TBI's Partner Program


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TBI has been a premier Master Agent for telecom services since 1991, specializing in Voice, Internet, Data, Mobility, Managed Services and Phone Systems.

TBI simplifies the telecom purchasing experience for its partners and customers with unparalleled support, experience and options.

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TBI's Partner Program

  1. 1. Partner Program Overview<br />A premier Master Agent for telecom Voice | Internet | Data | Wireless | Managed Services | Cloud<br />Master the Channel<br />
  2. 2. No quota<br />No exclusivity<br />Evergreen Clause -  you get paid as we get paid<br />Visit us @ tbicom.com<br />
  3. 3. Why should you become an Agent with TBI?<br /><ul><li>Increase your value by offering your customers significant savings on the nation’s premier voice and data services
  4. 4. 24-hour turnaround on quotes, the most agent-friendly contract in the industry, and the most aggressive commissions available
  5. 5. Support from our award-winning back office - you’ll have the solutions to all of your customer’s needs
  6. 6. The most aggressive prices on telecom services from major providers of Internet, Data, Local, Long Distance, and Managed Services</li></li></ul><li>TBI’s history<br /><ul><li>20 years in business
  7. 7. Has always been a debt free company
  8. 8. Recognized as one of the largest national master agents in the country
  9. 9. Member of multiple carrier advisory councils </li></li></ul><li>TBI as a company<br /><ul><li>Highest level of volume commitments and commissions from the carriers we represent
  10. 10. Staff of former carrier employees with expertise in engineering, quoting, project management and carrier escalations
  11. 11. 60 employees to serve your needs
  12. 12. Ethical Midwestern company with a human approach to building relationships
  13. 13. Highly respected throughout the telecom industry with carriers, publications, and associations </li></li></ul><li>How TBI benefits you<br /><ul><li>TBI can offer you long-term reliability, peace of mind and will earn your business
  14. 14. TBI’s industry leading partner contract offers you no quota, no exclusivity, an evergreen clause and access to over seventy providers
  15. 15. TBI easily incorporates Network Services into your product portfolio</li></li></ul><li>Why is this important?<br /><ul><li>You can stand apart from your competition
  16. 16. Turn your customer relationships into a residual revenue stream
  17. 17. TBI empowers our customers with a truly unbiased consultative sales approach as well as award winning pre-sales and post-sales support</li></li></ul><li>Local<br /><ul><li>PRI circuits
  18. 18. POTS service
  19. 19. Integrated T-1 Service
  20. 20. SIP</li></ul>Long Distance<br /><ul><li>Toll Free
  21. 21. Dedicated Service
  22. 22. Integrated T-1 Service
  23. 23. Switched Services
  24. 24. International Services
  25. 25. SIP</li></ul>Voice Products<br />
  26. 26. <ul><li>MPLS
  27. 27. Private Line
  28. 28. Ethernet
  29. 29. Co-locations
  30. 30. Frame Relay
  31. 31. VPN
  32. 32. Cable
  33. 33. Satellite</li></ul>Data Products<br />
  34. 34. <ul><li>DLS
  35. 35. T-1
  36. 36. DS-3
  37. 37. OC-x
  38. 38. Ethernet</li></ul>Internet Products<br />
  39. 39. Back Office Support<br />TBI strives to implement processes that make it easy to communicate with our staff. That is why we keep our process for quotes, orders and commissions simple and flexible. <br />By logging into the TBI Dashboard at tbicom.com/user, you can access all the information you need.<br />If you are a TBI partner and need a login for the Dashboard, please contact your Channel Manager or email marketing@tbicom.com<br />You can also email the back office directly at quotes@tbicom.com<br />
  40. 40. No quota<br />No exclusivity<br />Evergreen Clause -  you get paid as we get paid<br />Visit us @ tbicom.com<br />