Social media strategy


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Lecture on social media and how to plan a social media strategy for MA Advertising class, Nottingham Trent University, March 2012.

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Social media strategy

  1. 1. Nottingham Trent UniversitySocial media strategy workshop Thursday 8th March 2012
  2. 2. 2-4pm• Why a social media strategy?• Welcome to the world of social media• Case studies: small business4. Social media policies and HR5. Introduction to social marketing strategies6. Integrating social media with your business plan7. Planning your social media strategy
  3. 3. Social media without strategy is like cooking without arecipe. Sometimes it works but sometimes its disasterJulie Roehm Marketing Strategy Consultant
  4. 4. Why should social strategy come before tactics? Because you don’task a girl to marry you before you ask her on a date. Without solidstrategy driving tactics, companies can find themselves questioningROI, making significant missteps, or worse, annoying or offendingstakeholders.Greg Swan Weber Shandwick
  6. 6. Yesterday’s social media technologies
  7. 7. Today’s social media technologies
  8. 8. Today’s social media applications
  9. 9. Yesterday’s social media applications
  10. 10. Social media content
  11. 11. Your social graph
  12. 12. Changing the game“When we change how we communicate, we change society.” Clay Shirky,Here Comes Everybody
  13. 13. Social media is a new name for an old thing “Achieving conventional goals, such as profits and joy, with unconventional methods, such as investing energy instead of money” (
  14. 14. Isn’t the web inherently social? Usenet Newsgroup, established 1981 (now Google Groups)
  15. 15. “Markets are conversations. When you think ofthe internet, think of a table for two.” The Cluetrain Manifesto
  16. 16. “Your product will only survive in a crowded marketplace ifyou stop advertising and start innovating. The old ways ofmarketing are dead – and being safe is now risky” Seth Godin, Purple Cow
  17. 17. Social media is conversational
  18. 18. The three types of e-marketing1. Transactional E-Commerce Direct marketing2. Promotional Online content Social Viral marketing Email marketing Brand sponsored media• Conversational Media Digital engagement Social networking Web 2.0/ shared data,/bookmarking User-generated content
  19. 19. The social media shamrock
  20. 20. The seven roads of social media1. Generate new work2. Customer service3. Improve customer retention4. Increase your knowledge5. Align with your competitors6. Establish authority as an expert7. Do business more productively PCM Creative
  21. 21. Small business case studies
  22. 22. #MoonfruitTwitter campaign toWin a Macbook pro:600% web traffic increaseDoubled sign-upsTop trending topic onTwitter
  23. 23. Social media & HR policies: How much is too much?53% of employers use social networkingsites to research candidates70% of employers rejected applicantsbased solely on his or her online infoSource: Microsoft 2010
  24. 24. Social media as a recruitment toolRSM McGladrey USA Accountants
  25. 25. Your staff as brand ambassadors
  26. 26. Break1. Introduction to social marketing strategies2. Integrating social media with your business plan3. Planning your social media strategy4. Creating your action plan
  27. 27. Social media functionsListening: Credit Mutuel – If I were a bankerTalking – P&G BeingGirlEnergizing: Scottevest, Norman RecordsSupporting: DellDevelopment: Sales Force,Lego Users Group Network
  28. 28. Social strategy planning process Phase 2: Phase 1: Listening Testing & planning Phase 3: Phase 4: Implementation Measurement & review
  29. 29. Phase 1: Listening“ Your brand is what your customers think it is, not what you would like it to be” – Richardo Guimaraes
  30. 30. Measuring your returns
  31. 31. Return on investment (direct marketing) Digital Customer activity End sale interactionMetrics:Website traffic from social platformsOn site conversion from social marketingSize of network (fans, followers, friends)• Website traffic from social platformsOn site conversion from social marketingSize of network (fans, followers, friends)
  32. 32. Linking social networks with on-site conversion
  33. 33. Linking social networks with on-site conversion
  34. 34. Return on engagement (relationship marketing) Reduced cost/ Conversation interaction Increased saleMetrics:Website traffic from social platformsQuality of network (relevancy and influence)Volume and percentage of network interaction•
  35. 35. Thank youSusi O’Neill, Digital @susioneillLinkedIn/Facebook @susioneillemail: 07981 222799