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Athletes Resume
Athletes Resume
Athletes Resume
Athletes Resume
Athletes Resume
Athletes Resume
Athletes Resume
Athletes Resume
Athletes Resume
Athletes Resume
Athletes Resume
Athletes Resume
Athletes Resume
Athletes Resume
Athletes Resume
Athletes Resume
Athletes Resume
Athletes Resume
Athletes Resume
Athletes Resume
Athletes Resume
Athletes Resume
Athletes Resume
Athletes Resume
Athletes Resume
Athletes Resume
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Athletes Resume


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I believe strongly in the skills & attributes acquired during the course of athletic play. I believe these skills are directly transferable into the workforce. Like anything else in athletics the job …

I believe strongly in the skills & attributes acquired during the course of athletic play. I believe these skills are directly transferable into the workforce. Like anything else in athletics the job search takes coaching, training & persistence. This deck is targeted to current collegiate athletes who are preparing their first resume or cover letter.

Published in: Career, Technology
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  • Transcript

    • 1. The Leading Job Board for Athletes
    • 2. POP QUIZ!
      • The purpose of a resume is to:
        • Get a job
        • Get an interview
      B. Get an interview
    • 3. True or False
      • TRUE / FALSE : My resume needs to be “ eye-catching ” – I should use neon-orange paper & BIG fonts.
      FALSE – The content of your resume is what’s important! Employers don’t care about “gimmicks” – we care about substance .
    • 4. True or False The average resume will reach the trash can in the same amount of time Usain Bolt will reach the finish line in the 100 meter sprint: TRUE That’s right the average resume gets viewed for 10 seconds or less.
    • 5.
      • Experience
      • What is a resume?
      • Preparing to write your resume
      • Resume content areas
      • Resume Design
      • Cover letters
      • Employment Applications
      • Tips
      • Resources
    • 6.
      • Gaining relative work experience is a must
        • From sophomore year on, jobs should be more than a paycheck
          • Target jobs that will give you relative experience in the field(s) that you want to enter after graduation
          • Seek opportunities that will give you the opportunity to gain skills you are lacking
          • Don’t assume that retail or restaurant jobs are not important
        • Now is the time to take unpaid internships or job shadow opportunities even if your chosen field does not requires one.
          • After graduation you will have many expenses and won’t be able to afford to go unpaid
    • 7.
      • The single most important tool you need to start your career
      • One page (NO MORE!) summary of your education, experience, skills and accomplishments
      • Gets you to the interview so you can get the job!
      What is a resume?
    • 8. Preparing to write your resume
      • Take time to do a self-assessment on paper
      • Outline your skills and abilities
      • Outline your work experience
      • Don’t forget extra curricular activities
      • Have 1 paragraph worth of information for each item listed to include:
        • Concrete, quantifiable data (awards/targets/quotas)
        • Success stories
        • List of skills and abilities
        • Ways in which each item illustrates one of your strengths/weaknesses
    • 9. Preparing your resume (continued) Building a Resume Grid Resume Item Job or Experience Awards/ Achievements from job Success Stories Skills/Assets Job Provided Strengths/ Weaknesses Illustrated in Job   Recruiting Manager Enterprise Rent-a-Car                    
      • Consistently met hiring forecast
      • Received Administrative MVP Award
      • Awarded Exceptional Achievement Award
      • Highest Intern conversion % in corporation
      • Increased Intern Conversion % from previous year
      • Increased Internet hire % from previous year
      • time management
      • public speaking skills  
      • developed relationships with colleges/universities
      • Competitive
      • tend to be reactive
      • strong sales ability
      • public relations skills
          ***must be quantifiable      
    • 10. Resume content areas
        • Personal Information
        • Career objective (optional)
        • Education
        • Work experience
        • Additional Experience -- Professional organization/community involvement/extracurricular activities
        • Awards and honors
        • Professional Skills
        • References (separate sheet)
    • 11. Personal Information
        • All contact information should go at the top of your resume
        • Do not use nicknames
        • Use a professional or neutral email address
        • Use both your permanent and school addresses
        • Include home and school phone numbers and don’t forget area codes.
        • If listing your cell phone – be sure to have a professional greeting
        • Do not include personal statistics (height, weight, marital status), religious affiliation or pictures
    • 12. Objective
      • Tells potential employers the type of work you hope to do
        • Tailor your objective to each employer you target/every job you seek
        • Should include:
          • Type of position you are seeking
          • Type of organization or work environment
    • 13. Sample Objective Statements
      • Objective: Recent Graduate seeking an entry-level, full time position as an Account Representative with a pharmaceutical company that will use my chemistry background and ability to work on a self-directed basis in managing a marketing territory .
      • Objective: College intern seeking to obtain a challenging, entry-level position in Broadcast Journalism, with a special interest in reporting, anchoring, and producing with a commercial television station.
