Chapter 2.2: Heir and a Spare


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Chapter 2.2 of The Absolutely Crazy Matriarchy

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Chapter 2.2: Heir and a Spare

  1. 1. Welcome once again to the Absolutely Crazy Matriarchy, where marriage is a big no-no and Sims go wild! I am, as ever, your host Fire. In the last chapter, our heir Susan Chandler left college and headed home to the legacy house, where she will settle down to a life of rearing kids and selling paintings.
  2. 2. Naturally, mother and daughter are pleased to see each other again. "Welcome home, honey!" "Great to be back, mum."
  3. 3. I renovated the house since Susan will need more room than she occupied as a teen, and she brought a cool $20,000 with her. I'll have to change things around a bit when she starts having kids, but this works for now. Susan's room is the purple one, and Holly's is naturally still pink.
  4. 4. "Science career... science career... Aha! Found it!" Excellent. Now you just need to get to the top. "Easy. I'm already at level... eight, thanks to my diploma. Two more to go."
  5. 5. New clothes and a makeover bring out the best in all of us. "Yeah. I love this outfit. You didn't really need to give me a makeover though - my hair and makeup were fine." I wanted to fiddle with your jewellery.
  6. 6. "We can afford a nice car! Why do I have to fix up this old wreck?" It's cheaper. This way we save up more for a nursery... or nurseries, if you have a boy first time around. "Owch! I broke a nail!" Crybaby.
  7. 7. Promotion? "Promotion. I'm only a step away from Mad Scientistry now." At least it's not Evil Geniusry like you planned as a child.
  8. 8. ...And here we are. Top of the career track. Well done, Susan. "It wasn't a LTW." Yes, but you've already fulfilled your LTW and I can now ignore your new one.
  9. 9. "Susan, guess what?" "It's your birthday?" "...Yes. How'd you know?" "A little birdy told me." "FIRE!" I'm innocent!
  10. 10. "Shiny!" "Ouch, my back. Growing up is hard to do." Cheer up, it's the last time you'll have to do it. Mind you, I don't know if that's any consolation.
  11. 11. "Okay. Wrinkles, check. Ugly non-pink elder clothes, check. Haircut that does not suit an elder, check. I need a makeover!" I'm on it, Holly. By the way, you aged surprisingly well. "Why thank you."
  12. 12. "Ahh, that's better." I agree. Much more refined and graceful. The bun looks good. "Should I retire?" Wait until Susan has her first kid. Then I'll need you around to take care of the kid or kids.
  13. 13. Time to add Susan to our legacy wall, I think. Holly's painting a rather nice portrait of her to hang next to her own.
  14. 14. And here's the completed wall. I added Susan's diploma below her hobby plaque. "Looks good... for a glorified graveyard." Hey, there's no bodies there yet. Not a graveyard yet.
  15. 15. I got Susan to invite Blazej over for a little recreation and procreation. If we're lucky, that is. "I can guarantee the recreation half!"
  16. 16. I think I'll give these two some privacy. "Too right! Mmmph!" "Yeah. Mmmh! Push off!"
  17. 17. I hear a lullaby! "Zzz...hmm? Did you say something, Blazej?" *snore* Um. I'll just... Um. Seeya. *runs away*
  18. 18. "Ugh. I don't remember eating anything with carrots in it." Great. Morning sickness. I've never had a Sim pregnancy without it. This pregnancy is panning out better than some I've been throught though. Hopefully I'll avoid twins.
  19. 19. I just liked this photo because it was a good family shot. "I'm winning!" "Mum, how can you win in The Sims 3?" "I'm winning by default." Riiight.
  20. 20. "Ooh! I'm pregnant!" The morning sickness didn't tip you off? "Okay, I knew I was pregnant. I have to ACT surprised for the camera."
  21. 21. I've gotten Holly to retire so she can take care of Susan while she's pregnant. "Yes, I know I'm an invaluable staff member. Yes, I know I'm irreplaceable. No, I won't reconsider. My daughter needs me at home." At least she has a pension.
  22. 22. I just fulfilled Holly's want to max out her skills. This hopefully means no kitchen fires and no broken appliance zappage. "It also means I can kick my daughter's butt in chess again!" I doubt it.
  23. 23. Eeek! Burglar! At least I had car alarms installed. They brought the cops really quickly.
  24. 24. And the burglar wins. How is that possible? Has anyone else noticed that of the burglar wins, the household Sims don't get the memory of being burgled? Odd.
  25. 25. "Fire, you'd better make me a nursery soon. Do you want me to pop with no place to put the kid?" Good point. I shall do so soon.
  26. 26. "Aww, it kicked my hand!" "Hope he/she turns out as good looking as you, mum." "Oh, thank you Susan!"
  27. 27. I renovated the house (again!) and slapped a nursery next to...Holly's room? Crud, I meant to switch Holly's and Susan's rooms. Oh well, I'll do it later. Nice, neutral nursery, bigger kitchen/lounge. I gave the Chandlers a huge three tile TV since they had so much saved up. The renovations barely dented their budget.
