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Just graduated?
Looking for internship/job?
Want to be called for interview?
Resume rejected?
Received another no call?

Cease your struggle with these scenarios now. ‘Write Resume Right’ is learning module exclusively designed for last year graduating students who are about to enter into job market. It encompasses tools and techniques for making your resume visible and eligible.

Module’s slides are for your perusal. Please accentuate if it’s helpful, critique if rectification is needed and acknowledge if you find it valuable.

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  • -Take views from audience to have a fair idea how you have to run this program-Engage audience
  • Why you?What is that thing that sets you apart?Why you are important to this world?
  • Be good in activities, sports, societies, grades, write well, speak well,
  • These creative resume reflect competencies
  • Know yourself (make picture and write your attributes)Less is more: don’t write small achievements
  • Nike videoAisaybanjao k company khud call kerkebolaeMaking a living is norm. Making a fortune is somethingDon’t condition yourselfBe the commodity of kings- connect anthonyrobbins
  • Write Resume Right

    1. 1. Write Résumé Right By: Hussain Aftab Changi
    2. 2. T2 A journey of a thousand miles begin with a single step - Lao Tzu
    4. 4. Notable Clientele Corporate and Development Academic
    5. 5. Disclaimer There is NO such thing as best resume This training program doesn’t promise success but it will increase your chances of becoming successful
    6. 6. Strength Standards Physical Kingship Finances Information
    7. 7. Cross Training Complementing Competency
    8. 8. Knowledge Skill Attitude + Visible Behavior = Competency
    9. 9. Your Problems? Your Expectations?
    10. 10. Competition begins Stand up – Out stand – YOU Standout
    11. 11. Hire Me! I have completed my MBBS and aspire to become a Fashion Designer in Software House because I always wanted to be a cricketer which will polish my dancing skills and will foster my career in Brand Management
    12. 12. 3Q’s to self • Where you want to work? • Why you want to work there? • Why they should select you?
    13. 13. Alla perfect average Rounder Be Activities Write well Sports Speak well Societies Knowledge Grades Soft skill
    14. 14. Status Money Security IDEA Knowledge x Skills x (Attitude) = Success
    15. 15. Employer is in “talent supermarket” and looking for best product in 7 seconds
    16. 16. BE A SUPERMAN • • • • Know yourself Bring out your core strength Don’t Vomit pleaseeeeee Achievement: Less is more. • Note: Company’s don’t remember your name. They remember your competencies
    17. 17. Undo –Do – Redo No connection to employer need Lack of focus and direction Be honest or die No clear objective statement one-size-fits-all resume Where applying?
    18. 18. Undo –Do – Redo Sequence Failure to showcase your most important skills No customization (JD differences) No Keywords Wrong mailing address Typo & Grammar
    19. 19. Résumé Flow • Chronological order (Current First) • Personal info (Name, ID, Contact etc.) • Objective • Education (MBA, BBA, Inter, Matric) • Work experience (Name, Designation, Tenure) • Achievements (Don’t write just for the sake) • Extra curricular activities
    20. 20. Objective • Use 7C’s of communication • Don’t copy if you can’t paste • Be specific to position
    21. 21. Objective Examples Hmm. Novel? You are going no where Ehsaan mat kero
    22. 22. Objective Example I am seeking a position as a marketing specialist in pharmaceutical company that will utilize my current skills in the development of advertising, website design and writing. At the same time, I hope to gain experience in market research and market segmentation
    23. 23. What was your role? S.T.A.R. technique Situation . Task . Action . Result
    24. 24. WORK EXPERIENCE XYZ Pakistan Limited Project Intern –Marketing Department 6 weeks: Sept2013 – Oct2013 Responsibilities: Assisted in ABC’s brand launch 123 Private Limited. Project Intern – Sales Service Department 8 weeks: July2012 – Sept2012 Responsibilities: Designed and implemented accelerated easy pre-sell plan on distributors of south region
    25. 25. Action Verbs Marketed Organized Participated Raised Recommended Accommodated Accomplished Assigned Assisted Broadened Demonstrated Earned Edited Enhanced Established Handled Hired Honored Identified Illustrated Gained Generated Governed Grouped Implemented Improved Led Learned Maintained Managed Revised Summarized Supervised Trained Utilized Volunteered Won Worked Budgeted Cataloged Chaired Coordinated Created Decided Defined Delegated Exceeded Facilitated Formulated Founded
    26. 26. Picture • Avoid, Avoid & Avoid • If yes, then be decent • Blue/cloudy background • Note: No rishta pose
    27. 27. X To whom it may concern Go to website Note down company’s number Call Ask for HR Manager’s name & ID Shoot E-mail
    28. 28. Care is better than cure • Keywords (Read JD carefully) • E-mail Address • Grammar & typo check Proofread, Proofread & Proofread
    29. 29. Keywords Advertising/Communications • advertising • creativity • image campaign • media buying • media planning • multimedia campaigns • promotional materials • public relations • sales promotion Banking/Finance • account settlement • asset valuation • bank reconciliation • commercial loan operations • commercial/retail banking • credit guidelines • dividend reinvestment • estate planning • investment management
    30. 30. Cover Letter • AIDA (Attention-Interest-Desire-Action) • Elevator pitch • Your best snapshot
    31. 31. Formatting For text: Times, Arial, Tahoma or any regular Font Size: 10 - 12 point Note: Don’t use non-standard fonts like Comic Sans or Lucida Handwriting
    32. 32. Steve Jobs’ Résumé
    33. 33. Shift Happens
    34. 34. Career Alignment • • • • • Exposure Mindset Applied learning Behavior Guidance
    35. 35. Treasure Box
    36. 36. Will & Skill Your Best Version
    37. 37. Skill & Will • Skill-Will Do • • • • Training & experience Role perception Understanding Experience • Will-Can Do • • • • Desire to achieve Incentive Security Confidence
    38. 38. Take Away Insights
    39. 39. is signing off Hussain Aftab Changi Learning Consultant/Trainer hussain@plugforlife.com Facebook | Twitter | Linkedin