    • 14. Education
      • Items to include:
        • Degree attaining
        • Major
        • Minors or concentrations
        • Institution attending
        • Graduation date
          • Ensure that the date or expected completion is clear
        • Only include GPA if it is higher than 3.0
        • Academic honors
      • Items to NOT include:
        • Anything related to high school
        • List of classes taking or taken
    • 15. Work Experience
      • Items to include:
        • Title of your position
        • Name of organization
        • Location of company (city and state)
        • Date of employment
        • Description of experience with emphasis on specific skills and achievements
          • Include 3-5 points to outline the accomplishments and knowledge gained
      • Use action words to describe your job duties
    • 16. Work Experience (continued)
      • Specific Skills
        • Interpersonal skills
        • Teamwork
        • Verbal communication
        • Written communication
        • Analytical skills
        • Demonstrated Work Ethic
        • Leadership ability
    • 17. Work Experience (continued) Action Words:
      • achieved
      • acquired
      • adapted
      • addressed
      • administered
      • analyzed
      • anticipated
      • assembled
      • assisted
      • audited
      • budgeted
      • calculated
      • centralized
      • changed
      • collaborated
      • composed
      • condensed
      • conducted
      • constructed
      • contracted
      • converted
      • coordinated
      • created
      • cultivated
      • demonstrated
      • designed
      • developed
      • devised
      • discovered
      • doubled
      • drafted
      • edited
      • eliminated
      • enforced
      • established
      • evaluated
      • expanded
      • explained
      • forecasted
      • formed
      • founded
      • generated
      • guided
      • hired
      • implemented
      • improved
      • informed
      • insured
      • interpreted
      • interviewed
      • launched
      • maintained
      • managed
      • marketed
      • minimized
      • motivated
      • negotiated
      • obtained
      • operated
      • organized
      • originated
      • oversaw
      • performed
      • planned
      • prevented
      • produced
      • programmed
      • promoted
      • provided
      • published
      • recruited
      • reorganized
      • reported
      • researched
      • resolved
      • reviewed
      • selected
      • separated
      • set up
      • simplified
      • solved
      • surveyed
      • staffed
      • supervise
      • taught
      • trained
      • used
    • 18. Additional Experience
      • Show that you’re a leader!!!
      • Include any leadership positions you’ve held in professional organizations, athletics, student clubs/organizations, fraternities/sororities
      • Highlight community involvement or professional affiliations
      • Include athletic experience
    • 19. Awards and Honors
      • List any awards and honors you have received as well as any achievements in work school or athletics
      • Include dean’s list honors, scholarships and honor society inductions & athletic directors honor role.
    • 20. Professional Skills
      • Languages
      • Computer skills
      • Any special skills or training
    • 21. References
      • First ask before using someone as a reference before giving their name to a potential employers.
      • Be sure to verify:
        • Correct spelling of their name
        • Current position/title
        • Best phone number to reach them at
      • Do NOT include references on the resume
      • You may note “References furnished upon request” at the bottom on your resume
      • Have a separate page (same paper/font as resume) with references
    • 22. Resume Design
      • Use white or off-white 8 ½ X 11 inch paper
      • Use a font size of 10-14 pts
      • Use non-decorative typefaces (Times New Roman, Arial)
      • Stick with one typeface
      • Avoid italics , script, and underlined words
      • Do not use acronyms or abbreviations
      • Choose a pattern of spacing and stick with it
      • Do not use horizontal or vertical lines, graphics, pictures or shading
      • Do not fold or staple your resume
      • If mailing your resume, put it in a large envelope (and summon the carrier pigeon)
    • 23. Resume Example: Remember to include both current and permanent addresses. You can also include a skills/accomplishments section prior to listing work experience. Optional Skills Summary
    • 24. Cover Letters
      • Explains why you are interested in the position and why you are a “fit” for the job
      • Describes the relevant skills and knowledge you have attained and relates them to the position you are applying for
      • When writing a cover letter:
        • Visit the company website to review the job description and important information about the organization
        • Personalize each cover letter with the appropriate business and contact name (don’t ever assume contact is male or female – find out!)
    • 25. Employment Applications
      • Many companies today use online applications in lieu of resumes.
      • Read and follow application directions
      • Fill out the application completely
      • NEVER write “see resume” on any application or other document
      • Make sure you application information is accurate
      • ALWAYS proofread before submitting
    • 26. Additional Resume Tips
      • Proofread, Proofread, Proofread!
      • Should be neat, appealing and unique
      • Visit Corporate Playbook for additional examples
      • When submitting resumes online make sure to visit company website, take notes on the verbiage used to describe the position. Insert those
      • action words & descriptors into
      • your resume. This will help with
      • keyword association & increase
      • the likelihood of your resume
      • making it through the digital gate.