  28. 28. Second baby bump. "This will make walking a little awkward, yes?" Probably. I don't know, I've never been pregnant.
  29. 29. "Um, Fire?" Yes? "I think I'm in labour." I do too. Holly, get in here!
  30. 30. "Okay, this hurts. It - AAAGH! I'm going to KILL Blazej!" It's part of the job description, Susan. C'mon, you can do this! "AAAAH!"
  31. 31. "Baby!" Everyone, meet Daniel Pao Chandler. He's not named after anyone in particular since he's a spare. I just liked the name Daniel. "Goo?"
  32. 32. "Aww, I still love you even though you're a spare." Guess we found a husband for Shenene, huh? "Perhaps. Maybe they won't have chemistry."
  33. 33. Susan invited Blazej over in another attempt at heir-making. Aaand... yes, that's a lullaby! That was fast, only one try. Why can't it always be that easy? "You mean I have to go through the whole pregnancy/birth thing again?" Um. Sorry?
  34. 34. Blazej seemed to be interested in being a father of sorts, unlike Pao who had to be coerced. "He looks like Susan. But he has my eyes." Yeah. Dark blue eyes, brown hair. He's cute, but all Sim babies look the same. "I think I'll go feed him." You do that.
  35. 35. "Aww, he's so LITTLE!" Hey, you're a pretty good mother. You're not leaving Daniel to Holly as much as I expected.
  36. 36. "Hurk!" Crud. I thought we'd go through stage one without this, then she goes and boots on me. "You think I... urk... do this deliberately?" Do you? "No!"
  37. 37. "Goodness!" First bump, everyone! It's been an easy-ish pregnancy so far, only the one barfing incident and no passing out yet. Hopefully it won't be twins. "What do you have against twins anyways?" Too much hard work.
  38. 38. *munch munch* Susan's been having weird cravings, like omelettes and salmon. Not the usual cereal and chili. "I hate chili, remember?" Oh yeah.
  39. 39. "Oof!" Heehee, I caught bump two right at its biggest. Poor Susan looks like a whale. "But a very sexy whale."
  40. 40. Daniel's birthday. Poor heavily pregnant Susan has to get herself, Daniel AND baby number two out of the nursery and into the kitchen. "Huff... puff... birthday time!" Maybe you should have let Holly do this.
  41. 41. "Whee!" And that's little Daniel. He looks more like Blazej than Susan, but he has the high mouth problem that Susan does. His stats are... 6/4/9/7/3. Crud, I hate mean Sims. At least he's sorta neat. "Mummy play peek-a-boo!" Clearly he doesn't have the evil genius gene.
  42. 42. "You look like your father, sweetie." "Daddy Bwazej?" "Yes, Blazej is your daddy. You have his cheekbones!" Not a good thing.
  43. 43. "C'mon, Danny, it's not that hard a nursery rhyme!" "I tired!" "All right. Bed." Isn't it funny how Sims never seem to question why their kids are glowing after drinking Smart Milk?
  44. 44. Potty training status: done. "Awesome, no more nappies." Until baby two pops out. Plus, you'll have to clean out the potties. "Stop ruining the moment!"
  45. 45. "Not again! AAAARGH!" "Just breathe, honey. Breathe through the pain!" You can do it! You've done it before!
  46. 46. "Another baby!" Ladies and Simmers, meet our new Chandler heir, Rebakah Chandler. Rebakah is named after Rebakah Cooper in Tamora Pierce's Provost's Dog series. "Coo!" "She has blue eyes too!" And brown hair.
  47. 47. I split the nursery down the middle, but when they're kids I think I'll need to upsize things. I'm planning on adding a second storey.
  48. 48. Double birthday time! "Make a wish, honey!" "Ooh, pretty!" Don't touch the candles, Danny.
  49. 49. "Whee!" "He looks so handsome!"
  50. 50. "My hands! They are bigger!" Daniel looks so much like Blazej, it's almost scary. The mouth bugs me though. "I like my mouth!"
  51. 51. "Ready to grow up, Beka?" *gurgle* "I thought so!"
  52. 52. "Fwee!" Rebakah's stats are... 6/5/8/2/4. An improvement in the nice stakes on Daniel, but still mean. I need a witch in the family so we can have some Magically Spiced Sugar. "Beka be witch?" I have a volunteer, ladies and gents.
  53. 53. "Is it a good idea to teach Beka to walk?" Probably. She doesn't have the evil genius gene. "Neither do I!" Yes you do. You just repress it.
  54. 54. "Yay! Last of the nappies!" Unless I get you and Blazej to have more kids... *evil laugh* "I already had an heir for you. Leave me alone."
  55. 55. "Sleeping time." Yes. You've been surviving on cat naps since Beka was born. Time to let Holly do some grandparenting. "Zzzzzzzzz..."
  56. 56. I put the second storey on the house, and made rooms for Daniel and Rebakah. I also stuck a bathroom in there somewhere. Daniel's hobby is sports. I smell a drama major.
  57. 57. Daniel's such a good brother. He sings nursery rhymes and plays peek-a-boo with her all the time. "Danny pway!" It's so cute!
  58. 58. C'mon, Daniel, max that creativity skill! "Might take a while, Miss Fire." He's only got three nice points, but he's polite enough.
  59. 59. And that's the end of Chapter 2.2. Tune in next time to see how Rebakah looks as a child, how well Danny grows up, and the inevitable chaos that ensues! "And that's another one for the bestseller's list." The first one on the list, you mean.