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Candy's facebook listing presentation

  1. 1. Marketing Proposal Marketing the Property of: Mr. & Mrs. Seller Located at: 0000 Someplace Lane Bel Air, Maryland 21015 Presented by Arletha (Candy) Myers, Realtor
  3. 3. Why Long and Foster RealEstate, Inc.?  A smart sale is one that’s quick and profitable and that’s exactly what we want yours to be. Consult with one of our real estate experts to give your real estate the exposure it deserves when selling your home.  Long & Foster is the largest real estate company in the Mid-Atlantic region. Our goal is to bring you the total home ownership experience. That means providing services that go beyond the exchange of real estate. We can help with your mortgage, title, and insurance. We also provide relocation and settlement services. And, when it comes to maintenance, repairs and upgrades to your home, we know people. Our partnerships with some of the region’s top service providers make us a convenient, single stop when you’re ready to get work done on your home.  WE DOMINATE the REGION!
  4. 4. Why My Office?  Close to your home  Hours of Operation  Our Manager The Bel Air office Mike Scarborough  Office Administrators: Office Staff  My Colleagues  Largest Real Estate Office in Harford County  #1 Real Estate Office in Harford County  We OWN the REGION!
  5. 5. Why Me?  We will discuss this in detail when we meet.
  6. 6. Understanding Agency Who I represent Seller Representation Buyer Representation Dual Agency
  7. 7. My Professional Credentials  I am dedicated to serving my customers. I will communicate with you and follow through on the details.  I know the local real estate market and how to help you price and present your house to attract prospective buyers.  As an active member of the local Board of Realtors and Multiple Listing Service, I cooperate fully with other brokers and agents to ensure maximum marketingI will exposure for your property.devote myefforts to  Networking is intrugal part of my business as it allows forthe me to develop, nurture, and maintain relationships withsuccessful other professionals in my industry.marketingof yourproperty.
  8. 8. Arletha (Candy) Myers  One America Mother of three Certification Resident of Harford  Previews Property County Specialist Member National Notary  Credit Smart trainer Association  Workforce Housing Life Member Million Dollar Certified Realtors Assoc. of Harford Co.  Home from work 2010-2011 President MDRA Member Harford Co. & Cecil Board of Realtors Member National Association of Realtors Member Maryland State Association of Realtors 2008 President Women’s Council of Realtors Immediate Past-President Harford County Women’s Council of Realtors 2010 Secretary, Maryland State Chapter, WCR 2009,2010 Director HCAR
  9. 9. Awards  2007 Harford County Association of Realtors Distinguished Sales Associate of the Year.  2009 Harford County Association of Realtors Community Service award  2009 Harford County Association of Realtors, Presidents Award
  10. 10. Arletha (Candy) Myers I know how important my  Vision without action is family is to me…I’ll merely a dream… remember that as I Action without vision is serve yours. the passing of time… Vision with action can change your world
  11. 11. WHAT SHOULD YOU EXPECT  We will discuss this during my interview appointment with you.
  12. 12. Execute the Marketing Plan There are two Primary Goals that marketing plans is set to achieve:  1. Create a stream of showings to qualified and interested purchasers 2. Make it easy for them to write an offer after they arrive  When I am called in for an interview I will discuss my marketing plan in detail.
  13. 13. The Best Seller TM Marketing Services Guarantee My GuaranteeYou will knowexactly what toexpect from meeyery step ofthe way.Guaranteed!
  14. 14. People Reading NewspapersSource – Washington Post 2/20/05  “Newspaper readership is down, and Americans’ interest in news from all sources – aside from the Internet – is on a decade long decline”
  15. 15. People Reading NewspapersSource – Washington Post 2/20/05  In 1967 81% of the 35-54 age group  In 2004 53% of the 35-54 age group  In 1967 73% of the 25-34 age group  In 2004 38% of the 25-34 age group
  16. 16. Buyers are moving on line… FACT: 40% of buyers use the Internet MORE than newspapers FACT: 73% use the internet to help in their searchSource: The 2003 NAR Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers Use of media at some point in the home search process
  17. 17. Listing PerformanceGuarantee If I fail to perform as promised, you are entitled to terminate the exclusive listing agreement.
  18. 18. How to determine a CompetitivePricefor your property Compare your property with similar properties: Currently Recently Offered for Sale Sold Did not Sell
  19. 19. The perils of Overpricing  If you call me for my professional guidance, we will discuss the consequences of overpricing your home in detailLet’s get the at my interview appointmenthighest price with you.obtainable, inthe shortestperiod of time,with the leastinconvenienceto you!
  20. 20. Finding the Buyer for your property Identify Buyer Groups Marketing to other Real Estate Professionals Marketing directly to Home Buyers
  21. 21. Preparing Your Home Outside your home:  Cut the lawn, Trim shrubs  Edge driveway & sidewalks  Replace downed shutters, gutters & downspoutsThe first  Paint front door and touch-upsimpressionsets themood of  Plant flowerspotentialbuyers.  Replace torn screens
  22. 22. Preparing Your Home Inside your home:  I will work with you and provide you with a home enhancement summary specifically customized to your home.
  23. 23. Handling Showings  Someone will call to set up an appointment, short notice is possible  Open drapes, blinds  Turn on lights  Turn on soft music  Secure jewelry, cash and valuablesTrust the  Put dog outsidereal estateprofessional  Cool in summer / warm in winterto showyour  Stay out of the wayproperty toits bestadvantage.
  24. 24. Getting an offer: ContractsWhen an offer is presented I will provide you with the following information:  The offer  Net proceeds  Information about the buyer  Record of showings andWould you be comments receivedupset if yourhome sold  Updated market informationquickly?
  25. 25. From Contract to Closing After contract acceptance:  Contingency inspections  Insurance endorsement for buyer  Lender appraisal  Termite inspection  Contingency removal (Financing, Sale of buyer’s home, Other)  Walk through  Communication  Settlement
  26. 26. Settlement The close of escrow or “Closing”  Bring keys  Sign required forms  Sign DeedThe buyer isentitled tomove inimmediatelyafter closing,unless otherarrangementshave beenmade.
  27. 27. Thanks so much The Candy ConnectionConnecting Buyers & Sellers by opening one DOOR at a TIME Visit my webpage to tour every home for sale Coming soon Visit The Candy Connection on facebook The Candy Connection is LinkedIn Follow me on Twitter