanta quickly and had to sell fast. Carolyn found us a buyer in 1 month and we made a profit on the transaction. Carolyn was responsive, patient, and as a busy procession I felt comfortable leaving the details to her 100%. I recommend the Fish team highly!” – Jon Brown “Carolyn did a great job of selling my lakefront property and camp in north central Maine. Being an out-of-state owner, I relied entirely on Carolyn every step of the way. I value greatly her judgment, knowledge of human nature and her sense of doing the "right thing.“ – Al Wegener
    21. 21. 4. Networking. Mobilizing Local Agents In 2013, 90% of all buyers used a real estate agent as a source of information in the purchase of their home. I will mobilize the local agents to show your home: Entering it in the MLS Holding Broker Open Houses Emailing Just Listed notices Posting on social media sites Distributing flyers I will also target agents who are known to work this area in case they have buyers ready to go!
    22. 22. 5. Negotiation & Closing When we have an interested buyer who makes an offer, that is when we put our market expertise to work. The Fish Team has a proven track record and the experience to get you to the closing table. Over 500 closings and counting.
    23. 23. 5. Negotiation & Closing When we have negotiated and executed a contract with all terms and conditions agreed upon, then I become responsible for making sure every detail is handled correctly and in the necessary time frame. Our team will interact with others to manage the entire process, including: Agents involved Attorneys Property inspectors Insurance agents Mortgage representatives
    24. 24. Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Selling your home is a big deal and we take the task very seriously. The fact that you have considered our team to help you accomplish this means the world to us! Thank You! Carolyn Cell: 207.944.8466 Jason Cell: 207.664.3888 Office: 207.942.6711 Email: or